Twitter Video Downloader – Three Ways to Download Twitter Videos and Gifs

Short videos and animated gifs are in vogue in Twitter, as we can fully watch them in our fragmented time. However, the official Twitter app does not have a video download option. If you have ever encountered this problem, check out this guide below to quickly download Twitter videos and gifs on your Mac or Windows computer and mobile devices.

Method 1. How to Download Videos/Gifs from Twitter Using Third-party Tool

Whenever you find a funny and interesting video or gif, you can download and install a third-party Twitter video downloader to save it to your devices. For PC users, no matter Windows or Mac, you can try Gihosoft TubeGet. It’s a video downloader which is intended for you to save videos from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter etc.

Simple Steps to Download Twitter Videos to PC & Mac:

  1. Copy the link of your favorite Tweet video or gif. Just click the menu down arrow on the upper-right corner and select “Copy link to Tweet”. Then you’ll see a pop-up window that you can copy the Tweet link. Or you can click the time above the tweet and a new interface will pop up, copy the URL from the address line.
  2. Open Gihosoft TubeGet and Click “+Paste URL”. After it finishes analyzing, just choose the right video format, resolution and the saving place.
  3. Press “Download”. It may take you some time to finish the downloading process.

Simple Steps to Download Twitter Videos to PC & Mac

Tips: If you want to download Twitter videos or gifs on your Android devices, you can give Video Downloader for Twitter a try, which can easily save, download and share any tweet from Twitter. It also has an iOS version to download Twitter videos on iPhone, just get it from App Store.

Method 2. How to Save Twitter Videos/Gifs without Any App

Installing a third-party software to download Twitter videos or gifs is a generic method. But why taking up extra computer space as you can finish this task directly through web without any software in just a few steps. Here I’m going to share you a fantastic trick that will let you download any video or gif from Twitter without using any software or online tool.

Simple Steps to Save Videos from Twitter without Any App:

  1. Copy the tweet link as described in method 1.
  2. Open a new tab on your browser, and paste the URL in the address line. Add “m.” or “mobile.” behind “https://”, press “Enter” and this will redirect it to the mobile version of Twitter.
  3. Play the video on the new interface, then right click on the video and select “Save video as” option.
  4. Rename the file and choose a saving location, then click “Save”. The video or animated gifs will be saved in MP4 format.

Simple Steps to Save Videos from Twitter

Method 3. Best Way to Save Twitter Videos/Gifs with Online Site

Twitter Video Downloader is a completely free online Twitter video downloader site. With it, users can be self-sufficient to download short videos & Gifs from tweets to their Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows & Mac devices without installing any other desktop software. So if you’re still searching for a best Twitter video downloader, you’ll love this site. Now let’s dive into the site and see how to keep videos from Twitter with it.

Dead-simple Process to Download Short Videos from Twitter:

  1. Copy the tweet URL as described in method 1.
  2. Paste the tweet URL in the box, then the Twitter video downloader online site will interpret the link. Shortly after the Twitter video URL is identified and loaded, the site will skip to the download page.
  3. To save this short Tweet video to your device, first you need to pick the preferred video resolution. Then you just click on “Download Video” button, rename the short video and click “Save” button, then the short video will be downloaded as MP4 format on your target device.

Dead-simple Process to Download Short Videos from Twitter

The Verdict:
Downloading videos and gifs from Twitter using any of these three methods is a breeze as it requires only a few steps. So next time when you come across your favorite videos or gifs on Twitter, just download them and play it at anytime, anywhere as you like.