Top 6 Anonymous Messaging Apps for iPhone: What You Need to Know?

Anonymous Messaging Apps for iPhone

Every iPhone user is aware that iPhone shows either the sender’s contact name or number on the screen. However, if you want to hide your identity or mobile number when communicating with other people, then an anonymous texting is ideal for you. Recently, anonymous texting became very popular for not only Android users but also iPhone’s.

Even though it’s quite popular, some people aren’t aware that this type of communication does exist. Nevertheless, if you’re one of them then keep on reading, because in this article we will discuss the benefits of anonymous texting. In addition to that, we also compiled the six best anonymous messaging apps that you can install and use on your iPhone.

The Advantages of Anonymous Texting

Without doubt, anonymous texting can put a reliable shroud of privacy on your messaging. While it isn’t as easy as regular messaging, anonymous texting works like a free text messaging service that you normally use.

Anonymous messaging is very beneficial in several situations. For instance, you can use it to share your opinions about other people safely. Apart from that, it will allow you to engage with acquaintances and even your friend anonymously. And it’s also a great way to send positive and encouraging messages to people when you want to keep anonymous.

Top Six Anonymous Messaging Apps for iPhone

These days, there are myriads of anonymous messaging apps for iPhone users. In this session, we only compiled the 6 best anonymous texting apps for iPhone worth trying.

1. Smiley Private Texting

Smiley Private Texting is best Anonymous Messaging Apps for iPhone.

Similar to Text Burner, this anonymous messaging app will let you receive as well as read messages which have been delivered to proxy mobile numbers. This app is free of charge, though it only offers American and Canadian phone numbers. Beyond that, Smiley Private Texting is an impressive app to use for sending messages anonymously on iPhone.

Download: Smiley Private Texting

2. Second Texting Number

Second Texting Number is best Anonymous Messaging Apps for iPhone.

In Second Texting Number, your real contact number will be hided and you will get a new number to text with. Do you want to spoof your best friend into thinking you’re someone that you are actually not? If so, then Second Texting Number can help you with that.

All you need is to enter a number you would want to text, type the message you would want to send, no registration required, and you’re ready to text anonymously.

Download: Second Texting Number

3. Text Burner

Text Burner is best Anonymous Messaging Apps for iPhone.

Text Burner is arguably among the most trusted anonymous messaging apps for the iPhone and other iOS devices. It gives you multiple phone numbers that you can use to send the messages you want to convey. One of the things that make Text Burner stand out is the fact that you can receive messages on the platform as well. In fact, it is the app that most people use when they post ads on Craigslist.

Download: Text Burner

4. Pinstant

Pinstant is best Anonymous Messaging Apps for iPhone.

With Pinstant you will not only be able to send messages on iPhone anonymously, but you can also post pictures and even videos in a social media platform without other people knowing who you are. In fact, the photos and videos you’ll be posting in this app will be shared in your social media accounts as well.

Download: Pinstant

5. AddaLine

AddaLine is best Anonymous Messaging Apps for iPhone.

Though it’s not as popular as other messaging apps in this list, it’s very distinct in the sense that it offers an option of international calls. However, the calls aren’t free but provided at a very affordable rate.

Also, AddaLine will let you use anonymous and real proxy numbers so that you will be able to send messages and make calls wherever you are anonymously on iPhone.

Download: AddaLine

6. Gliph

Gliph isn’t just an anonymous messaging app, actually, it’s also a platform where you can perform Bitcoin trading as well as buy and sell products.

Either way, Gliph is a secure app that you can use to send messages to other people anonymously.

Download: not available on App store

Bonus Tips for You When Using Anonymous Texting

When you’re sending anonymous messages, you may also want to back them up for later review or others. For any iPhone user, the two easiest ways to back up your messages will be using iTunes or iCloud. And besides these two ways, we also recommend another good solution here.

A. Using iCloud to Sync iPhone Messages:

  1. Make sure your iPhone is connected with a good network.
  2. On iPhone, go to Settings > [Your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup and click “Back Up Now”. Then wait for it to finish.

B. Using iTunes to Back Up iPhone Messages

  1. Make sure your iTunes version has updated to the latest one.
  2. Connect iPhone to PC, and launch iTunes. Click “Trust” or enter passcode if it asks.
  3. On iTunes menu bar, click on File > Devices > Back Up, and wait for the process finishing.

C. Save iPhone Messages to PC with Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery

The third way we recommend here for backing up your iPhone texts is by using Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery. It’s an excellent software that can help you easily extract messages from iPhone and iTunes/iCloud Backups. Besides, it’s greatly good at recovering lost/deleted iPhone messages even if you don’t have any backup.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

Save iPhone Messages to PC with Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery


These are the good anonymous messaging apps for iPhone which will keep your real number and identity hidden from receivers.

Basically, you should only use such apps for serious or fun usage, and most importantly not to harass or annoy anyone. These apps won’t allow you to use them for any illegal or cheat purpose, as it’s stated in some of their terms.

As matter of fact, some states make it compulsory for the apps to provide information about their users as well as numbers if there’s a threat. Thus make sure to use the various anonymous messaging apps responsibly. Also, when someone is threatening you, don’t hesitate to report them to the relevant authorities.

If you have any question or other good suggestion, feel free to contact us in the comment below.

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