Best 8 iOS OCR Scanner apps to convert Image to text

OCR (Optical Character Reader) is basically a new generation technology which is launched very recently. This technology is designed to replace the traditional Scanner apps which were helpful in scanning any document or image to convert that in to the original text content. Because users were required to purchase an additional scanner device to scan the pictures and any text document to accomplish their task, that’s why OCR technology is getting a boost in this digital era of modern technology among the users from all over the world.

The OCR technology will directly reduce the workload of the users because there is no need to type the document content in text format manually. Just use latest iOS OCR apps on your iDevices to scan the documents and get your task done within a few moments. Users may use iOS OCR apps on in iOS supported devices like iPhone/iPad/iPod etc. And inspired by this new technology, we will list some of the top best iOS OCR scanner apps in this article. These apps will let you to scan documents directly from your iPhone camera. So, here we go with the first one:

1.Camscanner + PDF Document Scanner and OCR

We all know that Camscanner app is one of the most popular app among the users to create pdf files from pictures. However, Camscanner is also a brilliant OCR scanner app which scans the pages and documents to convert them into the text format. You can easily use your iDevice camera to scan any paper, receipt, text document, business cards and certificates and much more. This app for iOS users can be download exclusively for free directly from iTunes. Camscanner app is fully customized and offers so many premium features to its users like auto-cropping, auto-enhancement of pictures for a clearer and sharper view.

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Using Camscanner + PDF Document Scanner and OCR to convert Image to text.

2.Office Lens

Office Lens is another very popular iOS OCR app for the users which allows them to scan all their text documents, pictures and other pages to convert them in to the text. The customized features available in this iOS OCR app will automatically make some edits in it like auto-cropping and auto-enhancement of exposure for a better view. The output will be directly saved on to the OneDrive, OneNote or any other integrated cloud storage space. This iOS OCR app is having one of the most attractive kinds of graphic user-interface. Office Lens app for iOS is available on iTunes from where users can download it exclusively for free.

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Office Lens is another very popular iOS OCR app for the users


This powerful and premium OCR app for iOS is another very impressive solution for the iOS users which they can install in their iPhone or iPads to scan pictures, documents and many other books or pages. The electronic copy of text can be obtained easily in few moments just by scanning the pages with the camera of your iPhone/iPad. Users can also create PDF’s and JPG files using this software in their iDevice. Some additional features like editing feature and formatting feature is also available in FineScanner app. Moreover, this app supports more than 44 different languages which is indeed one of its core features. There are more than 12 different output file formats including doc, pdf, txt etc are available in this iOS OCR app for free.

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This powerful and premium OCR app for iOS is another very impressive solution for the iOS users

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4.PDFpen Scan+ with OCR, PDF Text Export

This app is another very excellent option available for the users which is pretty much capable of using OCR technology to create searchable PDFs. This app also comes with an in-built feature of auto-cropping and auto-formatting to enhance the overall output pictures. Users can integrate iCloud or Dropbox sharing apps with this iOS OCR app for a quick sharing purpose. This OCR scanner app for iOS devices can be used in 18 different languages. Users can also create new PDFs and can edit other text documents using this app for free. The graphic user-interface is also pretty attractive and appealing for all the users which makes it a popular choice among the Millions of users.

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PDFpen Scan+ with OCR, PDF Text Export

5.Scanner for Me + OCR

Scanner for Me OCR app for iOS users is yet another very brilliant choice for all with lots of premium features available in it. Users can easily scan and select as many pages they want in one go. The scanning process with this iOS OCR app is pretty much efficient as well faster for the users. Users can create a PDF file in this software and can share the text content with each other. You can also add any particular Cloud service in this software for hassle free storing process.

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6.Scanner Pro

This iOS OCR app is indeed an incredible option for the users due to several reasons. The first reason why this iOS app is so highly recommended is that it is having one of the most powerful OCR scanning technology. The second main reason behind the popularity of this software is that it is supported by almost 21 different languages which is surely a great thing about it. The user-friendly interface of this iOS OCR app is also pretty much attractive and enhanced for a hassle free tasking for the users. You can add any available Cloud service inside this app and can save or share the documents in a single tap.

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7.OCR Scanner–Text Images & Documents OCR Scanner

It allows you to convert your iPhone to a document scanner without any problems. Convert your scanned documents from your camera or screen roll to a regular text file with character recognition.

The app is simple and reliable providing 100% user satisfaction. The OCR scanner software is compatible with more than 20 languages. You can change text content to different languages without any problems. It supports Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Serbian, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

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8.Text Scanner (OCR)

Use the app to recognize almost any form of text from an image as well as a document with an accuracy rate of between 98% and 100%. With the support of more than 50 languages, you can easily scan any document without having to worry about the language that it inherits. With OCR technology, you can make use of the tool to your advantage. The recent scan history allows you to know what document you scanned last week.

Search for specific words in the scans you saved. Copy words or text to the screen and easily capture the image with the scanner tool.

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