15 Best Alternatives to GoMovies Website for You to Watch Movies Online Free

Watching movies online has become an integral part of our life, especially free movies online. We have become more dependent on the digital contents published worldwide of which movies have played a big factor. GoMovies which is a great movie streaming site has now become unavailable for users and this can be a nightmare for them because hunting for latest movies might sound to be a tedious task for everyone.

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1. MovieWatcher

This free movie streaming site is the ultimate place where you can watch movies as well as TV shows absolutely without any subscription fee. MovieWatcher has more than 90% of its movies published on this site through third-party links of streaming players.

Talking about their slogan, “Watch a movie for free: We are legal”, you need to know when you are visiting any site for watching movies, they should not ask for your any personal information. If so, please remember not to put any personal information like credit card information to avoid unnecessary charges.

2. Vidics

Vidics is a genuine alternative to GoMovies website which can be considered for watching movies online for free. Not only does this site give you unlimited access to movies but also lets you watch movies from all over the globe. You can search from different categories by using the tabs on the top.

One of the biggest noticeable tabs of this site is the “Schedule” tab which provides you with a list of movies and TV shows that get updated per day. Moreover, each movie has a short description of what it is about and the reviews of the actors’ performance in the movie.

However, the only disadvantage of Vidics is that not all of the videos have been translated into various types of language. This website seems to get continuous improvements to the service they provide to a huge amount of viewers out here.

3. Viooz

Everyday new free movie streaming sites are getting established just like Viooz. It borrows similar interface as that of YesMovies. Being very interactive and user-friendly, the website always updates itself with every new movie launching.

If you are quite familiar with the other sites mentioned above, then it will be similar for you to browse Viooz. The site shows too much annoying pop-up ads while you are watching movies, and almost 10 ads will surely show up on every new tab before the movie gets actually loaded. And you’ll face the same problem while downloading movies as well. Viooz’s web contents and appearance constantly get updated along with new homepage appearance every now and then. Recent changes have made it look more appealing and much more organized.

4. MovieFlixter

MovieFlixter is another less frequently known free movie streaming site that has latest and a wide range of movies available in HD resolution for the best viewing experience. You can watch movies online for free without any limit.

Like MovieWatcher, this site also indexes from other movie sites and directly provides you with links to access their servers as well. You just need to decide which movie you want to watch and simply click on the movie picture and then it will automatically get started. To get a better movie watching experience you need to register an account on this site. Though you may wonder why you need to register, whenever you want to play your favorite movies it will continuously ask you for registration and disturb you by continuously showing pop-up ads while you are watching a movie on the website.

5. HugeMoviesdb

As its name suggests, HugeMoviesdb does have a huge library of movies for you to watch. Although this free movie streaming site does not seem much popular, but it provides you with unlimited access to different genres of movies, especially old movies. Also, the navigation of HugeMoviesdb might be a bit different from the aforementioned sites.

The site contains tags by category, or you can use the mouse to scroll down the homepage. Continuously scroll down the homepage and you will see more contents unless you reach the end of the movie list. The site is constantly being developed and updated, and new web pages have been created to expand the variety and make it easier for users to navigate.

You can either click on “Visit our new site” button that resides on the home page of the old site or you can just click on the hyperlink given below to visit the new domain of the site. Notice that the name of this site has also changed, but it retains the same physical appearance that was seen before.

6. Oakmovies

Oakmovies is another website for you to watch movies online for free which borrows lots of similarities from the GoMovies. Though it might sound quite unfamiliar for you, this website has got all the most recent movies that have been shown in the cinema recently and a huge library of old movies as well.

The site is as direct as its predecessor. Just click on the number to get a list of more movies, and then just scroll down to select the movie you want to watch. This site is very simple and clean, so you can watch movies without too many instructions to follow through this website.

7. YesMovies

This is one of the most interactive free web service that focuses to rpovide you with the latest movies. After visiting you’ll notice movies flashing including the description of the movie.

Apart from watching the movies, hover your mouse to the movie you want to see and you will get all information including the video quality. Another positive thing about the site is that its updated frequently.

You can even directly share the video to anyone in the social media as the site lets you do so by giving a direct link to share to different social networking sites. To watch the full list of wide range of movies visit the official page.

8. M4uFreeTV

As the name suggests, this might not be the best place to satisfy yourself with bulks of movies. Even visiting this site for the first time will make you feel this to be a dull site, but its simplicity makes it better and faster.

This is a very straightforward kind of site. Firstly on the front page you’ll notice two categories: “Movies” and “TVshows”. If you want to watch movies click on movie to see the complete list of movies that are available.

Also there is a wide quantity of movie shows available on the site but, this site’s player gives might wait you longer as sometimes it automatically gets loaded if you just click on the player to show up several annoying pop-up ads. So better to be patient as consumes few seconds to load.

