Top 5 Photo Viewer Apps for Windows PC (2022 Updated)

What’s the best app for viewing pictures in a Windows 10/11 PC? Well, the list could be longer than you expect. Instead, we find that it would be great to hand-pick the top 5 photo viewers for Win 10 or Win 11 and update the list when there are better latecomers. In this article, we are going to introduce the 5 best photo viewers for Windows 10/11 in 2022.

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Best Photo Viewer Apps for Windows 10 (2022 Updated)

1. Microsoft Photos – An official alternative to Windows Photo Viewer

The Photos app is the default tool for viewing pictures since Windows Photo Viewer is missing from Windows 10. The best part of using this is that you don’t even need to install the app. You’ll get it preloaded. When you’re using Windows 10, you can immediately start making your gallery and creating your memories.

What’s the best about the Windows 10 Photos app?

What’s the bad part?

Microsoft Photos is An official alternative to Windows Photo Viewer.

2. 123 Photo Viewer – Simple and Easy to use Windows image viewer

Our second entry on this list is the 123 photo viewer which is a UWP-based image viewer for Windows 10. They have been here since 2014 and have been giving users the best experience with easy to use abilities.

What’s the best about 123 Photo Viewer?

What’s the bad part?

123 Photo Viewer is simple and Easy to use Windows image viewer.

3. Google Photos – Best online image viewer for cross-device experience

Our third entry had to be Google. Sure it might not be the average photo viewer but in today’s time this does the job pretty well. Assuming that most of us click photos using our phones, you can now store all your pictures and videos on the cloud and access anytime from your smartphone.
What we like about Google Photos is the search bar where you can search your photos by describing it. Now isn’t that cool? We tried it, and it’s utterly fantastic. This app is completely free, and all you need to do is upload and back up your images here.

What’s the best about Google Photos?

What’s the bad part?

Google Photos is best online image viewer for cross-device experience.

4. Apowersoft Photo Viewer – This is more than a Windows picture viewer

Our next entry is Apowersoft. This is also one amazing photo viewer for Windows because it doesn’t support videos! The screen recording tool is quite amazing.

What’s good about Apowersoft Photo Viewer?

What’s the bad part?

Apowersoft Photo Viewer is this is more than a Windows picture viewer

5. Movavi Photo Manager– It’s great to manage your Windows photo gallery

Our last entry on this list is Movavi Photo Manager. Considered as one of the most amazing tools to handle bulk collections of photos and videos, this photo tool can do a lot for you. You can use this on Windows and Mac too.

It’s however not free and will come at the cost of 8$ to get it personally. But if you need our advice, we would suggest you use this photo management tool on trial and test its features. If it’s worth your money, you can opt for it.

What’s the best about Movavi Photo Manager?

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So, what’s the best photo viewer for Windows 10?

After reading all these options, one thing is clear. You can try all of them as choosing just one photo viewer out of them is very difficult to even for us! Each has its plus points, and hence it’s difficult to weigh their pros and cons. While Movavi is considered as one of the best, it comes with a price tag. The remaining don’t require any payment.

So if you’re wondering who’ll give you updates on photo viewers, don’t worry. We will be here and will always keep bringing a newly updated list soon for you to have a great time. If you’re expecting more advanced features, such as trimming pictures, here are the top free photo editing software for Windows PC.

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