iPhone Photo Storage Apps: 5 Best iOS Photo Backup Services in 2019

As iPhone features powerful camera, we tend to capture our lovely moments as photos or videos on the device. However, these photos take a lot of space on your iPhone, so you’ll need some additional space for storing at some point. As you know, there is limited space on iPhone and also it can’t be increased by adding an external memory card. So, there is a need for cloud storage apps and services to manage the photos and videos on iPhone. Here’s a listing of the simplest and best 5 photo storage apps for iPhone or iPad that provide additional storage services. This will definitely solve your problem to store more and more images on your iPhone and will avoid the unwanted deletion of media. There are also several features of these applications which you will see being introduced in this article.

Best iOS Photo Backup Services

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Top 5 Photo Storage Apps for iPhone/iPad in 2019

#1 iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library is one of the Top Photo Storage Apps for iPhone.

iCloud Photo Library is the most commonly used photograph storage application for iPhone users. It is basically developed by Apple.Inc for transferring, backing up and accessing the images on the iPhone. Different from other apps mentioned here, it is directlly built inside the iOS Photos app, and only works if you’ve enabled ‘iCloud Photo’ in iPhone Settings > iCloud > Photos.It’s an optional service, using your iCloud space for storing photos and videos from your iPhone, while retaining the complete resolutions of those files.

Features of iCloud Photo Library:

  1. It allows you to access all of your photos on all Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac plus Windows PC.
  2. It provides 5G free space to save lots of your photos and other media files.
  3. Pictures taken with your iOS devices are simply and automatically uploaded to this platform if you have enabled this feature with stable network connection.
  4. It securely backs up and synchronizes pictures and videos.
  5. It provides the memories options that create memories using your favorite photos.
  6. It allows you to simply share photos with your friends and families using the iCloud Shared Albums.
  7. It enables users to access images in full resolution

It allows you to look through photos by typing in keywords like mountains, rivers, woods, people, etc.

#2 Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the Top Photo Storage Apps for iPhone.

Google Photos is one of the most common Photo Storage Apps for iPhone which solves the storage limit problem of many Apple users, especially when it has to do with storing their pictures. Google Photos for iOS is a free app that makes a smart, simple and limitless means of storing and backing up your iDevice pictures.

Features of Google Photos:

  1. Google Photos is a platform providing free and unlimited storage space for images and videos. It is capable to store images up to 1080p HD and 16 megapixels without the loss in the quality.
  2. It is featured with visual Search which allows you to look through your photos by the people, things or places in them, without having to tag.
  3. You can instantly send up to 1,500 photos from the app, in a few seconds.
  4. It creates movies, panoramas, collages and GIFs from your pictures, and conjointly allows you to create them yourself (custom created movies).
  5. It provides wonderful photograph and video editing options and filters that assist you to transform your photos creatively.
  6. It creates automatic albums along with your best shots after an event or a visit, and additionally invite others to feature their own photos also.
  7. It allows you to look at your photos and videos on your TV via Chrome cast and Airplay.
  8. It provides collages of images taken in time past (perfect for throwbacks).

#3 Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the Top Photo Storage Apps for iPhone.

Dropbox is a powerful cloud storage app for iPhone. It is a known storage app for iPhone that stores and shares all types of files, and it’s wonderful for keeping your photos safe, secure and simple to access. it’s ideal for each individual, and business use.

  1. You can save and access your photos from anyplace, on a phone, tablet, or PC.
  2. Changes created on one device would automatically synchronize across all of your Dropbox devices.
  3. You can send files to anyone anyplace, whether they have a Dropbox account or not, with share links.
  4. You can transform your files into a gorgeous page with Showcase, and share these showcases with friends, colleagues, clients, etc., and additionally, keep tab of who had seen what.
  5. It comes with security features that assist you to control who can access your files, allows you to wipe memory and knowledge in case of device loss, and simply recover files once needed.
  6. Dropbox Business helps you organize your organization’s data in a central place, with admin controls to secure access to information, and track team actions.

#4 Shoebox

Shoebox is one of the Top Photo Storage Apps for iPhone.

Shoebox is the simplest free photograph storage app for iPhone. It is another wonderful app that gives unlimited image space for storing from your iDevices. It automatically backs up your recollections while not usurping your iPhone or iPad area, so that you’ll carry all of your photos firmly in your pocket, while not risk of losing your photos even in the case of phone loss or drive crash.

  1. It is perfect for limitless cloud storage, so no extra space is taken up on your device.
  2. You can easily browse through photos by location, time, season, etc.
  3. You can choose and share your pictures with friends and family.
  4. It enables the user to access your photos on your laptop while not employing a USB.
  5. It automatically keeps a copy of your camera photos while not plugging to your laptop.
  6. It is also a great storage app for videos. It also backups the videos from the iPhone. However, this feature only runs in iOS 8 and later devices.
  7. You can share your photos stored on this platform directly on any social media websites.
  8. It is free and unlimited, not getting expire or run out, and stores your pictures at up to 6 megapixels resolution.

#5 SmugMug

SmugMug is one of the Top Photo Storage Apps for iPhone.

It is a lovely photo storage app for iPhone. Looking for an attractive way to save, view or share photos as well as video files on your iPhone? Then SmugMug could be a good choice for you by offering optimum access to your pictures during a flash. Along with that, uploading photos from your iPhone to your SmugMug gallery is super easy and simple.

  1. You can upload an unlimited number of images and video files from iPhone to this app.
  2. You can save your SmugMug gallery onto your device to access your photos even without the internet.
  3. It also allows you to browse through your photos right from the app.
  4. You can mark your favourite ones and manage them as folders.
  5. You can share your photos and video files by SMS or social media accounts via a snap.
  6. You can follow different SmugMug users, and find your friends and families right within the community.
  7. SmugMug extension allows you to transfer photos directly from camera roll, SMS and different apps.

iPhone Photo Storage App: Conclusion

We are living in a digital world where we can keep all our memories digitally in form of photos and videos. However, the limited space of iPhone makes it difficult for the user to store everything you wants. For this situation, photo storage apps are a boon for iPhone users. They can save your photos and videos using cloud server and you can access them anytime as desired. Moreover, there are also other features like sharing, editing, making an album, creating collage or short movie, etc. on these apps. All these 5 apps will greatly help you to manage your photos in a different and simpler way. If you have any query, feel free to post your comment below.

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