How to Manage & Organize Photos on iPhone

Manage & Organize Photos on iPhone.

If you just keeping taking photos with your iPhone and never organize them, it won’t be long before you realize that your pictures are cluttered in the photo library and take up substantial memory of the phone. Therefore, to better retain wonderful memories, taking pictures is important, so is organizing photos on the iPhone. In this way, you can easily browse the photos you need as well as free up the capacity of your device. This article introduces some tips to help you manage photos on the iPhone.

6 Tips to Manage Photos on iPhone

1.How to delete individual photos

When there are too many photos cluttering up your iPhone storage, you can delete those images which are not so important, or you will never look at again. Removing superfluous images is the best and most direct way to manage photos on iPhone better.

All the deleted photos will be moved into a folder called “Recently Deleted” and kept there for 30 days. You can just leave your deleted photos in that folder, and after 30 days, they will be automatically deleted forever. Or you can head over to the “Recently Deleted” folder and remove the photos there manually.

Among the deleted photos, you may not want to delete some of them. These photos are great except for people or things that should not be there. If so, you can try the Photo Eraser to remove unwanted parts from photos or repair surroundings, then you can get perfect pictures.

2.How to create new photos albums

Another way to organize photos on the iPhone is that you can create a special album for a certain type of photos such as the screenshot and tab them so that you can find these pictures quickly when you need them.

3.How to delete entire albums

Deleting an album is as simple as creating one. You can delete any of the albums you have created in the Photos app, except the built-in album folders, including Camera Roll, Favorite, and My Photo Stream. Moreover, the photos in the album you delete won’t be lost.

4.How to Favorite a photo on iPhone

iPhone automatically organizes your photos by Years, Months, Days, or All Photos, allowing users to quickly and easily view pictures and videos. But you can add your favorite photos to the Favorites folder so that you can find them conveniently. Just open a photo in the Photos app, and tap on the heart-shaped icon on the bottom. Then this photo will be added to the Favorite folder.

5.How to compress photos on iPhone

Generally, the purpose of managing photos on iPhone is to maximize the memory utilization. For some photos you don’t want anymore, you can delete them. But for those precious photos, deleting them is not an ideal option. At this time, you can compress the precious photos and change their size. It is an excellent way to organize photos on the iPhone.

Please note that you are allowed to compress at most five photos each time, so it will be a bit tedious if you have a bunch of images to compress. Besides, you need to download the compressed photos to your iPhone and delete the original ones to save up space.

6.Transfer photos from iPhone to computer

Even if you insist on organizing your photos on iPhone regularly, the number of pictures is increasing over time while the phone’s memory is decreasing. In this case, you can transfer your photos from iPhone to computer for backup so that you can clear more storage space on your phone.

7.Use some photo organizer apps for iPhone

If you don’t want to always organize photos on the iPhone manually, you can utilize some third-party photo organizer apps like Google Photos. It can help you store photos in the cloud safely and classify them with smart tabs. It also has the visual search feature which enables you to search your photos by the people, places, and things in them without tagging. Of course, there are many other photo organizer apps for iPhone, you can find the most suitable one on the Internet.

Extra Tips to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone

1.Extract photos from iPhone backup selectively

It may happen that you have deleted some precious pictures accidentally during the process of organizing photos on iPhone. You can always recover the deleted photos by restoring your iPhone from an old backup. But the current data on your device will be overwritten by the backup contents. If you don’t want that, you can use Gihosoft iManager to extract the photos you need from the backup.

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2.Retrieve deleted photos from iPhone without backup

If you have no backup available, you need to turn to a third-party recovery tool.
Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is a reliable software to help you recover deleted photos from the latest iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch directly. It can deeply scan your device for lost photos.

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These are the tips to manage photos on the iPhone. Don’t forget to organize your photos when you are busy taking pictures. Regularly organizing photos on iPhone can help free up more storage space and make a better use experience. If you know more tips or have any suggestion, please leave them in the comment section.

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