Top 10 Sites Like DeviantArt as Online Art Gallery and Community

From the past 20 years, DeviantArt has been one of the must-have accessories for every artist. Whether it’s the traditional art or digital art like photography, DeviantArt becomes one of the first places that an artist will look for as they can find a community and share their artwork. For those who have no clue, DeviantArt is the largest ever open online community for craftsmanship. What’s best about them is that they provide an environment for professionals worldwide where they all can create, promote, and share their efforts with the whole group. However, DeviantArt may be fantastic for many people but necessarily for you.

Sites Like DeviantArt

Through DeviantArt artists can not only share their work but get constructive feedback but also advertise, make friends and a lot more. The best part about them is that the community is very active, and hence, they support artists of all levels and expertise. If you are looking for more sites like DeviantArt due to any reasons, then we will help you with 10 DeviantArt alternatives:

1. Behance

Our 1st entry is Behance. This is also one of the most famous artist communities that have artists of all possible levels right from experienced professionals to beginners who might want to share even a simple sketch. You may also know that the versatility of Behance is such that you will see multiple members post a lot of content every day. Behance also happens to be one of the best online portfolio groups for designers all over the world who display their profiles, grow, and receive information.

Behance is also one of the most famous artist communities

2. CGSociety

On 2nd, we have CGSociety. We have kept this on second as it helps in offering a page for digital artworks where you can share digital art like 3D processing, conceptual art, 2D digital images, etc. You must also know that CGSociety is an amazing platform to make excellent connections to the audience, along with sharing their artworks. We must also tell you that you can use the active forums from CGSociety to communicate, receive advice, and criticize your work. When you filter through many tags such as watercolor or oil painting, you get a huge set of results from its members.

3. ArtStation

Our 3rd entry is ArtStation. You must know that ArtStation lays its focus purely on 2D and 3D digital media files. They are an amazing source of information for traditional 2D media. If you are an artist who is looking for a non-adult-image platform will also appreciate the discreet Adult Content warnings that make it easy to read at work or even in a café, this is the page for you. You can share your work on ArtStation’s social networks, including preferences, views, and comments. Did you know that you can also view all the latest jobs in your community and order them for different media types like 2D or 3D work projects? Their Message Board feature allows artists to find freelance or permanent work in many areas. This feature is missing in DeviantArt, and hence, ArtStation wins here!

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4. Tumblr

On 4th we have Tumblr. For those who have no clue, we must give you a fair warning that this website is not just designed specifically for the artist. This is much more than that, and hence, it’s very popular with artists and photographers. Using Tumblr, you can customize your blog and also organize your posts. Through website design you get the ability to exchange personal messages with blog owners. After the dispute since 2018, Tumblr is safer and more comfortable to use for people of all ages.

Tumblr is not just designed specifically for the artist.

5. Pinterest

Our 5th entry is Pinterest. Perhaps this is one of the most popular websites available on this list. All over the world, people know about Pinterest. With this, you can organize your virtual board and securely store your favorite items. Pinterest is also a powerful way to promote your work to a large number of users worldwide. In addition to promotion, Pinterest offers a fantastic source of inspiration, tips, techniques, and other excellent online artwork guides.

6. Dribbble

On 6th we have Dribbble. They provide exciting content to artists, illustrators, and other artists, and they also have become a common platform for recruiting designers. We must tell you that the quality of the content which you can read on Dribbble is too good. For those who are purely interested in graphic design, typography, web design, creating icons or logos, artwork, etc. Dribbble is an excellent source of inspiration for you. One main advantage of Dribbble is that it helps us in discovering new artists.

Dribbble provide exciting content to artists, illustrators, and other artists

7. ArtWeb

Our 7th entry is ArtWeb. This is an art market where anyone can connect with artists to view, promote, and sell your work. As we speak, ArtWeb has more than 33,000 registered artists, and the artworks count has reached above 300,000. That’s one huge number. Did you know you can also find sculptures, prints, crafts, drawings? With the sale of works of art produced, there is a commission charged. The site design is neat and clean.

8. Ello

On 8th we have Ello. You must know that the idea behind creating Ello was to give the world an ad-free alternative to all the famous social networks. Here, artists and photographers can share their work with everyone and help them sell or buy artwork directly. There are a few competitions that you can participate in to promote yourself to huge masses. What we like about the Ello society is that they are very supportive, and you will very rarely find negative comments on any piece of art. That’s rare and hence a good page for budding artists.

9. Pixiv

Our 9th entry is Pixiv, created in 2007 in Tokyo. This online community has artists that share the Japanese art community and get constructive, positive, or negative feedback. You can also increase followers in your profile. For those who love anime style or manga, comics. Pixiv is a fantastic place for reading. For those who have difficulty in understanding the language, you can change the language of the website to English. But we must tell you that the majority of their user base happens to be Japanese, and hence most of the content you will find online is mentioned in Japanese.

10. ArtMajeur

If you’re looking for some good sites like DeviantArt, ArtMajeur is for you. Unlike ArtWeb, ArtMajeur allows you to buy and sell works of art. You can upload and sell your photos on the website for a fee of 10% and sell reproductions on request. The community provides a perfect constructive critique of your work, allowing you to improve your skills. They also offer services to create their art site with the features of e-commerce. So if you’re looking for alternatives to DeviantArt to put your artwork on sale, then ArtMajeur is a really nice option.

ArtMajeur provides a perfect constructive critique of your work

Final Thought

Whether you don’t like DeviantArt or want more than it, there are a lot of alternatives. We hope one of the above alternatives will suit your taste. It is important to have quality source and like-minded people in the road to art, so please find your circle and enjoy the beauty of art. Feel free to share your favorite art gallery if it is not in the list.

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