What’s the Best Way to Back up Your Computer in 2021

I believe that the vast majority of people may have suffered the misfortune of losing important files stored on PC due to hard drive corruption, computer loss, misoperation and other reasons. This is really a disaster that will ruin your life. Therefore, backing up PC from time to time is distinctly important for us. Then how to backup our computers simply and quickly? This post will share some best Windows backup solutions popular in 2021, including the Windows built-in function, Windows backup to external hard drive, up to 15 Windows backup tools and the final resort in case there is no backup.31

Tips: To maximize the security of your files, you are suggested to backup your Windows according to this 3-2-1 rule: make 3 copies of the important data, backup the data to 2 different kinds of devices, and keep 1 offline copy.

Part 1: How to Backup Windows PC

① Built-in Windows Backup Functions

Windows offers several built-in features to backup your computer data. You can backup a Windows PC by creating a system image by going to the following path: Start > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Backup and Restore > Create a system image. System image could store all of your files, settings and other info on Windows, but restoring individual files from it is not supported.

Note: Back and Restore is a feature popular in Windows 7 but also compatible in Windows 10. In Windows 10, you can find the new Backup option in Settings, which allows you to back up important files to external hard drives.

Create a system image, Built-in Windows Backup Functions

Otherwise, you can use another fantastic function – restore point, which allows you to restore your files to a previous version before data loss happens. The operation to make a restore point is also very simple. First, open the System Protection tab by navigating to Start > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > System > System Protection. Then click the Create button and enter a description of your restore point.

How to Backup Windows PC

② Backup Windows to External Hard Drive

Compared with the first method, backing up your Windows PC to an external hard drive is much safer because the backup file can still work even if your computer is not accessible.

  1. Plug your external hard drive to computer via USB cable.
  2. Tap on Start button. Then open Control Panel and click System and Maintenance.
  3. In System and Maintenance window, select Backup and Restore.
  4. Click Set Up Backup button, and choose your external hard drive in next interface.
  5. Finish the rest settings following the guidance and hit Save Settings and Run Backup on final screen.

Part 2: 15 Backup Software for Windows Computer

When it comes to backing up Windows PC, a free Windows backup software may be the first choice for most users. Here we would like to share some commonly used ones in 2021.

1. Redo Backup

If you plan to backup a whole hard drive, then do not miss Redo Backup. It is able to backup your hard drive to an internal/external hard drive, FTP server, or even a shared network folder. However, it doesn’t support backing up individual folders and you are not allowed to read the backup file.

Redo Backup

2. EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup could backup a individual file or an entire folder. Besides common local drive and network folder, it also enable users to backup Windows computer to a free cloud storage server.

EaseUS Todo Backup

Note: Backup files created by EaseUS Todo Backup cannot be read through Explorer, either. But you can check them with this backup program.

3. Everyday Auto Backup

Everyday Auto Backup is the most user-friendly Windows backup software I have met. It can backup your files with just a few clicks. Moreover, the feature of hourly, daily, weekly or monthly auto backup makes it stand out from numerous backup programs.

Everyday Auto Backup

4. Backup Windows to Cloud

With the development of Cloud technology, more and more users prefer to backup their Windows computer to Cloud servers. And for Windows users, OneDrive must be the ideal choice among various cloud storage servers. It offers a free storage of 5 GB and you can expand the storage to 50 GB for $2 per month or 1 TB with an Office 365 Personal plan for $7 per month.

In addition, Dropbox and Google Drive are 2 other famous Cloud services to backup your Windows PC. Dropbox offers only 2GB free storage, but you can extend it to 1 TB for $9.99 per month. Google Drive offers 4 plans: 15 GB for free, 100 GB for $2 per month, 1 TB for $10 per month, or 10 TB for $100 per month. You can choose the proper one according to your demand.

5. Acronis True Image 2019

Acronis True Image falls in the list of the most versatile options under the category. There are times when we don’t find time to do stuff according to our wishes. However, with the change its technology, it is now entirely possible to manage our tasks and time efficiently, the same is done by Arconis True Image. It helps the users to take complete images of a disk drive according to their schedules. There isn’t a simple option but many options combined from which you can pick your option of choice. One option allows you to back up the complete PC while another option allows you to select folders that you want to back up. It is possible to create and elaborate on the options of creating recovery disks for future use.

This software has come up with an excellent plan, which saves your time of keeping manual work away. In the case of the USB-based storage backup system, you can easily use the Acronis True Image, which can automatically start the backup process immediately after the backup media gets attached.

