Online Video Cutter – 5 Best Sites to Cut Videos Online

When talking about cutting a video, usually you will install a desktop video cutter software, like Gihosoft Free Video Cutter or the article I wrote before: Best Video Cutter Free for PC. But if your computer space is almost running out of, why not just use an online video cutter to directly cut videos online without the bother of any other software. Apart from trimming local videos, with an online tool, you can also cut YouTube videos online directly. This article lists 5 best online video cutter, some of them have the features to cut local videos, some of them are able to cut and download YouTube videos online directly, just read it through to find the best one you like.

1. Online Video Cutter

If you want to download YouTube videos online, then online YouTube downloader can help you. But if you want to cut videos online, you can turn to Online Video Cutter. It’s a popular online video trimmer site, you can use it to cut videos smoothly without any difficulty no matter if you are a novice or a guru. Apart from cutting videos, it also plays an important role in cropping videos, rotating videos & editing videos etc. The online rotating feature gives you the ability to rotate your own local videos 90, 180 or 270 degrees. The online cropping feature allows you to cull desired area of a video and change frame proportions at the same time. All these practical functions are integrated in one place, definitely make it an all-in-one popular site. With this all-round site in hand, it’s super easy to trim videos from computer or Google Drive. And I bet that once you use it, you will never want to waste your time and energy to try other similar software.

Online Video Cutter


  1. An all-in-one site that you can use it to crop, rotate, edit and trim videos online.
  2. Security is guaranteed, the file you upload will be deleted within a few hours after you finish your work.


  1. The process of loading file is very slow.

2. Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox is also a professional online video cutter and cropper site. As its name suggests, it can do a multitude of things including but not limited to cutting, cropping, and editing videos. The online cutting features allow you to cut videos at any point you determine, and you can also use it to extract audio, video or subtitle text from a file. The best advantage of this site is that you can directly upload a video from online video sites it supports, including YouTube, Vimeo and Tube8 etc. With this wonderful function you can easily cut videos from YouTube online directly with the URL, avoid wasting a lot of time loading local videos.

online video trimmer


  1. Support cut online YouTube, Vimeo, Liveleak, Redtube videos directly
  2. A comprehensive video tool allows users to cut, crop, edit, join, convert and add watermark.


  1. Total file size of subscription plan is 1000MB, you have to delete previous videos for adding a new one if it’s full.

3. YouTube Video Editor

Why searching on the web for a best video cutter online? YouTube Video Editor just can complete this video trimming work online perfectly. When you upload a video on YouTube, click “Edit” and it jumps to the edit interface. Click on the second column  “Enhancements” – next to “Info & Settings”, you will see the “Trimming” button lies on the bottom. The “Enhancements” section has many practical features, aside from trimming videos online, it also allows users to adjust the hue of frame, like Fill Light, Saturation & Color Temperature, and add filters as well. Trimming YouTube videos online is only a small amount of capabilities that this powerful video editor tool has, you can also be free to add soundtrack & subtitle etc. Next time when you upload a video to YouTube, don’t forget to trim, crop and edit YouTube videos with it.

cut youtube video online


  1. An integrated site providing frame enhancement, audio and video editor function.
  2. Professional yet easy to learn.


  1. N/A.

4. is an online video trimmer site for video & music cutting, gif making, meme making, downloading & converting YouTube videos to MP3 online etc. As for cutting local videos & musics online, it’s very simple to handle. You just need a few easy steps to finish it: browser your file and load it, mark start point and end point, preview and save the video. When you preview, you can make some changes if you are not satisfying with it. If you have a series of videos & musics need cutting, then you can try the MultiCutter feature of this site. The weakness of this product I think is the file restriction, it can only support video files less than 50MB.

youtube video cutter online


  1. Video cutting, MP3 conversion, video downloading can all be done here.
  2. Preview before cutting.


  1. Maximum of file size is 50MB.

5. YtCropper

YtCropper is an video cropper online site, it’s a best site for those who only want to get a specific point of an online YouTube video. To cut YouTube video online with this tool, first you need to copy the UR of a YouTube video, or you can copy the video’s specific ID instead. Then you paste this content into the targeted box, mark the staring point and ending point, then hit the “Crop” button. After that, you will see the words “Video properties” on the interface, which contains direct link and embed code information. You can use the direct link to spread this video to all the world by social media apps or emails, and the embed code is used to embed the video into your website. As we can see, the main advantage of this online video site is that it provides a simple way to cut YouTube video online and get a specific range, without the bother to download the full video and cut it from desktop.

online video cropper


  1. Brief interface and simple operation.
  2. Cut the specific range of an online YouTube video


  1. Can’t save the video to your computer

Note: When using online video cutters to cut local videos, you’d better upload it before cutting, which may cost you some time (that’s the defect can’t be fixed).

How to Cut Video Online

As I’ve showed you 5 best online video cutter for you to cut videos imported from computer or directly cut online YouTube videos without downloading first. Now let’s come to next step – how to use them. As these top 5 sites work in the same way, so I will take Online Video Cutter as an example reveal you the usage of these sites.

Simple Steps to Trim Videos Online with Online Video Cutter

  1. Click the “Open file”button to import video files from computer to the site, then wait until the loading process is finished.
  2. Choose the staring point and ending point of the cutting range, then click to starting the cutting process.
  3. When the cutting course is finished, just click the “Download”button to save the  videos to your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.

how to cut video online

To Sum Up

When you read through this article, you must have know the basic information about all these best online video cutter. So I hope you got the answer of how to cut videos online. And also if you are using any other site then let us know in the comment box.

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