How to Recover Deleted Photos from Nikon Camera SD Card FREE

I have taken a lot of photos with my Nikon camera, then connect the SD card to my computer and move the photos to the local hard drive. After the transfer was done, I formatted the SD card as recommended by many. However, when I open the hard drive again, not a single picture is there! How do I restore deleted photos from Nikon camera SD card?

When using Nikon digital camera, accidental deletion is one of the most common problems. In addition, there are many people who format memory card in the camera. These behaviors result in data loss, and stored photos or videos would be lost forever if you don’t try to fix it. What’s more, the camera has no withdraw key or recycle bin. It is urgent to find a way to dealing with Nikon photo recovery.

Nikon Camera Photos/Videos Recovery

No worries if you just erase pictures, it is possible to restore deleted photos and videos from Nikon camera SD card with a free Nikon photo recovery software. However, to prevent data from being overwritten, the first step is to stop using your SD card for storing any new data.

Instructions to Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from Nikon Camera

RePicvid Free Photo Recovery is an easy yet reliable software to recover deleted pictures (JPEG, NEF, RAW, TIFF, etc), videos (MOV, AVI, MP4, MTS, etc) from Nikon digital camera, such as Nikon Coolpix series, Nikon D series, and Nikon 1 series. It has three separate recovery options and a comprehensive one to provide deep scan for all files. Just download this Nikon photo recovery software and learn how to recover deleted photos or videos from Nikon camera.

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Step 1. Connect Nikon Camera SD Card to Computer

Remove the memory card from your camera and put it in a card reader, then insert the card reader into one of USB port of computer. It is not suggested to use USB cable for connecting your camera to computer.

Step 2. Select Your Camera for Nikon Photo Recovery

Run the software and select a recovery option. Choose the disk where your Nikon SD card is located.

Select Your Camera for Nikon Photo Recovery

Step 3. Scan Nikon Camera Memory Card for All Photos and Videos

Select Nikon RAW picture format (NEF) and JPEG in “Advanced Settings”, then click “Scan” to search for all deleted and exiting photos/videos. Next, it allows you to preview the thumbnails of deleted photos/videos selectively before recovery.

Scan Nikon Camera Memory Card for All Photos and Videos

Step 4. Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from Nikon Camera

Tick the deleted photos/videos that you want. Click on “Recover” to choose a folder on local disk to retrieve deleted photos or videos from Nikon camera. After recovery, create a backup folder for the important files.

Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from Nikon Camera

Measures to Solve General Nikon Digital Camera Problems

Q1: When turning the Nikon camera on, memory card shows being write protected and stop you taking or deleting pictures.
Answer: First remove it and ensure there isn’t a switch that locks it. Otherwise transfer your old pictures from camera to another storage device (computer) and format the card. Then try to take new pictures.
Q2: Nikon camera stops recognize memory card.
Answer: Connect it to computer and start an anti-virus software to do a full scan. Generally, it does not damage the files in the card. Or else, backup the data inside and format the card to re-confirm it.
Q3: Memory card in your Nikon camera won’t format.
Answer: Firstly put the card into the computer. Click “Computer Management”> “Storage”> “Disk Management”. Right click on the item representing the card, and choose “Format”. Secondly, format it as NTFS, even though it should be FAT32. After formatting is done, pop it into the camera, then it will be formatted automatically.

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