Best 3 Vlogging Cameras Cheap for YouTube Beginner 2019

How would you decide which YouTube camera is best or suitable for you? If you are looking for a camera to start your YouTube vlogging career, then there are number of factors that need to be prioritized and considered, among which the price is of course very important.

Best Vlogging Cameras Cheap for YouTube Beginner

YouTube is a cool platform where everyone has a chance to become globally famous with creativity and minimum cost. Nevertheless, you do need a good camera to get started. Mobile phone is convenient, but it is not sufficient if you want to become a successful vlogger.

Yes, you need a camera, the one with solid quality. Don’t get terrified by the impression of high price. There are a lot of cheap cameras for YouTube vlogging. With autofocus system, microphone and LCD screen, the following YouTube cameras are made with excellent efficiency to provide you with the best quality of videos.

Top 1. EKEN H9R Action Camera 4k WiFi Waterproof Sports Camera Full HD 4K 25fps

Price: $57.99
Go and capture every single moment with this EKEN H94 Action Camera. Equipped with mount accessories, a wireless remote, action camera tripod and waterproof camera case and with these accessories it serves as a helmet camera. Anyone can use this amazing camera to make videos and share them with friends and family. EKEN 4K enables you to capture incredible adventures underwater at about 100 feet.

EKEN H9R Action Camera 4k WiFi Waterproof Sports Camera Full HD 4K 25fps



Top 2. Video Camera Camcorder MELCAM HD 1080P

Price: $63.99
Enjoy full HD 1080P photo and video with Melcam Video Camera. It’s easy to use, handle and operate. It is extremely good for beginners. It has a unique and a smart style. It makes your videos memorable by providing with best quality features. It has a pause function that allows you to edit and upload your videos. Take full advantage of its portability by carrying it in your bags and make your trips and discoveries, joyful and memorable. It adds extra spice and joy to your videos.

Video Camera Camcorder MELCAM HD 1080P



Top 3. Video Camera Vlogging Camera with Microphone Full HD 1080p 30 fps 24.0 MP by Sunlea Tech

Price: $109
This vlogging camera owns an excellent performance in taking 24MP crystal clear pictures and in recording videos with 1080P at 30 fps. With 270-degree rotation, this camera has 3-inch LCD touchscreen. Its flip touchscreen allows the users to adjust the angle according to the requirement. Make your videos amazing with this multifunctional camcorder. This is a perfect and amazing choice for the beginners and professionals.

Video Camera Vlogging Camera with Microphone Full HD 1080p 30 fps 24.0 MP by Sunlea Tech



Pro Tip:

After recording and editing awesome videos and cover photos, you should keep the files safe and make backups before publishing it on YouTube. Otherwise, you would find the delicately made videos disappearing and all the effort wasted.

In case the accident does happen, don’t worry, just keep the last resort in mind. Download and install a free photo recovery software to retrieve lost videos and photos from SD card or computer as soon as possible.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

If you lost the original video file of a published video, you can also download the YouTube video to your computer and save it as a backup.


Selecting an appropriate camera is extremely crucial in making a quality content video. Choosing the camera whether it is appropriate or not, it directly affect the sound quality, visual clarity and limitations of shooting areas. Looking for the best camera, which is good in quality and price, are two main and important tasks in buying a YouTube vlogging camera. You can consider the above listed options if you are looking for best cheap cameras for YouTube 2019.

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