How to Recover Canon Pictures with Free CR2 Photo Recovery Software

CR2 is a file format of RAW photos taken with Canon cameras. Just like any other RAW files, CR2 photos leave a lot of possibilities and fun to photographers. However, as a Canon owner, one of the main challenges you might face is losing your photos, which are usually very valuable as personal assets or business materials. You need to look for a way to recover your photos. Recovering your photos shouldn’t be an expensive affair as there are many ways to get your CR2 photos back without spending a penny.

How to Recover Canon CR2 Pictures

So how do you recover CR2 photos free? There are many tools that you can use to recover lost CR2 photos, and RePicvid free photo recovery is one of the best, and possibly the only one 100% free for CR2 photo recovery.

Why Choose RePicvid Free CR2 Photo Recovery Software

How to Recover CR2 Photos Free with RePicvid

Step 1. Download the application.

If you already have the program on your computer, you can skip this step. The whole process from downloading to installing is straightforward with no technical skills requirements.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

Step 2. Select the file type and device to scan.

How to Recover CR2 Photos Free with RePicvid.

Step 3. Preview and Recover.

Once the scanning is finished, you’ll be presented with all the files. Just click the options on the left pane and preview the files on the right, then select the CR2 photos or other files and click Recover button to get them out.

How to Recover CR2 Photos Free with RePicvid.

Once the recovery is finished, you’re be guided to the output folder to check and view the RAW photos on computer.


RePicvid is the best solution for all your CR2 photos recovery needs. This free CR2 photo recovery software is simple to use with a friendly interface that will take no time to understand. Apart from recovering CR2 photos, you can also recover deleted videos and other files using this excellent recovery tool. If you have any queries, please feel free to drop a line in the comment.

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