Top 23 Free Online Movie Streaming Sites 2023 – No Sign Up Required

We all love watching movies and TV series for free. The best thing about these free movie streaming sites is that you don’t have to sign-up, so there’s no way you can get in trouble. There’s no limit to how much you can watch in the day.

These sites have a lot of ads but you only have to tolerate them in the beginning. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are all premium services and if you don’t want to pay every month for watching your favorite movies, here are 23 best free movie streaming sites no sign up required that you can visit in 2023.

23 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Movies for Free

What are the top free movie streaming sites that you should bookmark on your browser? And are they any good? Let’s take a look at it below.

1. YouTube

Apart from providing a platform to stream short videos or trailer of the movies, YouTube is also a place where users can easily stream full-length Hollywood movies and popular TV shows exclusively for free. If you browse the content on YouTube, then you will find a huge collection of Hollywood movies there. Moreover, users can also save them for offline streaming on their devices. Channels with more than 2K subscribers have almost all the premium Hollywood movies in it like Mad Monkey, Species, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Into the Blue, Her Best Move, etc. Users can also subscribe to these dedicated YouTube channels so that every time a new movie gets uploaded on these channels.

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2. Vudu

One of the best free online movie streaming sites, Vudu gives you early access to new hit movies. The website has a huge collection of movies and TV series. Just name a movie you want to watch and Vudu will have that in their collection. Vudu is a paid service but they have a free section, which is changed every month. You will have to sign up on the website to access the free movies and TV series. Some classics that are always a part of the free section include Funny Girl, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, and Pride and Glory.

3. Fmovies

Fmovies has a lot of ads but it collects a large number of popular TV series and movies. Episodes of the ongoing TV series are uploaded in less than 24 hours on the website. All prints have at least 720p resolution, so you enjoy your movies and TV series. Fmovies has neatly divided its collection according to the genres, which makes it easy to pick a new series or movie.

Fmovies has a lot of ads but it collects a large number of popular TV series and movies.

4. GoStream

From Oscar-winning movies to action-packed movies, GoStream offers you two options — download the print or watch it online. While you are busy with work, you can download a couple of movies for later and watch it ad-free. One of the best things about this free online movie streaming site is that it has the least amount of ads across the list. It has a huge collection of animated movies as well.

5. PutLocker

One of the best free movie streaming sites, PutLocker divides its content according to the genre, country of origin, alphabetical order, and ratings on IMDb, making it convenient for the users to navigate through the website.

If you are a sci-fi lover, you will fall in love with PutLocker’s huge collection of sci-fi movies. It has a lot of pop-up ads, so you need to be patient throughout the process.

If you are a sci-fi lover, you will fall in love with PutLocker’s huge collection of sci-fi movies.

6. Tubi TV

If you are worried about the legality of watching movies for free, head over to Tubi TV because all the titles available there are obtained legally through partnerships with over 200 production houses across the globe.

It is the best free streaming movie site as it allows you to stream the movies and TV series on all gadgets including Android phones, iPhones, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV, and the internet. You have to register on the website, which is free, and then use the login details across different devices you use, so all your movies and TV series are synced.

7. Yidio

Yidio not only has a collection TV series and movies launched in the theaters but also those that debuted on Netflix, Showtime Prime, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other online streaming services. You can create a watchlist on the website after signing up on the website, which is an amazing feature as it keeps all your favorite and must watch series and movies in one place. Yidio isn’t free and lets you rent movies for just $2.99 and per episode of series for $1.99. After you sign up, you get access to a small but rich collection of free movies and TV series.

Yidio not only has a collection TV series and movies

8. Afdah

Afdah is a free online movie streaming service where you can watch movies in HD quality. They have a number of servers available to choose from and also offer an in-detail description of the movie you are surfing.

9. AZMovies

Another top choice among movie lovers, AZMovies has the best collection of award-winning movies from around the world. Movies are uploaded on the website just within a month after it is released online or in the theaters. This free movie streaming website has a special section called Featured where you can watch the most popular movies of 2019. If you love movies, this is the website you should be visiting.