With the use of AI, there are high chances of protecting your device from ransomware at the right time. There comes a ransomware detection tool that is used in the Acronis True Image 2019. They claim that the tool is sufficiently excellent enough that it has stopped more than 200,00 ransomware attacks. It is in addition to an actual image that this sort of protection goes through data network and NAS drives.

Here are some mentioned features which can make your work worth all the investment. You no longer have to be thinking about losing any of your data.

Key feature: Easy backup and restore points with automatic backup provision. There is a strong AES with 256 encryption, and backup can be made on the cloud or the same hard drive.
Compatibility: the software remains compatible with most of the windows and works well. Some of worth mentioning are 10, 8, 8.1,7, and XP.
Price: the software follows a 30-day free trial process. It is required that the user pay $49.99 each year to continue the service. However, if you are getting the software right now, you can enjoy a discount of 40%, which will make the final price of subscription $29.99. With the subscription plan, you will be able to get a cloud storage of 250 GB.

6. O&O DiskImage 14

O&O DiskImage 14 filled with some cool and required feature is software that keeps your documents and files safe from any trouble. Just in case you lose your documents, you can log in to your cloud and restore them back. You can have the complete resources using which you can backup your drivers anytime you want. There is an option of naming folders and then putting the same collection in there. The software is well known for its user interface. There is absolutely a great availability of uploading the desired files into the cloud.

Along with this, there is an option that grants you access to creating your files according to file wise backup collection or disk wise. In simple terms to put it through, you can upload a complete disk as a backup.

There is a single click option that grants you access to connecting the physical drives for backup in a single click. However, in case you don’t want the complete backup to take place, you can customize the option. It can be mended to backup only some specific folders that too at a specific time. Along with the feature of easy backup, users can encrypt the backup files. There is differential and incremental backup’s option available which can keep unwanted items out and save some space by splitting larger files.

This software has many things which might come as challenging to understand, but once that you have acquired the knowledge and experience it gets handy to use more of the options.

Key Features: Settings can be changed according to wishes, easy backup options.
Price: there is a free 30-day trial with a lifetime license just for $49.95/ PC and $69.95/ 5 PCs.
Compatibility: works well with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, Mac

7. Paragon Backup & Recovery 17

Paragon backup & recovery is a popular design that is quite popular among users. It lets you back up an entire hard disk or some specific parts only in the form of the virtual drive. The space that a backup can use is largely too much, but this software can help you to solve the issue by compressing the backup files. It does so by simply splitting the files. This way, it becomes easy for the user to transfer them in a portable storage device for future use.

There are no issues with the security as the software runs well with the backup service. You can smartly put only the selected files for differential backups using disk images. It is easy to add information or new documents in the same folder of backup with the smarter option which grants free access for any update. The software allows you to create WinPE based bootable media backup such as DVDs or recovery drives. This same can be used to run for recovery when the PC is corrupted. With the feature, you can replace all the corrupt files easily.

Key Features: provision of backing up in portable devices. It can create a full System Image.
Pricing: No need to pay for the 30-day trial. After which lifetime access for a single PC comes for $49.95.
Compatibility: runs well with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

8. AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI brings both the free as well as paid backing up plans which you can access. It is easy to get a complete hold on the things in which you are backing up with a backup option on windows. For the proper backup of folders or files, you have to click on the required data, and rest will be done. There is a scheduled backup which you can put for regular backups. You can use external storage; it gets easier to recover the files after PC failure.

For the trial part, the free version will grant you access to backup and restore the data. However, with a complete version, you will be able to get a system clone, backup image, disk space management, and command-line backup. There is another version with the name server version which grants you backing up of data from the data servers.

Key Features: Free version with full backup options, complete control over backup & restore. Easy ways of creating an entire system clone.
Pricing: Free version brings limited yet the best option. A Professional version can cost $49.95 for a lifetime for two PCs.
Compatibility: Works well with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP

9. CrashPlan PRO

CrashPlan which happened to be a noted backup solution enjoyed once by home users now finds a secure place with enterprise and business users starting from the year 2017 in August. It is now referred to as CrashPlan PRO or CrashPlan for small businesses as it brings economic business plans. You can create a scheduled upload of backup on your selected space.

There is an online dashboard that can be used to keep a record of all the data and manage the payment options.

With the software, it is possible to upload all the backups to its cloud, or you can make a storage place for the same using external storage media. The amount of data that can be uploaded finds no limited, unlike other software which demands a limited GB upload. Even when you are uploading files, you can choose to exclude some folders. This can save a lot of space which is eaten up by duplicate files. The software also brings a unique feature of limiting CPU consumption to prevent the draining of resources. There are several encryption levels, and it depends on the user which one is required for the file. The highest encryption is 448 bit, which is available for use.

