Top 20 Best Photo Recovery Software for Windows [2020 Update]

Photos are always meant to contain all our lovely memories and moments. We always try to store our memories in the form of photographs so that every time we see them, we will get the good memories of our past. Storing them to the most appropriate place is the biggest challenge. Even if you save all the folders in the hard drive of your PC, then also there are some chances that it (folder) might get deleted due to several reasons. If you have accidently deleted some photos present in your Windows 10 PC, then in this article, you will get to know about some of the best photo recovery software, which will help you recover the deleted photos very easily.

A few causes could lead to data loss, such as accidental deletion, mistaken formatting or factory reset. Before heading to the list of top 20 photo recovery tools, you’re highly suggested to stop using the storage device to avoid data overwriting.

1) Gihosoft RePicvid Free Photo Recovery

Gihosoft RePicvid Free Photo Recovery is a straightforward application that provides you with a quick and convenient method of retrieving photos that were lost for various reasons. It is very easy to use and is accessible even to complete novices.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

Recover photos 100% free saved to a broad range of formats
Once the scan has been completed, you can navigate through the results to ensure the photos you are interested in can be recovered. The images are split into categories based on file type, but additional filtering or search functions are not available.

RePicvid Free Photo Recovery allows you to preview images within the main application window, a useful feature that makes it much easier to identify important photos.

2) iSkySoft Data Recovery for Windows

This data recovery software is actually one of the best data recovery software which is very well capable of recovering all the lost data in very less time. To search for the deleted files and folders, the data recovery software needs to perform a Deep Scan mode which will help them is recovering all the photos and other files. And with no doubt, this awesome data recovery is having this feature with it which makes it a perfect choice for the users. That’s why we are saying that using iSkysoft Data recovery tool, there are much higher chances that you will easily recover all the deleted files and folders hassle free. Though it will take a longer time to enter and search in the Deep scan mode, but once it detects all the files and folders, it will surely recover them and will present in front of you.

To use this software tool in your Windows PC, you need to make sure that you are running your PC on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Rest of the things you can put it on this data recovery software. It will surely retain all the deleted data and will present in front of you in just few minutes after you start the process.

3) iSkysoft iPhone Data recovery for Windows

If you have lost data from your iPhone, then also you can easily recover that data if you have Windows PC with you. All you need to is just download this data recovery software from the URL provided above and follow the guidelines. You are also required to connect your iPhone with your PC through the means of data cable before you start with this data recovery software. The main advantage of using this data recovery software is that you will recover every single bit of lost data hassle free and without any problem. For example, lost contacts, call history, web browser history, deleted messages on WhatsApp or Facebook, notes, text messages etc can be easily recovered by this Data recovery software.

The PC’s which are running on Windows 10, Windows 8, windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP are compatible with this awesome iPhone data recovery tool for Windows. Moreover, if you have lost the backup from the iTunes or iCloud platforms, then also you can use this data recovery software on your PC to find the lost data. So, definitely a very good call to get this tool on your PC.

4) iSkysoft Android Data Recovery for Windows

Apart from recovering data from the Android phones, this brilliant data recovery software is also used to perform several other tasks as well. For example, you can perform Lock Screen removal, SIM unlock, Data eraser, rooting your Android device, performing backup, for recording screen purpose as well. That’s why this Android data recovery tool is so much popular among the users because it offers a lot of different features at one exactly one place.

This Android data recovery software is compatible with over 6000 different Android phones which is really an incredible thing about this software tool. Though you may recover majority of the files, but it might be possible that you will end up in losing some of the files because this data recovery software tool requires step by step functioning to perform the exact operation successfully. Don’t ever click on the Cross icon because to run the Deep scan mode, this software tool requires a lot of time. So just be patient and let all the files to be recovered automatically.

5) EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

This professional data recovery software is a fantastic option for all the users who are looking out to get the best data recovery software tool which will recover all the lost data. All you need to do is just install this tool on your PC and open the window of this application. You will discover many different option present there which might help you to recover your lost data. There are two different types of scan which are named as Quick scan and Deep Scan. You can separately run both of them and after running the scan successfully, you will get a detailed report on the searched results. You can easily recover all the files and folders from there hassle free.

The neat and clean Graphic UI of this data recovery software will also ensure that you will get a smooth functioning while using this tool on your PC. And if you want to change the language used by this data recovery software tool, then you can access the settings of this tool where you will discover the option of changing the language.

6) Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery

As like iPhone data recovery software tool offered by iSkytools, this is another very awesome iPhone data recovery tool. The best part of this tool is that it can be used to recover the lost backup files from the iTunes and iCloud directly by connecting your iPhone with your PC. But you need to install the iTunes or iCloud app on your PC strictly otherwise it won’t work for you. This iPhone data recovery software tool will recover all the data like notes, contacts, text messages, photos, reminders and call history with an ease. Moreover, if you have lost some part of your data while jailbreaking your iPhone, then also Tenorshare iPhone Data recovery tool will help you out to recover the lost data hassle free.

Though this tool is not giving you the guarantee to recover 100% data on your iPhone, but it will surely recover the majority of the data very easily. You can install this software tool on your PC from the official website of Tenorshare which is a well-known and reputed company in this segment of software. That’s why we have listed this software at the bottom end of this list and we hope that you will surely get pleased to use this iPhone data recovery tool for your purpose as well.

7) Advanced Data Recovery

This is yet another very good photo recovery software which is providing fantastic features.  The neat and clean simple user-interface of this software is really a very good thing which users have liked the most. And the efficiency of this software in recovering lost data is also pretty much high which makes Advanced Data Recovery software a fantastic choice for the users. Another very advanced feature of this software is that you can pause the ongoing scan process and can resume that scan from where you had left. This feature is quite interesting and we hope that you will like this software for sure.

8) Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Stellar is another very popular choice as a Windows data recovery software among the users and we too like the functioning of this software tool as well. This tool will recover all the deleted photos and other data like files. Documents, folders and much more with just a single scan. Though it will take a long to do all this process, but giving time for the ongoing process is surely worth for this data recovery software tool.

9) Remo Photo Recovery

Remo Photo Recovery is a decent data recovery Software for the Windows 10 PC because this software is not having the best in class optimized features to run the deep scan. Though the developers are working hard to make this software a good tool, but if you compare this software tool with other tools which we have listed so far, then you will end up in a downside for sure.

10) Disk Doctors Photo Recovery

Disk Doctors Photo Recovery is yet another very popular choice among the users which is having an average efficiency of recovering all the lost data. The best thing about this data recovery software is that it will recovery all the “.PNG” files at a much faster rate than photos with other file extensions like PNG, GIF etc. Deleted video messages can also be recovered with the help of this awesome data recovery software with an ease. So, definitely a very ideal choice for all the users for sure.

11) Get Data Recover My Photos

Another very decent option present in this list which is specialized in recovering all the lost or deleted data with an ease. Retrieving data from the hard drive is an easy task for this software. Though recovering data from different storage medias like CD/DVD, Pen drive etc is a much difficult task for this software tool. Some of the other data like files, folders, documents, videos and much more can also be recovered using Get data recover my photos.

12) Odboso Photo Retrieval

This photo recovery software is really a special choice for the Windows 10 users who wants to recover data in a big number. For example, if you have accidentally deleted the whole folder which is containing photos in a huge number, then using Odboso Photo retrieval software tool, you can manage to get that folder recovered in a very less time.

13) O&O Media Recovery 11

Last but not the least, O&O Media Recovery 11 is another very fantastic choice for the users which is very popular as well. Before restoring any of the deleted photo, this photo recovery software will ask from you and provide you a preview of that image. You can select the images which you want to recover and can delete all the other photos with an ease. So, definitely a very good choice as a photo recovery software which is providing impeccable features for sure.

