8 Best Call Blocker Apps for Android in 2019︱Filter Spam Calls

No one did not receive a fake call. Spam and unwanted calls are common to everyone. But for those businessmen who are often called by spam or fake phones, this is an annoying thing. So is there any way to provide a solution to block unknown calls on Android?

Yes, it is now possible to install a call blocking app on your Android phone. The call blocker blocks unknown numbers block unknown numbers so that you are saved from wasting your time on unwanted or fake calls. For example, calls from the service providers for funds, loans, credit cards, training, and education and so on are nothing but irritating. With the help of call blocking app, you can directly block these calls and also save most of your precious time from getting wasted.

8 Highly Rated Android Call Blocker Applications

1. Truecaller

It is one of the most widely used spam call blocker with more than 25 crore users. The app detects caller ID and blocks SMS and spam calls. It has a Google Drive backup that intimates you when your friend is available for communication on phone. You can also safely and securely transfer money, pay bill easily and recharge mobile with the help of Truecaller Pay-UPI payment method.

The call blocker makes your lifestyle easier by offering safe and efficient communication tools and smarter messaging that falls rightly in the line. The latest SMS features of Truecaller for the Android users give you relief from the messy inbox looks like incoming transactions, promotions, and OTPs.

Truecaller is one of the best Call Blocker Apps for Android.

2. Calls Blacklist

This call id number locator serves the twin purpose of blocking a call as well as an SMS. It easily blocks messages and calls from private (anonymous, hidden), unwanted or unknown numbers. Calls Blacklist can be your choice or solution to block calls on Android if you are just tired of annoying texts and calls, spam, telemarketing, and robocalls. Importantly, despite being a powerful call blocker, it is very lightweight and easy.

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The call blocking app comes with some special features like applying a schedule to your call for blocking certain numbers or allowing only a few numbers to ring during particular hours of the day and so on. With Calls Blacklist it is also possible to filter the numbers by beginning it with a prefix. The app also has a one-touch Google button that activates and deactivates call blocking. As of now, only Android users can benefit from Calls Blacklist app.

Calls Blacklist is one of the best Call Blocker Apps for Android.

3. Whoscall

Whoscall is a call id number locator having more than 70 million downloads and with more than 1 billion numbers from the global community. It is easy to know who is calling immediately so that you can pick up only those selective calls that are important and block the annoying calls. This spam call blocker is one of the most popular apps and lets you know who is calling; blocks spam calls or specific numbers and let you enjoy uninterrupted quality time. It can identify callers even in the absence of internet access using its offline database.

Whoscall received Innovation award in 2013 from Google and is known as the best app of Google Play since 2016.

Whoscall is one of the best Call Blocker Apps for Android.

4. Should I Answer

It is one of the best call blocker apps around that protects you from the onslaught of unknown calls especially related to sales, advertisement, promotion, and telemarketing. Should I Answer also provides you with different blocking options such as blocking calls from foreign countries, hidden numbers, premium rate numbers and also numbers that are not a part of your contact list. The unknown call blocker displays notifications such as phone number rating, user reviews, and information once the phone beings to ring.

Should I Answer is one of the best Call Blocker Apps for Android.

5. Call Blocker

Call Blocker is a call blocking app for Android that stops unwanted calls by identifying phone numbers. It is specially devised for Android devices and block calls that are from unwanted numbers even if they are not a part of your contact list. The system tracks down a huge database of more than 1 billion numbers to precisely identify the ID of the caller across the world and then block the number.

This call blocker app instantly shows detailed information about all the calls you receive. You can use this function for blocking any number and thus protecting your phone immediately. You can take back privacy control with this essential app and block calls from telemarketers and spam the moment the phone starts ringing.

Call Blocker is one of the best Call Blocker Apps for Android.

6. Mr. Number

Ranked as one of the topmost call id number locators in the world for both Android and iOS devices, Mr. Number is also the winner of Appy Awards’ Best Communication App. Similar to the other call blocking apps for Android, this app blocks the calls from spam, fraud, scam, and unknown numbers. Importantly, you can just download and test the call blocker at the start for free because for the first 20 calls blocking and detecting is absolutely free. You can upgrade the package to premium once you are convinced of its dynamic usage.

Mr. Number is one of the best Call Blocker Apps for Android.

7. Call Blocker Free

There are many call blockers out there that are also accompanied by certain annoying ads. Well, you can get rid of such ads and still enjoy the benefits of uploading a call blocker on your Android device. Call Blocker Free is one such effective call blocking app that is free from any annoying ads. This Android call blocker offers various message and call blocking options that also work during airplane and hang-up modes. The app allows you to access whitelist, blacklist, and block spam calls. The Call Blocker Free also comes with regular features such as notifications and call reminder.

Call Blocker Free is one of the best Call Blocker Apps for Android.

8. Safest Call Blocker (Android)

Yet another app from Beebom, Safest Call Blocker is one of the best call blocker apps for Android. It is free of cost and very simple to use. The app allows you to create a blacklist and block the contact numbers or even add contacts manually. You can prevent a specific series of numbers using the wildcard entries. The app also offers you the option to block your last call. Other features of this call blocking app include notifications of blocked calls, it lets you view the blacklisted and blocked calls history. The app is free and lightweight but is accompanied by ads.

Safest Call Blocker (Android) is one of the best Call Blocker Apps for Android.

Which of the top 8 call blocking apps do you like the most? Leave your comment below.

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