How to Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) on macOS

System Integrity Protection (SIP) has been introduced in macOS since OS X EI Capitan, working as a security feature that protects OS data on the system disk. Though SIP increases the level of system security, the restriction could also make troubles when users intend to perform specific core actions. For example, it is impossible to recover files from the local disk if you don’t disable System Integrity Protection temporarily.

How to Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) on macOS

How to Turn off System Integrity Protection in macOS

  1. Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar.
  2. Click Restart
  3. Hold down Command-R during the startup to reboot into Recovery Mode.
  4. Click Utilities in the Menu bar.
  5. Select Terminal.
  6. Type csrutil disable.
  7. Press Enter on your keyboard.
  8. Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar.
  9. Click Restart

If you want to start using SIP to protect your Mac computer after the file recovery, then follow the steps above again, except this time you need to enter csrutil enable in the Terminal instead.

Best Data Recovery Software for Mac

After disabling SIP, it is also very important to choose a good data recovery software in order to recover all the files from your MacBook or iMac local disks. Based on a full range of performance comparisons, you’re highly suggested choose the Standard version of Gihosoft RePicvid as your Mac Data Recovery software. It’s worth mentioning that RePicvid is 100% free for recovering deleted photos from SD card, hard drive, USB flash stick, and other storage devices. Here are some of the exciting features of Gihosoft RePicvid.

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Fast and Selective File Recovery

Many people will never imagine the fact that a full data recovery from a 500 GB hard drive will take them a whole day or longer. With RePicvid, however, you can choose to recover only the videos, photos or other files that you really need from a selected disk, so as to make the scanning process faster and save you a lot of time.

High Success Rate

It is not necessarily that a short scanning period will decrease the quality of successful recovery rate. As a matter of fact, RePicvid is proudly known for its high success rate. As long as your lost data has not been overwritten, over 95% of all the files can be restored. All these thanks to the advanced algorithm.

100% Secure and Risk-free

When you finally decide to entrust your precious data to any third-party software, don’t make mistakes at the last step. RePicvid has been verified by Norton and McAfee and will never interfere with your other files. This software will perform a read-only scanning on your storage device, and only you have access to your files.

Friendly User Interface

You don’t expect any extra challenges while trying to fix the horrible data loss issue. RePicvid is the program that will guide you through all the process until the final success of data recovery. It is straightforward and intuitive, so you just need to know clearly what kind of data you want to restore, and then you will get everything back easily.


In this article, we have learned how to turn off System Integrity Protection on macOS, which is necessary in order to recover data from the local disk of iMac or MacBook. SIP is also very important for more functions, so you may check this feature out when having relevant problems. Just remember to turn it on afterward.

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