14) CardRecovery

CardRecovery helps you get back your image and video files accidentally deleted from memory cards, or lost through card error or damage. In three easy steps the software recovers photos and videos from a wide range of memory card types including the popular formats SD (Secure Digital), CF (Compact Flash), xD Picture, MicroSD, Memory Stick and SDHC, as well as mobile phones, flash drives and other storage devices.

CardRecovery performs READ ONLY operations and is therefore risk free and safe. It does not write to or delete any data from your memory card. It rescues image and video files from the card and saves them to a selected location such as your hard drive.

15) PhotoRescue

PhotoRescue supports the recovery of all file types but its algorithms are particularly optimized for JPG/JPEG files, TIFF files, GIFs and BMPs. It also offers a constantly updated support for most camera’s RAW file formats: CR2, RAW, RAF, CRW, NEF, ORF, MRW, etc and many types of movie files. In some cases, we can even rebuild pictures that have suffered minor corruptions.

16) Wondershare Photo Recovery

Wondershare Photo Recovery is a great application that makes it super easy to recover lost photos from your computer. The application makes use of a powerful algorithm to scan your computer for deleted files and recover them. It also supports scanning of external storage media for recently deleted files. All in all, a great application!

17) Asoftech Photo Recovery

Asoftech Photo Recovery is an easy-to-use, professional data recovery software that will recover your multimedia after deletion, disk format and partition corruption. Restores photos after deletion, disk format and partition corruption. Retrieves almost all types of photos, movies and sounds files. Recovers from local PC and various removable devices. Supports FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32 and NTFS file system. Supports windows 2003/XP/VISTA. Previews recoverable photos. Fast and easy-to-use. Safest read only software.

Asoftech Photo Recovery is an easy-to-use program with a Graphical User Interface without technical skill required through the whole recovery process. Simply launch the program, choose an appropriate disk, specify the save path, click the button “Start”, and preview the recoverable files. With a single click, you can recover all files. It is a read-only software which will never rewrite the drive you want to recover files from. Now, get all your memories back with asoftech Photo Recovery. Asoftech Photo Recovery works with following devices: CompactFlash, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Pro Duo, miniSD, MultiMediaCard MMC, SD Card, SmartMedia, xD Picture Card, Digital Cell Phones, PDA, Zip Disk, Hard Disk, PCMCIA PC, Floppy Disk, Micro Drive, any compact flash, any memory stick.

18) MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free is the only program in this round up which provides you with essential advice during the installation: do not install the software to the drive you want to recover data from, as you may overwrite files.

This version is free, but there are paid-for editions available as well, so you will realise that there are a few restrictions.

19) UnDeleteMyFiles Pro

UndeleteMyFiles Pro is a quick and easy way to find and recover deleted media and digital devices. It employs a simplified two-step process that enables you recover any files that used to reside on your system. The interface is very easy to use, just select the device that contains the files that need to be recovered and specify the folder to save the files to.

20) Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a free professional-grade file recovery software, that values the importance of your data by implementing several safe recovery methods and enabling unique Recovery Vault technology that helps keeping your data secure.

As long as your hard drive is not physically damaged, then Disk Drill will make sure you can easily recover files of all formats from NTFS, FAT, HFS/HFS+, EXT2/EXT3/EXT4 or even formatted, damaged or deleted partitions. Disk Drill’s multiple recovery algorithms include Quick and Deep Scans, Universal Partition Search, and undeletion of protected data. Recovery process is simple, its progress can be paused, saved and loaded when it’s convenient to you.


So, these are some possible suggestions about some really good photo recovery software tools. We hope that you are taking the full advantage of these tools on your devices to recover the lost data. If you can suggest some more photo recovery software tools which you have personally used on your PC, then please do share with us in the comments section below. We will review that software suggestions and will surely update this list for you.

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