4 Ways to Copy Contacts from iPhone to SIM

The iPhone is a powerful iOS device but it doesn’t allow its users to export contacts to SIM directly. This brings some trouble to those who want to change the iPhone to other device or change the network provider. Is there any way to copy contacts from iPhone to SIM so that they can be kept intact? Don’t worry. Here are some practical methods in this article to help you do so.

Copy Contacts from iPhone to SIM

Method 1: Export Contacts from iPhone to SIM by Email

If you have just a single contact or a small number of contacts to export from iPhone to SIM, it is a good way to email these contacts to an Android phone and export them to sim card. The steps are as follows.

Method 2: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to SIM with iCloud

The previous method is quite an easy one. However, it can be a tedious and time-consuming means when the amount of contacts you need to copy from iPhone to SIM is large. At this time, iCloud will be a big help. What you need do is to sync your iPhone contacts with iCloud, download them to the computer, transfer them to an Android phone and eventually export to sim card. It seems a little complex to transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM with iCloud, but you will realize how easy it is going to be once you have a try of it.

Method 3: Copy iPhone contacts to SIM with Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery

What if your Internet connection is cut off suddenly? How can you copy contacts from iPhone to SIM? Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery can help you do this even your are offline. It can also help you recover deleted contacts from iPhone even without backup. Go on to see how to export iPhone contacts to SIM with this tool.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

Method 4: Export iPhone contacts to SIM by iPhone Jailbreak

If you don’t mind, jailbreaking the iPhone is not a bad idea. There is less restrictions for a jailbroken iPhone. You are allowed to install an app named SIManager from Cydia in iPhone, which will help you copy contacts from iPhone to SIM conveniently. It is not a difficult work, you just need to download a jailbreak app and follow the instructions. Some iPhone users may not know what exactly Jailbreak of iPhone is, you can keep reading this article.

Jailbreak of iPhone is similar to the rooting in Android devices. It helps break the limitations imposed on iPhone users from Apple. After jailbreaking an iPhone, many other features which are hidden in basic or official version will be explored to you. And all of the apps which cannot be accessed on App store will be available. Cydia is one of the hidden features. It is an alternate App store which is only for jailbreak iPhone.

It seems that jailbreaking an iPhone will make the iPhone more free and more comfortable to use. But it is a double-edged sword and it has drawbacks, either. Jailbreak will make iPhone go out of the guarantee period. It is OK if you don’t mind or your iPhone has already been out of that period. The other drawback is important and worth pondering. That is all of the security measures in your iPhone will be out of work. So jailbreaking an iPhone to export contacts to sim card is a way worthy of reflection.

The Bottom Line

Not being allowed to directly copy contacts from iPhone to SIM is definitely annoying. But the methods presented in this article will help you solve this trouble. Now have you chosen a favorite way to export contacts from iPhone to SIM? If you have any other questions or any other better method, please leave them in the comment section.

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