Windows Topics

Tips, tricks and tutorials about Microsoft Windows 7/8/10. Read on these helpful tips and become a Windows wizard.

How to Enable and Use Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10

Want to access a Windows 10 PC via remote desktop over internet? Check this tutorial to learn how to setup and enable remote desktop connection in Windows 10.

How to Partition a Hard Drive in Windows without Formatting

Have only one partition on Windows computer hard disk? Learn how to partition c drive in Windows 10/8/7 without formatting.

How to Migrate Your Operating System to SSD

This passage shares how to migrate your OS to SSD to enjoy a faster life.

MBR vs GPT: Which One is Better?

MBR vs GPT: Which one should you choose? Read this article, learn the difference between MBR and GPT, and choose the proper one for your SSD.

Windows Backup: How to Backup Your Computer

We are all accustomed to backing up important files to PC, but do you know how to backup a computer? Read this article and learn how to backup Windows computers in different methods.

How to Repair Corrupted Pen Drive with 4 Solutions

When you plug a pen drive to PC, it’s very common to meet the pen drive corrupted problem. No worry. This post will share some corrupted pen drive repair solutions with you.

How to Fix SD Card/USB Drive Not Formatting Error

This article is going to deal with the error of Windows unable to format SD card/USB drive. Using CMD or SD card formatter tool, you can perform the fix.

How to Fix SD Card Not Detected on Windows 10

If your SD card doesn’t show up on Windows 10 computer, read on this article to learn solutions that help to fix the issue.

How to Format Laptop Windows 7/8/10

If your laptop suffers from virus attack or needs to reinstall a new operating system, just format your laptop to do a deep clean.