Top 15 Free Cartoon Maker Online Sites to Create Animated Avatars

Cartoon and animated avatars are popular in the world of social media and online services. It is not only full of fun but also comprises unique identification of the user. Creating cartoons of the picture and adding effects is commonly brought in use nowadays. That’s why there are many options available for such services. However, the quality and effectivity of the features make the difference.

Free Cartoon Maker Online

In this article, you will get a list of selected free cartoon maker online which will help you to create cartoons and avatars using the pictures with new and unique effects. Both realistic avatar creators and funny caricature makers are enlisted below.

1. PickaFace

PickaFace is a versatile site with over 550 design features for unique and innovative avatars. It created cool avatars which you can also share with your friends and get it liked. It is a wonderful site where you can create instant cartoon avatars.

PickaFace is a versatile site with over 550 design features for unique and innovative avatars.

PickaFace also offers a community that you can join to use its features in a better way. Using PickaFace for creating avatars does not ask for the registration or login. But, to explore the advanced features, join the community, design avatars, create their album and do other exciting things, the user needs to get registered to this site.

2. Abi-Station

Abi-Station is a site that offers all its services for free. It enables the user to create character icons using pictures. It provides seven free online tools to create the avatar, which include Twitter icon maker, Car insurance-style JPG generator, Portrait mail, Portrait Illustration Maker, Otaku Avatar Maker, Portrait Avatar Maker and Portrait Icon Maker.

As this site offers different forms of creators, it is available for both professional and personal use. You can use it with a few techniques for your business and blogs as well. It is a wonderful app with great reachability and specialties.

3. BeFunky

BeFunky is not an avatar maker entirely. It is a versatile site which offers all the required tools for photo editing with several effects and filters. Thousands of people use it for general purpose. It enables the user to convert the pictures into cartoon form, portrait, and add other effects. Application of effects and usage of tools of BeFunky does not require any technical knowledge or skills.

BeFunky renders all the provisions for editing, changing forms, and sharing the edited picture to various platforms like Flickr, Facebook, Photo Bucket, etc., by specifying the URL. You can save your image to your device in different file formats which include JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

4. Face Your Manga

As the name suggests, this site is specially designed for converting the picture into manga form. One can create a creative and unique manga avatar using the tools of this site. It has some interface which enables the user to convert the pictures easily without taking much time. Also, it offers all its services for free.

is specially designed for converting the picture into manga form.

You can easily customize the look of your avatar by changing your hairstyle, hair color, glasses, outfits, and others. The online cartoon maker will ask for your email address where you will receive the avatar you have created. It is a very flexible tool for the conversion which can be used on the mobile phone, PC, forums, chats, blogs, and others.

5. South Park Character Creator

If you are a fan of South Park, you will love this site for cartoon creation. It offers a wonderful and flexible platform for creating South Park character which is powered by South Park Studios. It is effortless and handy to create avatars. You will find various effects and options on this site which attracts the majority of its users.

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6. DoppleMe

DoppleMe is another free cartoon maker online which offers a straightforward and stable way to create avatars in a jiffy. It enables the users to change the background of the picture, along with various effects. Moreover, it also renders options to customize the image by changing expressions, hair, eyewear, hats, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and others.

DoppleMe is another free cartoon maker online which offers a straightforward and stable way to create avatars in a jiffy.

The user needs to register to this site for saving the avatars to the device. You can also unlock new expressions and features after registration. It is a wonderful website to be used for creating avatars for fun.

7. Cartoon Photo

Cartoon Photo is a simple and everyday site to be used to convert pictures to cartoon and create cartoon caricature. One can easily do so by uploading the portrait picture to this site and customize it as per desire. You can also change the face shape, eyes, smile, and other things using its tool.

It is a worthy site to be discovered for creating cartoon pictures. It offers multiple face changes, i.e., face morphing, facial expression, and facial animation. Apart from all these, it can also be used to put up realistic emotions to the face and create cartoon caricatures. It is an open site offering all the services for free.

8. Custom South Parks

You have already about one South Park editor. If it is not satisfactory for you, then use Custom South Parks for creating unique and exciting South Park characters and save them to your device safely.

