iPhone & iPad Tips and Tricks

Apple iPhone/iPad tips and tricks to help you enjoy your life with iOS device better.

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A shattered iPhone screen may not be the end of the world, but it sure can put a dent in your wallet. Here are the 5 best methods to fix a cracked screen.

iCloud vs iCloud Drive: What You Need to Know

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How to Fix “Set Automatically” Greyed Out in iPhone Date & Time

Not able to change time on iPhone because the Set Automatically option in iPhone Date & Time is greyed out? Read this article to fix this issue.

How to Cool Down a Hot iPhone and Prevent it from Overheating

Having an overheating iPhone can be annoying! Here are some essential tips to cool down a hot iPhone and how to prevent it from overheating.

20 Best Anonymous Apps to Chat with Strangers on iPhone or Android in 2019

Want to meet new people? Then you can try stranger chat apps. Here are listed 20 best apps to chat with random strangers for iOS and Android in 2019.

8 Tips to Repair a Water Damaged iPhone and Prevent iPhone Data Loss

Accidentally drop the iPhone in the water? Don't fret, read this article to know 8 tips on how to fix a water damaged iPhone and recover the data inside.