6 Best Contact Apps for iPhone to Manage Your Address Book in 2019

Have you ever think about how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone or how to create groups of contacts on iPhone? Maybe you know about the built-in iOS Contacts App on your iPhone, as it also has some shortcomings like removing dupilcate. However, if you are unsatisfyied with its built-in apps, the best solution for you is to get a great alternative to the Apple’s Contacts app. Hence this article will recommend you six alternative contacts apps to manage your contacts address books on iPhone.

Best Contact Apps for iPhone

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Top 6 Address Book & Contacts Apps for iPhone in 2019

1. FullContact | Address Book

FullContact is best Address Book & Contacts Apps for iPhone.

FullContact is one of the best alternative to Apple’s Contacts application. With the help of this addess book application you can easily merge your contacts and tag your contacts for custom sorting. It allows you to add notes on contact profile and sync contacts on your iPhone. If your sign up for the premium service, then you can sync your contacts from different emails and social handles, along with scanning contacts simply from business cards. Premium users also can use the app’s features for teams. This includes team tags, notes adding, contact syncing and keeping their communication clear and easy.

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2. Groups

Groups is best Address Book & Contacts Apps for iPhone.

This free iPhone contacts app will help you in managing the contacts under various titles like friends, family, office mates, school mates etc. It will manage your contacts quite reliably. You can access all your contacts at one go, which will be fully organized as well in this app.
You can manage and create groups for contacts very easily. This app will automatically detect the duplicate contacts and will delete them accordingly. It is supported with many languages like English, Turkish, French etc.

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3. CircleBack

CircleBack is best Address Book & Contacts Apps for iPhone.

This app is an advanced version address book manager for iPhone. It will regularly update your contacts whenever people changes their occupation, profession etc. The new contacts from your Google account, microsoft account also will beregularly updated. Another feature of this app is that it will allow you to scan the business cards and let you save that contact in few taps.

You can assign different titles to your contacts like the old contacts, archived, favourites, business etc. It will also find the duplicate contacts present in your phone and delete them accordingly. You can also recover the contacts which you deleted and can even export them.

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4. Connect

Connect is best Address Book & Contacts Apps for iPhone.

Connect is a great contact application for iPhone users and gets 4.2 ratings out of 5 at the App Store. In this application you can easily and quickly create groups for contacts. It also allows you to color code your contacts so as to easily manage them. Here you get Swipe Right to Call feature and also can apply multiple filters on contacts while searching. This is a simple and easily contacts manager application with simple and clean interface, and users can use this application without any problems. You can also send messages, Emails, and make facetime calls with your contacts on iPhone. By using this app, you can easily communicate and manage your contacts.

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5. Addappt: Live Contacts+Weather

Addappt is best Address Book & Contacts Apps for iPhone.

As a great contacts application with different amazing features on iPhone, Addappt allows you to create and customize notification setting for each contact. It can merge duplicate contacts and also permits you to create contact groups on your iPhone. It automatically updates your contacts information, so you don’t need to update them manually. You can also set reminders for any individual person, so you never forget about any meeting or important works, like to set reminders for birthdays or anniversaries and also to send contacts wishes through the application by single tap.

Addappt also has 3D touch with Apple Watch support. It has clean and clear interface for its users.

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6. myPDV iContacts Sync

myPDV iContacts Sync app provides you some brilliant and extra features for contact management on iPhone. Just like iCloud which stores all you media content, all your contacts will be uploaded to the myPDV.com as backup, so that you can restore all the contacts from there later at one go. This app can be also synced with other apps like Gmail or Outlook account.

Apart from this feature you can directly export all your contacts and manage it in a proper excel sheet on your computer.

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Final Thoughts

These are the top 6 Address Book & Contacts Apps for your iPhone. All these are the good alternatives to the originated iOS Contacts app. We have also attached downloading link with description, so you can directly and easily download the application. You can choose the best alternative for you as per your choice from above. Please comment down your favorite application in comment box or question if any.

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