Best 9 Countdown apps for your iPhone/iPad in 2019

Most of our lives are rather mundane. Excitement is rare and comes in the form of Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and social gatherings. Notice that all these events give cause for excitement though, and hence, it deserves pomp and circumstance. What then is the best way to create all this hype around an event? It is to create anticipation! Waiting for something makes it all the more special when it does finally arrive. But without a reminder of such an event, we often end up forgetting that the event is coming up. You can easily avoid this with a Countdown app!

What makes a good countdown app?

The first marker of a good app is custom dates. There are plenty of applications which provide countdowns to all the major festivals. But there are more events which we tend to celebrate in life. A good countdown app always allows you to set custom dates. Then the next feature is that it must be attractive. It must aptly convey the excitement surrounding the event. The last factor is the possibility of conducting multiple countdowns at the same time as it is only natural to look forward to multiple different events at one go. Here are some apps which encompass them.

1. Event Countdown Timer & Widget

This app is definitely one of the best countdown apps in the apple apps market. It has many features that make it so. The first aspect is that it allows for many countdowns at the same time. The second awesome feature is that it allows you to set custom notifications. You can be reminded of your big event in intervals you choose. The next feature is that it is gorgeous and fits in perfectly with the iOS theme. The last feature is that it allows you to have widgets on your home screen. Not just one widget, but three

This app is definitely one of the best countdown apps in the apple apps market.


This is an app that is available on all platforms. Along with this uniqueness, you have many useful features. The first feature is that you get to set custom reminders. You have control over when you are excited as a result. The next unique feature is that it allows you to add songs to your reminder. This pumps you up even further when the event is pulling up. The next feature is that it allows you to edit the font and color of the reminder. This too, allows you to set the mood for when the event is coming up!

This is an app that is available on all platforms.


This app brings some rather unique features to the table. The first of which is that it accounts for recurring events such as anniversaries or birthdays. This means that you do not have to set it up every year. The second feature is that it allows you to share your events with other people. This means you can share your happiness with a lot of people and hype them also up for your events. With this, you also get some basic features such as custom reminders and aesthetic design. You can hence have full control over your reminders as well.

This app brings some rather unique features to the table.

4.Countdown Star

This is an app that is available only on iOS and not on any other platform, so if you enjoy that kind of exclusivity, this is the app for you. The unique feature of this app is that it allows you to set up a countdown on your clock itself. The result is that you can see the countdown at any given point and it is right at the tip of your finger, as opposed to a few clicks away, as it is in most other apps. You will like this kind of speed and convenience instead of aesthetic.

This is an app that is available only on iOS and not on any other platform

5.Event Countdown Lite

This is a small, nifty app which does not take a huge amount of space on your phone. This is perfect if you own an older phone, which is low on memory. The unique thing however, is the fact that it manages to remain lite on the phone without sacrificing any of the usual features. As such, it has all the basic functionality features such as custom notifications up to a year in advance,control your remainders to the second etc. It also focuses on aesthetic features such as being able to change the colour, font etc.

This is a small, nifty app which does not take a huge amount of space on your phone.

6.Countdown + Calendar (Lite)

This is another simple countdown app that is definitely worth checking out. It has all the common features but provides some unique benefits that set it apart from the rest. The first benefit is that it is light. This ensures that a huge amount of memory is not taken up. The second benefit is that it shows all your countdowns in one screen. You can click on one to enlarge it and see it in detail. Each of these enlarged options can be decorated with themes and fonts of your choice. It is easy on the phone, efficient app.

7. DayCount

DayCount iPhone and iPad App The DayCount Screenshot is a full-featured countdown clock app for iOS. Packed in with a variety of beautiful themes, it helps you to choose a more appropriate theme for your case.

You can change the brightness and choose between light and dark modes. To ensure you don’t forget to perform an important task, you have the option to add notes for each case.

With the grid layout, you can easily track multiple events. Set up custom reminders to inform you of the upcoming celebrations. In addition, the widget allows you to control them directly from the Today Widget window.

Price: Free/$4.99 for version 8 of Pro.

8. Exam Countdown Lite

What happens when the exam is around the corner? Okay, we’re all starting to prepare more vigorously for this, and we’re also trying to resolve training exercises immaculately within a given time. And this is where the countdown app like “Exam Countdown Lite” is. With this tool, you can keep track of all your test dates and be able to do a few exam countdowns to get ready for them. Choose from hundreds of beautifully crafted icons and color code your exams to quickly identify the specific ones. Plus, you’re always going to be able to make the critical notes never to miss an important thing.

Price: Free/$0.99 annual subscription

9. My Day

My Day Countdown Calendar iPhone and iPad App Screenshot As I’ve always loved the sleek design and configuration, My Day has turned out to be a spot-on choice for me. Loaded with a multitude of cute wallpapers, the software makes it easy to model backgrounds on specific occasions.

Apart from that, it also offers a chance to count down the birthdays of your Facebook friends. So, if you have tons of friends and you always want to be the first to give your best wishes, keep this excellent feature on your radar. Another thing worth mentioning is the timely reminder of the case so that there is no risk of anything missing at the eleventh hour.

Price: Free/$1.99 to show styles on the countdown

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How to Download these apps

All these apps are available on the app stores of the platform on which you intend to download these apps. Since this article deals with iOS apps, we shall look at how you can download them on Apple devices. The first step is to go to the App Store, which is usually by default in the first page of your home screen. Next, you must search for your desired app, and if you are unsure, you can look at all of them and decide which one you want to, based on the description provided by the developer. Then click download!

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

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Final Words

All the small things in life must be celebrated. They are what add color to your life. Enjoying them for one day is fine, but why would you do that when you can celebrate it for a good amount of time? Using a countdown app will help you do this. It will constantly remind you of the enjoyment you will experience and excite you up for it so that when it finally does come about, you will enjoy it all the more. So if you want to have all the possible fun, it is highly recommended that you download these countdown apps.

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