This free cartoon maker online enables the users to apply colors and elementary editing like crop, flip, texts, and others to the avatar. It is one of the best options to create South Parks alternatives with all the exciting features.


Are you fond of creating artistic and realistic animated images of your pictures? If yes, then you must try this site to create cartoons and animated images. It not only applies cartoon effects to uploaded pictures but also takes up the URL of the online photos. It allows the user to save the pictures by applying the effects in JPG format. allows the user to save the pictures by applying the effects in JPG format.

10. OSOQ

OSOQ, stands for “Oh So Cute!”, is another online cartoon maker which gives users a simple option to create an avatar and turn the pictures into cartoon form. It provides the desired result only with a few clicks. So, you need not spend much time on this site for conversion.

OSOQ s another online cartoon maker which gives users a simple option to create an avatar

OSOQ is available in three paid versions. They are Individual, Couple, and Group. You can use this site to make greetings and add pictures to various layouts of birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions. It allows the user to create unlimited cartoons with special effects. It puts no restriction on the quality and design of the avatar created. You can explore different cartoon designs and make your collection for individual, team, or families at the nominal cost.

11. Moron Face

Here comes another face-site with extraordinary features and tools for creating beautiful cartoons from original pictures. As one can guess for the name, this site is designed for creating funny photos and create avatars. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. You will not require any technical knowledge to access this site.

Once you have created your avatar or image, you can copy the link and paste it anywhere you want. It also renders the option to share the saved pictures through Reddit, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and other sites. It is a merrymaking site with creativity and fun.

12. Photolamus

Photolamus is a brilliant site which offers tools and options to create cartoon caricature from pictures. It renders realistic and hand-drawn caricature in a good quality image. It is different than other sites mentioned in this article as the caricature is made by the several artists linked to this website. You will receive the 100% manual caricature as JPG, photocopy, canvas, or original A4 size image.

There are many options offered by this site which include Digital Drawings, Pencils, Drawings, Canvas Prints, and Printed Drawings. It is a versatile option to create romantic caricatures, super caricatures, and other caricatures linked to cars, bikes, and others. You can obtain professional pencil styles and digital styles of cartoons using this excellent site. The graphic style caricatures are created using Illustrator or Photoshop.

13. AnyMaking

AnyMaking is another free cartoon maker online which renders services to create a realistic and lively creator online. It provides all its features for free. One will get fascinated while exploring the options and features of this site. It gives all the effects, filters, tools, and other things to make the image funny and elegant.

The best part of this site is that it is available for free and contains artful design and layouts. It is fun to use this site for creating cartoon characters and avatars. Moreover, it does not involve a lengthy process for conversion. It will take only a few clicks to make the changes. This editing tool is amazing and has a straightforward and easy to use interface.

14. Kuso Cartoon

Kuso Cartoon is a well-known site for creating avatars and cartoon images. You can also use its beautiful and fun making layouts to make collages for special occasions like birthday, anniversary and others. Cartoonization of photos takes up only a few steps, i.e., upload the image, wait a few seconds to let the site apply the effects and then save the image.

To use this site, you need to upload a high-quality image as it compresses it to 500KB in JPEG or PNG file format. Furthermore, the browser must support JavaScript for accessing Kuso Cartoon. For a high-quality cartoon, the user should download the image in JPEG format.

15. Cartoonify

As the name suggests, it is another site for customization of photos. It is a web-based service which does not require installation of any app or photo editing software for conversion. It is featured with over 300 graphic design and cartoon making options to create unique and mind-blowing avatars.

You can customize face, hair, eyes, outfits, and background using this site taking very less time. It offers all its general effects for free, but you can go for Premium Cartoon to enjoy other effects and make cartoons of your friends and family.

Bottom Line

In this article, we have look through many different avatar making sites and free cartoon makers online available for both manual and digital types conversion. You can explore any of them for free as per the features you are looking for. It will help you to create unique avatars, cartoons, sketches, and caricatures online with fun. For any questions or queries, contact us using the comments section.

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