12 Best Video Joiner Free for MP4 2020

As the development of technology, we can take videos easily with our smartphones, but usually there are two problems with these videos. The first one is that these videos may have some unwanted parts, like blank or redundant contents, for this problem, you can use a video cutter, like the article I wrote before: 5 Best Free Video Cutter for PC. The other one is that you may feel inconvenient to watch several videos one by one, definitely a waste of time. How to join videos together to a whole one? Here I pick up 12 best free video joiners for you to merge videos.

1. Gihosoft Free Video Joiner

Gihosoft Free Video Joiner is a completely free tool to join several videos together. This free movie joiner is powerful yet easy-to-use that anyone can utilize its features without any technical experience. You just need to click ADD button to import video files, then rearrange the order of these videos by dragging and dropping, or delete the videos you don’t like. And you can preview the joined video to see if it meets your demands. After that you can choose output format and saving location, then join these videos into a bigger one without any quality loss.

best free video joiner 2018


  1. Beautiful and straightforward interface.
  2. Support joining and saving videos of various formats.


  1. The joining process is a little slow.

2. Kate’s Video Joiner

Kate’s Video Joiner is also a great video joiner software, which you can use to merge two or more videos into a single big one. Like Gihosoft Free Video Cutter, Kate’s Video Joiner also has intuitive interface and simple operations. You can tap ADD to import videos, click Up and Down to adjust the order of videos, press Clear to eliminate all the operations. It supports exporting video of various formats, like MP4, AVI, MPEG, WMV & DVD etc. Besides, you can set video and audio compressor, audio channel and audio rate, or even resize the video. Furthermore, you can preview the videos before joining in case of mistakes.

best mp4 video joiner


  1. Support all kinds of video formats and allow users to resize video.
  2. Come with the feature of previewing before joining.


  1. You need to register with your email before you can use this software.
  2. It crashes sometimes.

3. Free AVI MPEG WMV MP4 FLV Video Joiner

Free AVI MPEG WMV MP4 FLV Video Joiner is a powerful video joiner freeware. When you add the videos you want to join, click Next, then it comes to  a new interface. In this interface, you can select your output directory and convert videos to different formats. The most impressive feature of this freeware is that you can not only convert your video files into other formats and audios, but also can convert them to formats appropriate for different devices. For example, if you are a iPhone user, you can convert the videos to iPhone High Quality, iPhone Standard Quality, iPhone Economy Quality.

Free AVI MPEG WMV MP4 FLV Video Joiner


  1. Support exporting video files to any video formats, audios, or even quality appropriate for different devices.
  2. Each format has various kinds of quality for you to select.


  1. You need to be careful when installing this software in case of installing some bundled products.

4. Alon Video Joiner

Alon Video Joiner is a quite simple and brief video joiner free. You can see that from its interface, and it does a good job when joining videos. The usage is quite easy like other similar video joiners. You just need a few steps to get your videos finished. You can feel free to adjust the height and width of the final video, and you can also choose different quality for each format. However, the output format only supports AVI, MPEG, WMV and MOV, not as much as other similar software.

Alon Video Joiner


  1. Brief interface and intuitive operations.
  2. Set height and width of the output video as your wish.


  1. Exporting format is limited.
  2. Saving is a little slow.

5. Free Video Cutter Joiner

Free Video Cutter Joiner is not only a good video cutter, but also good at combining videos. It provides two ways for you to join videos, Direct Join and Indirect Join. Direct Join is no-re-edcoding mode, which is very fast, but only supports same-type file joining; while Indirect Join supports any format, but very slow, because it has to re-encode. When you choose Re-edcoding mode, this software offers you multiple video formats to select, you can choose your favorite format freely.

Free Video Cutter Joiner


  1. Provides two ways to join videos.
  2. Having multiple video formats, quality, frame rate and audio quality to select.


  1. Don’t have the feature of moving up or moving down.

6. Window Movie Maker

Window Movie Maker is probably the best video joiner software/tool which is designed only for Windows OS. This software is designed and developed with so many amazing video editing tools that can make the video editing process much easier and convenient. With the help of this exclusive video editing software, you can join two different video clips in a single clip in just a few clicks. There is a large variety of transitions available in this software which is further included with the auto preview option. Users can also share the edited videos directly from inside this software.

However, all the windows users can download the edited video in the file format of their choice. There is a wide variety of different file formats supported by this video editing software. Just move into the editing window of this software and export the files from the hard disk. To join two different video clips using this software, you need to drag both of those clips in the editing window to merge them. So, definitely, Window Movie Maker is surely an excellent choice for the users with lots of stunning video effects and other impeccable features as well.

7. Media Join

The name of this video joiner tool itself suggests it is exclusively designed to merge or join two different media clips. Media Join software will do multiple jobs for you like video editing, photo editing, and video joining tasks as well. There are 3 different options available on the right-hand side of this video editing software from where you can choose the output file format, Media typo and which operation do you want to perform. If you want to join two different video media clips, then you have to select the “Join” option out from different available options. After selecting all these options, you have to export the files in the editing window to proceed further with your task. After you are done with the editing process, click on the Download icon.

