6 Best Running Apps For iPhone & Apple Watch to Keep Your Fitness

Fitness is very important for all of us. It helps keep diseases away and allows the body to stay mentally and physically active. And with the sedentary lifestyle that we follow these days, making extra efforts towards our fitness is really important. And devices like our smartphone and smartwatch can really help us with that.

We all love our iPhones for all the amazing functionality they provide us like camera, music player, etc. Even the Apple watch has created a fan group of its own in a few years since it has been on the market. Both iPhone and Apple watch ensure that people stay connected to their family and friends at all times conveniently.

But that’s not just what one can achieve from them. You can use either of them or both together, to push yourself to stay more fit. There are plenty of apps for iPhone and Apple watch that can help you to follow a proper fitness plan as well as track your exercises.

Running is a great form of exercise that anyone can do. And there are apps that specifically track running to give a user a complete synopsis of how well he is doing with regards to his fitness plan.

In this article, we will share some of the best running apps for iPhone and Apple Watch, that you can use to track your run.

Best Running Apps For iPhone & Apple Watch

Top 6 Running Apps to Keep Fit with iPhone & Apple Watch

1. Map My Run

Map My Run is best Running Apps For iPhone & Apple Watch to Keep Your Fitness.

This is a great running app for iPhone and Apple Watch that supports over 600 types of sports. It is great for tracking your runs, and its every session is followed by an audio feedback that gives insights on how productive the workout was. If you are into other forms of exercises like jogging, cycling or sports like tennis or football, this app will be great for you. It is very accurate with its distance tracking, calorie burns and other measurements and gives a holistic view of your workout.

It also has an apple watch app and is free to download and use.

Download: Map My Run

2. Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club is best Running Apps For iPhone & Apple Watch to Keep Your Fitness.

This running app is primarily aimed at top-class runners. It has customised coaching plans to achieve your fitness goals and also has a leaderboard that allows you to compete with your friends as well as other professional runners. This social feature gives it a more competitive feel.

It’s free to download and use, and does come with an Apple Watch app for added convenience.

There is even Nike+ special edition for Apple Watch that caters to professional runners. They are fine-tuned by Nike to be more accurate and provide great insights to professional athletes to help them improve their games.

Download: Nike+ Run Club

3. RunKeeper

RunKeeper is best Running Apps For iPhone & Apple Watch to Keep Your Fitness.

Runkeeper is one of the most popular fitness apps on the Apple app store to track the run of the users. With over 50 millions users, the app’s popularity is unprecedented. It uses GPS of iPhone to very accurately track the distance of your run as well as the speed. It later provides many meaningful insights and stats for users to keep improving every day.

And best of all, it is completely free to download and use, though, for some advanced features, you will need to pay some fee.

It has an Apple Watch app to help start and stop your run sessions directly from the watch. All the data including heart rate is then synced with the app for more detailed stats and reports.

Download: RunKeeper

4. Running for Weight Loss

Running for Weight Loss is best Running Apps For iPhone & Apple Watch to Keep Your Fitness.

This is a great running app on iPhone and Apple Watch if you are looking to lose weight. This app provides you with an 8-week routine of running that you should follow diligently to ensure weight loss. Depending on the goal of the weight loss you have set, the routines can differ. It also has built-in music tailored for workouts that sync with the pace of your running.

And it’s free to download which is great. It is one of the best fitness apps if weight loss is your aim.

Download: Running for Weight Loss

5. Runtastic

Runtastic is best Running Apps For iPhone & Apple Watch to Keep Your Fitness.

This is one of the oldest running tracking apps on the Apple App Store and is still very popular among the running community. Fitness enthusiasts and runners still love this app for all the features that it provides. It’s accurate with regards to distance tracking and speed tracking, which is the best in the class.

And like all other apps on this list, this app is also free to download and start using. And if you like other activities as well, this app also supports biking, skiing, jogging, etc.

There is also an apple watch app for managing workouts right from your wrist.

Download: Runtastic

6. Strava Running & Cycling

Strava Running & Cycling is best Running Apps For iPhone & Apple Watch to Keep Your Fitness.

This is another running app on Apple Watch and iPhone that is very popular among fitness enthusiasts. It not only precisely tracks your runs, but also tracks cycling as well. So if you are into cycling as well, then this app is great for you.

It precisely measures your distance and speed using your iPhone’s GPS and other sensors, and gives you a holistic view of your workouts. It’s free to download and use, and definitely worth trying.

This app has an Apple Watch version as well that allows you to start your run session directly from your watch. It then syncs the heart rate data and other data with the app on the iPhone to give even more insights about your workout.

Download: Strava Running & Cycling

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Final Thoughts

Running is a great exercise and each one of us should find at least half an hour from our daily schedules for it. It will help us live a better and healthier life.

Now thanks to technology, we have such amazing tools with us today that can not only help us track our exercise sessions, but also motivate us as well to keep improving. We should make full use of these incredible tools on iPhone and Apple Watch to grow a healthier body.

We hope you like our list of the best running app for iPhone and Apple Watch. If you have any suggestions for some more amazing apps for running, let us know in the comments.

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