9. Fmovies

Make the most of online streaming with this website. Not only does this feature an extensive collection of movies and TV Shows, but it also allows you to stream them without any interference. Thus, even without signing up for an account, you will not be interrupted in the middle of your movie or show by some ad. It allows you to be able to enjoy your movie in high quality as well. So no more pixelated screens where you are trying to figure out what is going on! This is undoubtedly one of the best options that you have when it comes to streaming movies and TV shows online. The interface of the website is straightforward It is easy to find any show or movie that you desire, and it also offers you a few suggestions based on which TV show or movie is the most popular at the moment. Here, you will be able to find what you are looking for, even if it is the latest movie or show. So no more waiting before you can enjoy the show. Fmovies has a wide genre that it offers to its audience, and hence, it is a popular site which is preferred by many.

Fmovies is one of the best alternatives to GoMovies.

10. Cmovies

Enjoy the features of a premium movie website for free! Here, you will have an enjoyable watching experience, and be able to enjoy premium quality content at no cost at all. You will find a list of the latest movie and TV shows which are featured on the site, and there is a section for Requested TV shows and videos as well. Hence, they care about their audience. You can search for something to watch based on the Genre, the country that you are in, IMDb ratings, and more. So, if you are ever in doubt of what to watch, you can easily sort through the movies on this site. Cmovies is supported by a wide array of countries including India, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, USA, UK and more. It allows you to be able to enjoy a high-quality picture with great sound and absolutely no interruptions at all. Hence, you will not be bogged down by ads while you are trying to enjoy yourself. No matter what you want to watch, you will find it here.

Cmovies is one of the best alternatives to GoMovies.

11. Vumoo

Great streaming quality and a straightforward user interface make this site a favorite choice among users. When you do not want much of a hassle when trying to watch the latest episode of a TV show or catch the latest movie, then you will want to visit his website. It provides excellent picture quality, and the movies and TV shows in its database have been categorized according to their Genre and Release year, making it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Not only can you watch your favorite TV Show or movie for free, but you also do not have to sign up for an account. In fact, with this website, you also have the option of downloading the TV show or movie that you want to watch, so that you can enjoy it at a later time as well.

Vumoo is one of the best alternatives to GoMovies.

12. 123Movies

This site is one of the best options to watch movies and TV shows online because not only can you choose from there huge collection, but you can also request for TV shows and movies. They update their website frequently, and users do not have to wait long before their popular TV show or movie is up on the websites. The team behind this website constantly works to ensure that they are providing you with the best service that they can. Here, you can view a list of the Most View Most Favourite, as well as the Top IMDb, rated movies on the website. Hence, if you are ever looking for something new to watch, this website can easily help you out by showing you the most popular choices. The site is well-organized with TV shows and Moves being categorized according to their Genre, Release year, rating, and more. Allowing you to find what you are looking for quite easily.

123Movies is one of the best alternatives to GoMovies.

13. Bmovies

Watch as many movies as you would like online for free. There is no need for registration or sign up. Here, you can enjoy a high-quality picture without any interruptions or issues. What more could you want? With a wide array of options, this site becomes a right choice for you when you want to watch something specific. It has unlimited streaming, and the site is also organized when it comes to showing you a list of the movies that it features. Movies and TV shows are arranged according to their Genre like Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi and more! Supported in a large number of countries, this is bound to become one of your most visited websites.

Bmovies is one of the best alternatives to GoMovies.

14. YoMovies

This site provides you with high-quality streaming and a broad array of movies and TV shows. You can not only watch English shows but also choose from Punjabi, South Indian, Tamil, Telegu and Bollywood movies. It does not require you to sign up for the site and allows you to stream movies without interrupting you in the middle. So you can enjoy the latest TV show or movie from a broad genre, and enjoy it without interruptions. Thus, you have more options than just English movies and shows when it comes to this website. Your latest source of entertainment is here, so what are you waiting for?

YoMovies is one of the best alternatives to GoMovies.

15. Hulu

You have probably heard of Hulu at one point or the other. Here you can enjoy high quality streaming with a paid subscription. Although you have to pay to view what you want, the plans are quite affordable, making it an excellent alternative for your entertainment needs. This is a trusted website, and it allows you to stream what you want without any ad, which makes it an excellent option for you. Whatever your favorite TV channel, you can find everything right here on Hulu it has add-ons for Showtime, HBO, Cinemax as well as Starz channel, making sure that you have everything in just one place. So, you can enjoy the best of the best, all in one place There is no need to wait for ads, sit in front of your TV with some snacks and enjoy the show.

Hulu is one of the best alternatives to GoMovies.

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