Best 10 iPhone App To Cartoon Yourself

On sharing the photos or videos on social media will give a positive impact on the scale of your followership. Rather than simply posting your most recent selfie with famous filters, you’ll be able to add a dose of humor to the content you share on-line by victimization cartoon apps that provide caricature and sketch effects.

You now not have to be compelled to imagine; however, you’d seem like a cartoon character since you’ll be able to simply cartoon a photograph or a video with a third-party app for iOS and humanoid devices. During this article we have a tendency to area unit aiming to take you thru fifteen best apps you’ll be able to use to cartoon yourself and increase the number of likes your posts on all major social media platforms have gotten.


Prisma is one of the most talked and favorite app for the cartoon yourself feature. It was the most used app in the time before age app came into the market. With the Prisma app, you can get yourself cartoons with not much work. It is a fun app as you can take a picture of yourself and then turn it into a cartoon form by using the Prisma app. The app has a good number of filters that you can try on. All you have to do it take a picture. The app is a new thing in the market of cartoon pictures. With the various filters and the fun, the app has its community where you can put your cartoon version picture and inspire. There you can get followed too. Prisma is so popular and new in this area that nearly everyone was interested in using it even for once.

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Prisma is one of the most talked and favorite app for the cartoon yourself feature.


This app is an iPhone app that has some interesting and creative features. This is a free app. You can download it free. This app allows making fun cartoon pictures and characters or anything cartoon on your phone. This particular app has a lot of options to make your picture as a fun cartoon one. You can make videos as a cartoon with this app. The making if animation and videos is a new thing that has not been offered by many apps before. Also, the SFX and the VFX are extremely fine in the app, which makes fun more enjoyable. You can also make videos of yourself and put it in content and enjoy it. This will make your animation and video skills checked. This app is fun for all iPhone users.

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FlipaClip is an iPhone app that has some interesting and creative features.


This is free iPhone app is for free caricature. That is right. You can make your caricature with this particular app. Apart from all the integration features of the camera, you get to make your caricature. And this is a trend now. The cartoon has become such popular that there is no stopping of it. You can take a photo and make it to your caricature. You can make videos, and with this app, you can turn that into a new kind of caricature video. The app has a lot of features, and you can make new and fun videos with all of that. This is one of the best iPhones.

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Clip2Comic can make your caricature with this particular app.


you might get this iPhone app as a normal cartoon app that will just make your pictures into a cartoon. And if you think it like that, then you are wrong. This app is way more than that. With this app and the camera integration off the app, you can take a picture, or a place looks cartoon-like in real-time. The place around you can get cartoons to look like with this app. You can enjoy all around you as a cartoon. You can make videos like this, and also you can make the previous videos or pictures look like a cartoon. It is fun to enjoy the real-time scenario into a cartoon one. This unique feature makes fun more and more real and practical.

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ToonCamera will just make your pictures into a cartoon.

5.Photo to cartoon yourself

You can be in the cartoon world too now with this app. it will give you the pass to enter the too world in a fun cartoon version of you. It is a free app for the iPhone. It has easily accessible presets, which takes only some minutes to turn your real picture into a cartoon one. If you think that it is too complicated for you to enjoy the turning of cartoon pictures. Then you should know that it is very easy with the limited presets. Once you take the picture, this app makes them into a cartoon version, and the option is not confusing for you to try on anyway. The app can save the picture with high resolution, and it keeps the photo protected from shrining. This is the best app to enjoy on iPhone.

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You can be in the cartoon world too now with this app.

6.Cartoon Yourself Video Effects

this is an iPhone cartoon app which is best for enjoying your images turn into a cartoon. You can take a selfie with the app can make it into a cartoon. But here is the twist. It gives you numerous options like which cartoon you want to make your images into. There are several options for you to try on. This app also gives you to try the facial expression. You can try the entire board smile, wink, or anything you want to try. You can have the app and make fun of yourself and enjoy yourself with your friends and so on. The effects of the app are amazing to be true.

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7.Sketch Me

This app is for iPhone.And this is a multipurpose app as this app can turn your photo not just into a cartoon but also like sketches or paintings. This app gives you all of the features in one go. You can take your pictures, and after mere seconds, you will get that turned into your favorite version. All you have to do after taking the picture is to select what you want the picture to make, and then you can adjust the color, resolution, and other things and make it perfect.

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8.MomentCam Cartoons

This particular iPhone app is perfect for anyone who does not know how to use technology or a new one in this. This is a straightforward app that is best to make yourself a cartoon. This app makes cartoon emoticons according to your emotions, which is fun to do every time. It is not at all confusing and easy to enjoy. The app also changes the emoticons as well. The app has chat options, and you can add them to chat with your friends and family. You can make the cartoon version and text and share that with your family and enjoy it.

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9. Painnt

Painnt iPhone Cartoon Yourself App Screenshot Have you ever wanted to get a portrait of yourself, but it’s expensive? Well, with this cool app, you can satisfy your desire at a much lower cost. The Painnt app lets you create beautiful masterpieces of art from your existing photos.

The app offers over 2000 filters that you can choose from to create beautiful masterpieces or memorable cartoon images of yourself. Not to forget, it also allows you to create custom presets to make some beautiful images that talk about you and your individuality.

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10. Moment Cartoon Caricature Cam

Moment Cartoon Cam iPhone App Screenshot Finally, an app for people who love photography and want to make their photos unique. With Moment cartoon caricature app, you can create beautiful caricatures and cartoons from your iPhone for free.
This easy-to-use iPhone app to create cartoons comes with multiple customization oppositions such as brightness, sharpness, contrast, saturation, etc. It also eliminates every flaw in the photo so that you have nothing but flawless pictures.

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We hope you’ll find this post useful. Share your wacky cartoon pictures in the comments below, and the funniest shot will earn a shout out of us.

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