Top Video Cropper – Crop Videos Online And On Computer Without Watermark

Cropping videos is sometimes essential to focus more on the objects that are supposed to be highlighted in the videos. At times, while recording a particular object or scene, we end up capturing too much background unnecessarily. To make such videos more relevant to the topic, we have the need to crop the videos. For doing such a task quickly and efficiently we would require a video cropper which is nothing but a video editor that has been specifically developed to crop videos, especially those with black bars and borders.

Top Video Cropper

Therefore, today we suggest some of the coolest video croppers for Windows, Mac and online. And we will also tell you how to crop borders of a video with these tools.

#1 iMovie (Mac)

iMovie is the best choice when you want to edit a video on systems that are powdered by the MAC operating system. Apart from MAC devices, iMovie can also be used to crop videos on the iPad, iPhone, and other iOS devices. Moreover, it is free for MAC and iOS users. Moreover, it can be your answer when someone asks you how to crop videos on MAC devices.

Follow these steps to crop videos on MAC using iMovie:

#2 BeeCut (Windows, Mac)

BeeCut is a video cropper software that can be downloaded on both Windows and MAC devices for free. It should be a good choice for beginners because of its clean and straightforward interface. Besides cropping videos, it also supports many other video editing functions like adding filters and elements, splitting videos, merging video files, changing video speed, and adjusting different aspects of a video, etc.

Use these instructions to crop the video on Windows or Mac with BeeCut:

#3 VideoToolbox (Online)

VideoToolbox is a free online video editor that provides the video cropping functionality as well. By using this online video cropper, you can crop the borders of a video with just a couple of clicks. Anyone can use this video editor without any issues as it has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Unlike some other online cropping tools that offer limited free options, this tool is totally free to use.

VideoToolbox is a free online video editor that provides the video cropping functionality as well.



#4 Video Grabber (Online)

Video Grabber is a free tool that can be used to crop video online without watermark. It supports different video formats and can be used for trimming, changing volume, converting videos, and much more.

Follow these steps for cropping a video using Video Grabber:


These are the best 4 video cropper tools that can be used to cropping videos online or on Windows/Mac computer effectively. If you know about some other better options, please let us know in the comments section.

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