How to Make a Split Screen Video (4 Ways)

How to merge two videos in one screen? What is a split screen video? It is not the same as merging two videos into one file. Actually, a split screen lets you place two or more shots into a single frame, so that those video shots can be played at the same time but at different locations of the screen.

How to Make a Split Screen Video

There are lots of split screen video maker tools out there that can help you make a split screen video online or on computer. In this article, we will show you how to make split screen video with iMovie, split screen video maker online tool and some other alternatives.

#1 Make a Split Screen Video Online with Kapwing

If you are looking for an online editing tool to put videos side by side, you can use the Kapwing editor. It is a simple and free online editor that can be used to create wonderful split-screen videos. You can use up to 4 videos for making split-screen videos by using one of its 13 inbuilt templates. Also, you are are able to use your own image/video as the background of the split-screen video.However, the speed of uploading videos is a little bit slow.

Follow this process to create split-screen videos online using Kapwing:

However, your edited video will be added a watermark if you are not a subscription user. But you can remove watermark from videos with these tricks.

#2 Create Split Screen Videos with iMovie on Mac

It is easy to put videos side by side on iMovie. Moreover, it is completely free of cost for iOS and macOS users. Below we will explain how to make split screen video with iMovie 10.

As we all known that iMovie can only display two videos side by side at most, if you need to add more videos please watch the tutorial below and learn how to make 4 videos in one screen with iMovie.

#3 Professional Split Screen Editor – Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editor that enables you to split your screen into two, three, four or more. It is quite easy to make multiple videos in one screen using this video editor that is compatible with both Windows and MacOS. Not only that, but you can also add some special effects, filters, borders and animate to the split screen videos.

Professional Split Screen Editor - Adobe Premiere Pro

How to make a split-screen video using Adobe Premiere Pro:

#4 Merge Multiple Videos on One Screen with Filmora9

Filmora9 is a feature-rich video editor which can be used to make split screen video with ease. Because it provides various layouts and animations for users to create multiple screen videos. You can follow the steps below to put the videos side by side with Filmora9.


Above are the 4 best split screen video editors that can be used to put multiple videos into one screen. You can let us know your feedback and queries by using the comments section.

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