The file can be found in the Downloads folder of your PC. Some of the popular output file formats which are supported by Media Join are MP3, MPEG, WMA, WMV and MPEG 1, etc. The only downside of this video joiner tool is that Media Join software is having minimal transition and editing effects in it. That’s why there may be a probability that some of you may not like it. But if you want to accomplish the task of video joining, then Media Join is a very suitable choice for you.

Media Join software will do multiple jobs for you like video editing, photo editing, and video joining tasks as well.

8. Virtual Dub (Only for Windows OS)

Virtual Dub is one of the most powerful video editing software for the users having most of the similar video editing tools in it. This over rated video editing tool will offer you most of the popular video editing effects and transitions which will surely let you to feel that you have picked right choice. The best part of using Virtual Dub software is that the video quality of both the original and edited video will remain the same for sure. So, this is probably the most attracting feature because everyone wants the video quality of the edited videos will never get low from the original video. Users may also add new filters and video effects in this software through the use of third-party applications. Since the interface of this software is not very much attractive due to poor graphics, but still the overall functioning and features of this software are pretty much good.

9. iMovie (Only for Mac)

iMovie is one of the most suitable and the most reliable choices for all the Mac users to join two different video clips without the installation of third-party applications or software. Imovie is an in-built tool available on all Mac devices by default, which is having all the premium video editing tools and functions in it. The attractive graphic user-interface of this video editing tool is also pretty much amazing for the users, which are certainly having one of the best graphics in it. Big sized videos can also be merged using this awesome video editing tool. iMovie supports a variety of output file formats with it. Moreover, Mac users can easily add new visuals and background effects in the videos and photos they are editing. But the best part of iMovie is certainly its ability to export videos directly to iTunes. That’s why iTunes is the most recommended choice for all Mac users because there is no need to install any third-party application on your device to accomplish these basic video editing tasks.

10. FaaSoft Video Joiner

Yet another very superb choice for all the users who are looking out for the first kind of video joiner tool. Faasoft Video Joiner tool is pretty much easy to use and operate. And the best part of using this software on your Mac device is that you will become able to join two different video clips of different file formats. So, this is probably a massive advantage to Mac users because changing the file formats of video media files is not so easy. Furthermore, the Faasoft Video Joiner tool is also available for Windows OS as well, which is another perfect thing that can happen for the users. There are so many in-built tools present in FaaSoft Video Joiner who are working behind the curtains to accomplish this task of file format conversion. Mac users can also use other editing features like Crop, Trim, and Effects as well in this video editing software. FaaSoft does not support premium video editing features in it, but still it is considered as one of the most powerful choices as a premium video joiner for the Mac users. The user-friendly interface of this tool is also one of the main reasons behind the success of this software. However, this software sometimes offers lag in it, which can interrupt the ongoing editing processes.

11. Kdenlive

As like FaaSoft Video Joiner, Kdenlive is another trendy name in this segment of video joiner tools which is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS. The graphic user-interface of this Video Joiner is so very well developed that no one can resist himself/herself to be a part of this software. The use of high-quality graphics in this software makes it an adorable choice which has the ability to stand-out from other tools of this segment. There are lots of different video editing tools or features available in Kdenlive software which are pretty much appealing for the users. Since this software has been launched recently by the developers,it looks pretty much optimized and cool as well.

The installation size of this software is also way too large as compared to other tools. But managing space in our devices for such an incredible video joiner tool is worth investing. Kdenlive is considered as a Professional-level video editing software, but if you are a beginner and want to learn or use some professional level editing features, then there is surely no other choice better than Kdenlive. You may take the help of user-manual guides which are available under the “HELP” option to learn the functioning of the tools available in it. The video compatibility for this software will not become an issue for the users as this software is highly compatible with different kinds of media file formats. So, Kdenlive is a professional level video editing tool of next-generation which is certainly having great kind of video editing tools in it for the users.

12. VideoGo

VideoGo is another trendy choice as a decent video editing tool for the user, which can be considered over several other tools. VideoGo editing software is highly optimized, and due to this reason, it becomes one of the most important choices for the users. At the top of the home window of VideoGo tool, you will find the option of “Add File” on which you can click to export those files which you want to edit on your PC or Mac device.

Moreover, the graphic user interface of this tool is also pretty much decent, which is not very highly optimized. Once you export the media file into this software for editing purposes, you will find that various editing tools will get unlocked. You may choose any operation out from them which you want to perform on that particular video.

However, the over-complicated processes involved in VideoGo software are pretty much complex to learn about. The addition of transitions and several other video effects can also be added using this software very easily. Since the overall functioning time of this software is a bit higher than other tools, that’s why we are forced to place it below in this list of great video editing tools. But on one note, VideoGo offers the most magnificent features of all time to its users, which makes it an ideal choice for all of them. VideoGo software is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, which is something which we cannot ignore. This software also may ask some permissions to access the files available on your device to export them into the editing window. So, allow all those permissions by yourself so that you may not encounter any lag or bug. The edited output file will automatically get saved in the source folder from where the original file was selected. However, you may also select the location of the output file manually inside this software. So, download and install this incredible video editing software on your devices to experience some good stuff present in it.

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