Fixed: How Do I Get Microsoft Word For Free in Computer

I’m looking for something I can use for copy-editing and proofreading documents with track changes. I had Word 2013 on my laptop but it suddenly stopped working – I could open and edit the documents and track changes appeared to be working, but when I saved it, it saved in a different format. How can I download Microsoft Word for free that has track changes?

How Do I Get Microsoft Word For Free in Computer.

A lot of people take it granted that every computer comes with Microsoft Office suite pre-installed. However, many Windows users find the office tool package not installed or not activated in their new PC. Furthermore, some people lost or forgot their licenses after reinstalling the operating system. Anyway, if you are in urgent need to get Microsoft Word for free, keep reading this article for proven solutions.

Solution 1. Get Office Online for Free on a Web Browser

Office Online, or Office on the web, is a lightweight web app offered by Microsoft, which allows users to create and edit Office documents on the web free of charge. You can get Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint for free in this way. Know how to create and open a Microsoft Word document in Office Online below:

As long as your computer is connected to internet without interruption, the changes you made to the online document are saved automatically, so there is not need to worry about Microsoft Word document not saved in case of accidental close.

If you are satisfied with the operation and experience in Office Online, you can click an option on the upper half of the web page to add a shortcut to desktop. After that, you will be able to conveniently open Office Online from your desktop. In case Microsoft Office suite is also available on a computer, users can open an Office Online document in the desktop version seamlessly.

Office Online is a free alternative to Microsoft Office desktop suite, but it is not necessary that everyone likes the online tool. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of Office Online.



In Office Online, change tracking is disabled by default, which can be activated for everyone or the owner only. If you want to show the change tracking to someone else after sharing the document, make sure to enable the setting for everyone.

Solution 2. Use Microsoft 365 Education for Free as Student or Teacher

Office 365, or now known as Microsoft 365, charges people with a yearly subscription fee. However, it is widely known that Microsoft offers students and educators of eligible institutions a benefit to use Microsoft 365 Education for free, which sounds great but not always easy, especially for young students in unknown schools.

What you need to use Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) Education:

Tips: To check if you’re eligible for free Office from your school, please go to (for students) or (for teachers).

Therefore, the key is that your school must buy the suite for the students at the price from $2.5 per user per month. Otherwise, the free version of Office 365 for students and teachers is the same as Office Online mentioned above, and only available in the online platform through a web browser.

Warning: It is not suggested to download the cracked Office suite or any other illegal programs to avoid virus infection, which could cause more serious problems, such as losing important files.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

In case of data loss due to mistaken deletion or other accidents, don’t hesitate to use RePicvid Data Recovery (Standard Edition) to get them back. You can use it to recover deleted Word document as well as photos, videos, and other files.

Bottom Line

In this tutorial, we have answered the question “how do I get Microsoft Word for free.” The solution may be not perfect for everyone but useful when the desktop version is not available. Feel free to let us know your thoughts or questions in the comment below.

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