Key Features: cloud storage is unlimited; the selection of encryption is user-friendly.
Pricing: The user gets to enjoy a 30-day free trial. Subscription starts at $10 per PC per month.
Compatibility: Works well with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP

10. Google Backup and Sync (Works with Google Drive)

Google Drive is one of those popular storage services which you can’t resist having for your backup purpose. They have made the task of backing up this easy that you have to sign in using Google Account and select what you want to backup. A user can Sync your backup with Google Drive, making it easy to use anytime.

There is a storage space of 15GB which comes free and can be expanded for $1.99/month bringing you extra 100 GB of storage space. If you want to have higher storage space, it can be done at $299.99/month for 1TB.

Key Features: 15 GB of storage space for free of cost and integrated Google services.
Pricing: Free storage of 15 GB and 100 GB of storage at $1.99
Compatibility: Windows, Mac

11. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular uses of cloud storage service, which brings around 2 GB of free storage. It depends on user choice if anyone is willing to extend the storage space to 18 GB by merely referring the software to other people. The software also brings the option of getting 1 TB of space at $8.25/month and at $20 you can get unlimited storage. It is dropbox which can save your trouble of losing data due to a corrupt file or other causes by creating easy backup options.

The software works with most of the windows, web, Linux, Android, iOS, and MAC.

Key Features: Simple to use and unlimited storage option.
Pricing: 2GB free storage space and unlimited storage at $20.
Compatibility: Works well with Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

12. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive has its integration with most of the Microsoft products. For the backup of your data, there is an availability of 15 GB of free space. However, it is easy to access for extended storage space at $1.99 for 50 GB. There are office 365 plans, including the online suite. The software is excellent for use, and you must try the same.

Key Features: Excellent with Microsoft products with 15GB of free storage space.
Pricing: Brings a Free storage space of 5 GB space. Paid storage starts at $1.99/month for 100 GB. For 200 GB pay $3.99/month and 1 TB at $6.99/month.
Compatibility: Works well with Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone

13. Box

The box is business-specific software and remains best for use. It is privacy that governs the software working. The uploaded files can be shared with employees or other people. With this provision, you can get to see the comments and even provide the authority of accessing data to specific people only.

There is a free space of 10 GB along with it you can extend the area for $6/month granting you an addition 100 GB of space. For large business firms, the price is worth the money.

Key Features: Unlimited storage packages and advance business-related features.
Pricing: Free storage space of 10 GB. Extend available at $10/month for 100 GB. Business plans start for 100 GB at $5 per user each month. It is needed to have 3 users to have the plan.
Compatibility: Works well with Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

14. CloudBerry

Cloudberry is a professional business storage software that is used ideally by large IT service providers and small businesses. For the backup, users can select from Google Cloud, Wasabi, Microsoft Azure, BackBlaze, Amazon’s AWS, and OpenStack as their choice of storage cloud. You can encrypt the data on the software with the highest protection which provided for better security. It can help you with the backing up of documents and images on the virtual hard disk or in a physical storage device.

Key Features: specially built well for Big or small businesses.
Pricing: Free storage is available up to 200GB. Extended storage space available at $49.99 for a lifetime
Compatibility: Works well with Windows, Mac, Linux

15. iDrive

As the name suggests, it is a storage solution that works online to store data and keep it safe for use in difficult times. The price of the software is great, especially with so many features that it brings along. No one couldn’t have asked at a better rate. There is a free plan which grants you a storage availability of 5 GB. It is also to be mentioned that there is complete freedom of using several devices at once to use iDrive. For any folder which requires a meeting with regular back up, it is easy to use automatically assigned folders with scheduled timings for backing the data.

It is with iDrive that you get to enjoy encryption keys that can be used to secure the data. The interface might not look good, but the options are put straight.

If you are interested in the software, you are entitled to be paying $52.12 a first year after the free trial, and it will grant you another 2TB of storage space.

Key Features: quite Easy to use with availability to be used at unlimited devices. There is an encryption key that protections your data and keeps it secure works on most of the tools.
Pricing: Free storage up to 5GB is available with free trial whereas paid plans might cost around $52.12 each year
Compatibility: runs well with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS.

Part 3: How to Recover Photos/Video/Audio from Windows without Backup

What if your files like memorable photos, videos or audios stored on Windows get lost before you can back them up? Do not worry. You still have chance to restore the deleted photos, audios or videos.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

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