Another top choice among movie lovers, AZMovies has the best collection of award-winning movies from around the world.

10. Popcornflix

From new arrivals to classic series like Friends, Popcornflix is a dream come true for binge watchers. If you want to watch the best movies of all times, head over to the staff picks section on the website. It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon, and XBox. Popcornflix has a wonderful collection of documentaries you should definitely check out.

11. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is one of the largest free streaming movie sites online. One feature of this website that we found interesting is that instead of generalizing the movies into generic genres, they have added a unique touch of categorizing the movies according to the message they want to pass on. For example, some of the categories include celebrate pride, climate change, and environment, and explore the world.

SnagFilms is one of the largest free streaming movie sites online.

12. 5 Movies

5 Movies in a United States-based streaming service that lets you watch movies without signing up on the website. All movies are available in HD quality and belong to a variety of genres including anime, sci-fi, rom con, thriller, Asian drama, and more. It is a completely risk-free website so you can watch online on Google Chrome or Safari. The website also has a good collection of TV series but take time to upload the latest episodes, so you have to wait for two to three days.

13. 123Hulu

123Hulu is another best free movie streaming website to watch movies, TV series, web series, documentaries, short films, and docuseries for free. If you live in South Asian countries, the website might not work as it is blocked by the national governments. But there’s still a way you can watch the movies and series. Change your computer’s IP address whenever you want to watch to a country where it isn’t blocked.

123Hulu is another best free movie streaming website to watch movies, TV series, web series, documentaries, short films, and docuseries for free.

14. PrimeWire

We love PrimeWire because it shows the most watched and most famous movies and TV series on the homepage, so you spend less time looking for what to watch. All content in amazing quality, so doesn’t worry about bad print.

15. Yes Movies

Yes Movies is a favorite among many free online movie streaming sites because it has very little adds. If a movie or TV series is missing, you can request them and in a few days, you will have it on the website. If you love watching documentaries, Yes Movies is the place to visit.

Yes Movies is a favorite among many free online movie streaming sites because it has very little adds.

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16. Crackle

Crackle is an outstanding choice for the users who are interested in streaming their favorite movie online for free. This website is one of the most highly rated free movie streaming websites. There is a wide selection of different popular movies available on this website which are greatest of all time. Any user can browse the available number of movies on this website hassle-free without any charge. Premium TV shows and original web series of big producing channels are available on Crackle website. Users can stream online as well as can download their favorite movies. HD video quality is also supported by this free movie streaming website, which makes it a great choice for all. Moreover, users can also use different filters to sort out the movie’s collection on this website. Either they can sort by the Genre of the movie or in Alphabetical order. So, register yourself with this website today by creating your free account and start streaming online for free. The only which is required to create a free account on the Crackle website is an Email ID.

17. Viewster

Viewster website is a popular free online Anime series streaming website. It contains a huge number of popular Japanese as well as Korean Anime series on its database which is pretty much appealing for the users. Moreover, there are also a huge number of documentaries and other related TV shows content available on this free movie streaming website. The user-interface of the Viewster website is also pretty much attractive and user-friendly as well. Streaming all the media content on this website is legal, and there is no issue with the piracy concern. However, to stream the available content on this website, you need to register yourself on this website. The registration process is free of cost, and all you need is an Email Id to get started. Popular full-length Anime series with all episodes can be streamed on this website exclusively for free. The only downside of this website is that no one can download any movie or Anime series from this website. But if concerned about online streaming, then Viewster is possibly the best choice to stream popular Japanese and Chinese Anime series.

