Top 15 Fast & Safe Web Browsers for Android Phones and Tablets

If you want to surf the Internet on your smartphones or tablets, you need to download the best browsers for Android available on the market. A good browser can make all the difference between a successful search session and a fail. Unless you have browser apps for Android that are developed for the modern user, you will feel as if you are not getting the most of your device.

We have created a list of the functional and safe browsers for Android so that you do not have to spend time researching. Our recommendations will surely impress you.

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1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome happens to be one of the most popular web browser for Android. Since it is the default browser on most of our tablets and smartphones, we get accustomed to using Chrome instinctively. The stable Google Chrome is also one of the fastest browser for Android which makes it excellent for regular usage.

It comes packed with Google features like the Google Assistant that make browsing data more personalized. Chrome has been integrated into the Android system which means that it links all your applications across major platforms.

The built-in Google Translate also helps you cross language barriers when you are researching a subject. This technology has come a long way and is much more accurate now. Chrome also comes with a Data Saver option that will help you cut down on data consumption which can prove to be a blessing when you are on a limited data plan.

You will be able to access Google’s Instant Apps directly if you are using Chrome. Moreover, the browser also offers a private Incognito mode that will allow you to protect your privacy. The default homepage of Chrome has been designed to suggest websites and links that the algorithm predicts you might like.

If you are worried about security, then you can always use the Safe Browsing option. Overall, Google Chrome is definitely one of the best web browser for Android.

Google Chrome is one of the Top 5 Best Web Browsers for Android Phones and Tablets.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Hailing from the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, Firefox took over as the top browser after the downfall of Internet Explorer. Since then, the browser has chosen to evolve with the times to meet the requirements of modern users.

What makes Firefox unique is its ability to support add-ons. These third-party tools help to improve your browsing experience. You will find a variety of add-ons ready to be used; AdBlock Plus, Speechify and LastPass to name a few. These add-ons will also let you play around with different themes so you can change the look of your browser and customize it according to your taste.

The night-viewing mode offered by Firefox will make sure that you do not strain your eyes a lot and suffer damage from blue light. Firefox has an impressive set of privacy controls which you can use to keep your data protected. This makes it one of the most secure browser for Android.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the Top 5 Best Web Browsers for Android Phones and Tablets.

3. Dolphin Browser

While the Dolphin Browser is not the most popular option out there, it is definitely one of the best browser for Android phones. It comes packed with features that will make browsing easier and more convenient. For example, Dolphin Sonar will allow you to search and surf using voice commands. You will also be able to share any content that you want with a single command. The function is built into the browser which means that you will not have to depend on outside artificial intelligence assistants.

The browser comes with gesture browsing which means that you will be able to save and explore web pages effortlessly. Dolphin also lets you use add-ons, private browsing features, tabbed browsing and more.

Dolphin does not lag behind and is catching up with technological advancements at a fast pace. It is one of the easiest browsers to use on your Android device, and you will not regret your decision to download it.

Dolphin Browser is one of the Top 5 Best Web Browsers for Android Phones and Tablets.

4. Brave Browser

If you are looking for the best private browser for Android, then you cannot go wrong with this browser. With a rigid set of privacy features, Brave will keep your data safe. It comes with some of the most popular extensions that desktop browsers boast of. The objective is to prevent tracking and data collection by websites. You can adjust the privacy options to suit your needs. As if that was not enough, Brave has gone the extra mile and introduced fingerprint protection as the final layer of security. Brave wants to eliminate any chance of browser fingerprinting that will allow third parties to learn more about you without permission.

Moreover, it will ensure that your browsing speed is always unhindered. Brave does not let ads and tracking cookies load speeding up the process of opening a website.

Brave has also introduced a unique digital currency called Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) that they use to pay content creators as advertisement revenue.

Brave Browser is one of the Top 5 Best Web Browsers for Android Phones and Tablets.

5. Microsoft Edge

You might be hesitant about this browser because Microsoft has not always had the best luck when it comes to the smartphone industry. However, Microsoft Edge is an Android browser that actually functions well. In fact, it is known as a fast browser for Android mobile which means that browsing will be effortless.

The browser might not be packed with features, but that also means it is very quick to load. The handoff feature helps users continue their browsing session on their computer directly from the phone. Edge also impresses with its Dark Mode that is meant to protect your eyes from the harsh rays of AMOLED displays at night.

It also comes with native ad blocking features which means that your experience will be overall smooth. If you want to get the most out of Edge, then you should upgrade to Windows 10 on your computer.

Microsoft Edge is one of the Top 5 Best Web Browsers for Android Phones and Tablets.


