Software to Remove Anything Unwanted Without Photoshop

Remove Annoying Things
Get rid of all the unwanted elements from pictures, such as watermarks, people, power lines, logos, text, data stamps, signs, website names, stains & shadows etc..
Repair Surrounding Automatically
When the undesired items are erased, the software will analyze the surroundings of the removed portion by exact algorithm, then refill in the area with matched content to maintain a natural look.
Simple & Fast
Just import your desired image & mark the object, hit the Erase button, the object will disappear in a blink & be covered with content available instantly.

Solution to Retouch Portrait Photo by Removing Skin Defects

Automatic Face Retouch
Gihosoft photo restoration software scans & finds the defects on your face like pimples, wrinkles & scar, then fixes the imperfection to make it look smoother.
No Need to Be Exact
Just use the marker to select a general area, our powerful algorithm will analyze the targeted area and surroundings, then process the fixing work in seconds.
Formats Widely Supported
We support most of the common image formats, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, Jxr & Jiff etc., ensure the maximum accessibility.

Repair Memorable Old Photos to Its Former Glory

Restore Old Photo
What better way to narrate a story than through an old picture. Gihosoft photo restoration software helps to repair scratches, spots & tears to make precious old photos renewed.
Nature and Seamless
Gihosoft retouches & restores pictures pixel by pixel, so the finished products will look natural, and the objects that once spoil your masterpiece will vanish as if they had never existed before.

Simple Way to Remove Unwanted Parts from Photos

1. Import the targeted picture

2. Select the imperfect area

3. Save photo as a new one