18. Pluto TV

This incredible free online streaming website is another very impressive choice for all users, which has an in-built feature of “Live TV” in it. A huge collection of popular Hollywood classic movies is also available on Pluto TV website, which is one of the highlighting features. Popular TV channels like Fox Sports, Classic movies and Horror 24/7 can be streaming live on this website. The interface of this website is also elegant and clean. Once you get registered successfully on this website, you can create your free personal playlist where you can add all your favorite movies. Moreover, this website supports different languages other than English, which is an excellent feature for all. There is an integrated on-demand video library available for the users for an instant video watching experience.

19. Classic Cinema Online

The Classic Cinema Online website serves a great choice for all the users. The database of this website is having thousands of old classic Hollywood movies which were pretty much popular among the users, especially from the United States of America and neighboring countries. On the homepage of this free streaming website, you will see the icons of the most-watched movies which you can stream exclusively for free. You can also search out for your favorite movie on this website using the search box available on the top of the homepage. All the superhits classic movies are available on this website, and those movies which are not available on this website have been added rapidly on the database of this website. The download feature is also enabled on this website, which makes it an ideal streaming website for the users. Any user can stream his/her favorite movie in preferred video quality. The video quality can be selected instantly while streaming online on this website. The major drawback of this website is that the interface of this website seems to be a little outdated as this website is older one in comparison to other online streaming websites. But if you want to stream classic old school movies on your device, then there is no other choice better than Classic Cinema Online.

20. Veoh

Veoh is one of the most popular choices among the users for free online streaming of movies and popular TV shows. Veoh website is a non-stop and an ultimate spot to stream the best kind of latest as well as old Bollywood movies for free. The graphic user-interface of this website is the best and the fascinating feature of this website, which is impressive for all users. Movies can be sorted easily on this website according to genres, Language, Year of Release, Length, and many other filters as well. If you want to search your favorite movie by its keyword, then use the search box to accomplish your task. Veoh has recently added some new channels on its website where users can stream live TV for free. Users can either create their free account on this website or can log in with their Facebook account to browse the collection of movies. A separate section of TV shows is also available on this website where users can stream or download their favorite TV series exclusively for free.

21. Stremio

The huge collection of popular Hollywood movies and popular TV channels is probably the main reason behind the popularity of this website. Millions of users stream their favorite movies and TV shows on this website on a daily basis. This website contains a lot of different categories where the available media content is been divided. There is a separate section for Movies, TV series and live TV channels on this website. A comprehensive platform for streaming purposes with an attractive graphic user-interface is what Stremio website is all about. Several other elements like no ads streaming experience, torrenting capabilities, and on-demand video services, are also responsible for a massive growth rate of this website. Currently, at the time of writing, there are more than 2 Million subscribers of this website who stream all their personal stuff on this website on a daily basis. There are no pop-up ads available on this website. You can also continue to stream a particular movie on this website where you left from. Some new Anime series is also going to be added on this website very soon as per the updates which we have received. After all this new stuff will get added on this website, Stremio will become the top-rated free online movie streaming website for sure.

22.The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is another very favorite choice for the users which has a great number of movies and new TV shows added in it. There are so many different highlighting features of this website. First of all, the media content available on this website is awe-inspiring for the users. Most of the popular American TV shows and Drama series can also be streamed live and online for free on The Roku Channel. Bollywood movies of almost every genre can be found on this website exclusively for free. All you need to do is to search for your favorite movie using the keyword. Though there is a need for registration process to be completed, still users are finding this website to be relevant for them. A lot of pop-up ads might try to annoy your streaming experience on this website. So, create your free account and get subscribed to The Roku Channel website today.

23. Watch Series

You can watch everything from Riverdale to The Order and classic TV series like Grey’s Anatomy on Watch Series. It is an all-exclusive series streaming service. Watch Series has a very specific way of mentioning the episodes they recently uploaded so that you never miss out on your favorite series. The website also mentions the normal TV schedule of the series, just in case you want to watch it on the television.

You can watch everything from Riverdale to The Order and classic TV series like Grey’s Anatomy on Watch Series.


Which is your favorite free movie streaming sites? Make sure to mention your favorite TV series and movies in the comments below.

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