First of all, let us talk about the famous Ecosia. It is well-reputed and has many reviews confirming its lightning-fast experience for many audiences around the world. We are dealing with new ecological search engines that dedicate its efforts to protect our environment. Yes, it is exciting and more challenging in our age. Ecosia is a startup that saw the light in Berlin, Germany. The company is taking inspiration from any leader in the world of the environment in Europe. Technically, the new search engine uses its complicated algorithm. However, you can use the assistance of google if you prefer. The searches are very accurate, according to many experts in the world of technology. The startup won much international competition thanks to its new eco search engine.

Actually? The interface is very user-friendly, and the profit policy is very clear. The money is directly used for the sake of decreasing the carbon emission on earth.The startup is dedicated to a real deep learning department to develop their algorithm.

Ecosia has more than 2.5 million active users. Such a number would not be acquired if the user experiences were not over the top. Over 720k research, every day is not a natural number to achieve as a startup. They build, in fact, their reputation based on their ecology principles. They have witnessed a massive success since the startup can plant a tree every 20 seconds with their incomes of the search engine revenue.

If you are using an android phone, then the Ecosia is the perfect choice for your daily routine. In total, we can say that the startup planted more than 3 million trees around the world. The customer service is also over the top, especially when it comes to the continuous updates and the permanent changes in the setting of the navigator.

7.Samsung INTERNET Navigator

It comes from the top leader of the smartphone manufacturer, Samsung. It is well optimized for Android. This side to the millions of users around the world of the navigator user. It is the first rival competitor of Google Chrome navigator, and it has a profound influence on the global market today. The massive amount of traffic comes from the reputation of Samsung in the worldwide market. It is already preinstalled in the whole of the new Samsung new smartphones.

8. Google Chrome for Android

No one can deny that Google has been rocking the industry of smartphone industry too. Now, its navigator is compatible with a vast amount of devices. You will find google chrome on each android device. With more than 1,7 billion downloads, Chrome is your ultimate choice when it comes to the steadiest navigator for your smartphone.

9.Opera Browser

The Opera browser is another guru in the industry of the online navigator. Especially when we talk about Android and mobile platforms. The browser already includes a default d blocker to prevent annoying ads from your surfing experience. In addition to that, you will have private navigation and a steady download manager for your future downloads.

10.Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is an excellent choice if you want to live your ultimate privacy in your internet surfing for sure. The Firefox Focus blocks your ads, trackers, and all the other malware that can damage your device. It is well optimized for Android, and you will have continual updates to experience the best surfing on the Internet.

11.Microsoft Edge

The previous gurus in the field of top Android navigator, we can find Microsoft edge. It is the new generation of the world-famous navigator called internet explorer. However, it is more optimized and fast than ever before. The IE has the best lawing for your pages, and its user experience is over the top without any small doubt. In addition to the previous advantages, you will have a hub view too. You can even change the interface colors, images, and positions of buttons to make it fit your needs. This is in addition to the clean and fast interface that will keep your experience over the top.

12.Via Browser

Furthermore, we find the VIA browser; it has a very popular echo in the North America market. It can provide you some extra features compared to other competitors. We are talking about the night mode, download manager and ads blocker. You will ultimately get rid of all the problem of spamming and ads flow. You will only get what you search for, no more annoying advertisements that can blow your mind and decrease the quality of your user experience.

13.Free ad blocker navigator

You will finally get rid of all the problems of ads and intrusive trackers that may spam your device for sure. The developers of the new navigator make their focus on making the navigator fight any threat for your Android smartphone. Accordingly, you will have safe navigation over the web without any small doubt. It can block any ads around the net, banners videos, popups or any annoying kind of ads that may harm the quality of your surfing for sure. Like that, the browser will undoubtedly protect your information and ensure your privacy without any fear of data leaks. The new browser handles you the option to customize the colors of your interface; you can even change the background or anything you need. The founders worked a lot in enhancing the UX design of the interface; furthermore, they made it even customizable for you.

14.Puffin web browser

Such a browser is your ultimate goal to switch your slow pages into a real fast one. All that you have to do is download in your android phone, and you will start experiencing the most excellent outcomes for your surfing on the wide web. The URL pages will be loaded very fast, and the server responding will become more and handier thanks to the new puffin web browser. The new navigator uses a complicated algorithm and uses a technique that compresses the data to more than 90 percent compression.

It has a very high page rending. In addition to that, you will take advantage of Adobe Flash support, which can directly enhance your experience. You can also benefit from 1GB cloud storage brought to you by the Puffin web browser too.

15.CM browser

It is much known in the world of antivirus scanners. You can easily rock the world of security of you sue such navigator. It can easily block and destroy all the viruses and the malware that threatens your surfing journey on the net. You will also have a very steady download manager. You can download any video from the internet with any format you seek. In addition to that, the files are also compressed due to the manager. This feature can save tons of memory that you may need later in your Android smartphone.

Now that you know what your options are if you are on the quest to find the best browser for android, you can choose the one that suits your needs. Your smartphone or tablet will surely thank you if you install a multifunctional secure browser for Android.

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