7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Data Recovery that You Also Want to Know

With all kinds of electronic devices around our daily life, it is almost inevitable to lose some important files, like travel photos & videos or Office documents. You must have dozens of questions want to ask while searching for solutions to recover lost data. In this article, we are going to answer 7 frequently asked questions that everyone wants to know about data recovery, so that you won’t be at a loss when accidents happen to you.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Data Recovery.

Q 1: What Could Cause Data Loss?

Sometimes people find their files lost all of a sudden without reason, while some others might delete data intentionally but unaware of the difference of various deletion methods. In order to recover lost files successfully, it is necessary to know what causes data loss.

Q 2: Which Storage Devices Can I Recover Data from?

Including but not limited to computer local disk, external hard drive, memory card, and USB flash stick. However, depending on the file system and working mechanism, some of the storage devices may overwrite lost files more frequently than others, which makes it harder to restore data. Therefore, it is always suggested start data recovery as soon as possible.

Q 3: What Would be the Expected Cost for Data Recovery?

The data recovery cost mainly depends on which method you choose. If you are going with some shopkeeper or mechanical engineer, then it will possibly cost you as much as hundreds dollar or higher. The alternative method is to use data recovery software, which is more economical. It could even be free to recover deleted photos from SD card. As long as your data is not lost due to physical failure, the successful recovery rate won’t have much difference.

Surely, you won’t be charged unless your lost data can be found. However, there is risk of paying for express delivery if you decide to ask help from laboratory. If you choose data recovery software, however, the risk of wasting time and money will be avoided.

Q 4: Why, If Data Recovery Software Technology is Available, Aren’t the Vast Majority of Us Aware that It’s Possible?

Computer keyboard has a button with label “Delete”. Though Windows and Mac users are familiar with Recycle Bin and Trash where deleted files usually go, there are many cases the files could be permanently removed.

Once any of the above things happens, the headers of the files will be modified and removed from file allocation tablet. That’s why most people are unaware of the possibility of data recovery.

Actually, as long as the lost files have not yet been overwritten by new files, it is still possible to recover those permanently deleted files with a good data recovery software. RePicvid Free Data Recovery is exactly the best recovery software, which allows free recovery of photos and can also recover lost videos, audio files, Office, archive files and more data.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

Q 5: Is There Any Risk Using Recovery Software for Lost Files?

Whenever you are going to download the files or software from the internet to your device, please make sure you are going to the trustworthy source to avoid viruses & spyware. While considering the good data recovery software, you must also consider these things:

Q 6: What Kind of Files Can be Recovered with Recovery Software?

The mentioned software can recover any type of file. Although, there are more than two hundred formats of files supported, they can be categorized into several main types given below:

Q 7: How do I Recover Lost Files using This Software?

RePicvid free data recovery software is very easy to use, just follow these 4 steps:

You may check how to use RePicvid step by step here.


There must be many more questions you want to know about data recovery. For example, if your photos can be recovered after formatting? It is really impossible to answer unless you run a scanning with the recovery software and check it by yourself, which won’t cost you a penny. Just tell us in the comment if you really have more FAQ about data recovery.

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