How to Extract Photos from iPhone Backup on Computer

Extract Photos from iPhone Backup

Most iPhone users have saved hundreds or thousands of photos on their devices, especially after iPhone 11 has been released with a series of new photography features. To avoid the photo loss, users back up their iPhone to iCloud or iTunes so that they can recover pictures from the iPhone backup at any time. Since you are reading this article, you must have backed up the iPhone to iTunes and wonder how to extract photos from the iPhone backup in iTunes. You know, the official way to get photos from iTunes backup is restoring your iPhone from the backup. In fact, there is an alternative way to extract photos from iTunes backup with your current data untouched. Read on and see what the method is.

How to Extract Photos from iPhone Backup on Computer

Recovering pictures from an iPhone backup in iTunes requires you to restore the whole backup to your device. In this case, the current data on your device will be overwritten with those data inside the backup. And as the iTunes backup is not human-readable, you can’t know whether your backup contains the photos you need or not before restoring, which means that you may end up with failing to get back the photos you need and lose your existing data.

If you don’t want that to happen, you can make use of a third-party iPhone backup extractor to extract pictures from the iTunes backup while keeping the newly-generated data on your device intact. This method is also applicable to those who switch from an iOS device to Android or any other device that is not compatible with iTunes.

1.Extract Photos from iPhone Backup with Gihosoft iManager

There are countless software that can help you extract photos or other data from the iPhone backup as you wish. But some of them may be malware and will steal your private information. So sharpen your vigilance when you are picking an iPhone backup extractor tool. Here we recommend Gihosoft iPhone Manager to you. It is a reliable tool and will never retain any of your information or content. Aside from high security, Gihosoft iManager also has many enhanced features. Here are what Gihosoft iManager can do for you.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

Now let’s see how to extract photos from iPhone backup on the computer with Gihosoft iManager.

Note: The free trial of Gihosoft iManager allows you to view pictures and extract several of them from iTunes backup for free. If you want to extract more photos, you need to upgrade it to the Pro version.

2.Extract Photos from iTunes Backup by Restoring iPhone

Whether you use Gihosoft iManager or any other software, it is inevitable to spend some money tor extract photos from your iTunes backup. If you don’t think it is necessary to spend the money or don’t mind losing the existing data on your iPhone, you can get your photos from the iTunes backup by restoring it to your device. Before we get started, here is a tip for you. You can install the free trial of Gihosoft iManager to preview your iTunes backups before restoring it to the iPhone so that you can confirm which backup includes the photos you need. Then follow the steps below to restore your iPhone from iPhone backup on the computer.

Some users report that they can see no device icon in the iTunes interface no matter how they try. If you have bumped into this problem, see how to fix iTunes not recognizing iPhone on Mac/Windows to find your way out.

Extra Tip: Backup iPhone to Computer without iTunes

iTunes is an exclusive mobile device management utility developed by Apple Inc. for Apple devices. Many iPhone users are used to backing up their data to iTunes mainly because the iPhone backups in iTunes are stored on the computer which has more free storage space than iCloud. But what if you run into some errors with iTunes and cannot back up your data with it? Don’t fret. You can use Gihosoft iManager to back up your iPhone to the computer without iTunes. Moreover, this software allows you to backup the iPhone to an external drive or any other location as you choose.

Final Words

Besides restoring the iPhone from the backup, using a third-party tool like Gihosoft iManager is the only way to get photos from an iTunes backup. Each method has its pros and cons. Restoring iPhone from the iTunes backup is free but may cause data loss on your device. Using an iPhone backup extractor to extract photos from the iPhone backup in iTunes won’t inflict any data loss but can take you some buckets. You can select the one that fits your needs best.

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