How to Delete Embarrassing Word Suggestions from Android Keyboard

The personalized data on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets provides a major advantage in writing compared to a desktop. Mobile devices can be set to learn and store words and terms that you commonly use and thereby adjust to your personal writing style. This allows the device to predict and suggest words you type thereby significantly speeding up your writing.

However, this feature which is generally useful and beneficial for everyone can also be unfavorable if not disadvantageous in some instances. Hence, the need to remove learned words from the keyboard is a basic knowledge that every phone user must be familiar with.

Why Should You Clear Learned Words from the Keyboard

The predictive text in your phones can significantly speed up the input process, which is especially beneficial not only for writing messages or SMS but even for drafting notes. However, like any other computer device, mobile phones are prone to GIGO problem or garbage in-garbage out. This describes the concept that mistakes and nonsense you input data similarly produces wrong outputs or nonsense or “garbage” so to speak. Hence, your keyboard also learns misspelled words as well as other slang terms/shortcuts which can be annoying when writing messages.

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The need to delete learned word from the keyboard is also especially important for privacy. This is principally needed when friends or family members sometimes borrow and use your device. When they input words, they might see embarrassing word suggestions that you prefer to keep to yourself or discover words or terms you may want to conceal from them. If you want to prevent them from finding out words that may implicate you, then you should consider clearing learned words from your keyboard.

How to Remove Learned Words from Any Android Keyboard

If you have experienced wanting to recall a message for misspelled words or needing to explain yourself to someone for some embarrassing word in your predictive text, then the need to delete and refresh the learned text of your keyboard should come in handy. Never fret because we are here to show you the easy process of wiping out all your personalized data/words from the keyboard of your android phone.

Scenario 1: Delete Learned Words From GBoard

We will start the process of removing learned words in keyboard by assuming that your Android device is using GBoard, the virtual keyboard app. Apparently, GBoard is the most common keyboard used in Android phones because it is also developed by Google, the same maker of the Android operating system. Hence, knowing how to delete learned words in GBoard can be universally applied to all brands of Android devices including Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Sony among others.

To remove all the learned words from Gboard, here is the step by step process:

Delete Learned Words From GBoard

Presto, all the learned words saved by GBoard are automatically deleted.

-Variation for removing learned words in you GBoard

Depending on the version of your Android and the brand of your phone, finding GBoard settings may vary or may sometimes be tricky. However, in most Google or Android devices, the categories and the logic are basically the same. Here is another variation of the steps.

-Deleting a specific learned word from Gboard

The predictive text of your keyboard is useful and you might want to keep most of it. If you wish to delete only a single word or specific words in your Gboard, here are the steps to follow:

Scenario 2: Remove Leaned Words From Samsung Keyboard

Samsung is the most popular Android device. And the Samsung keyboard is the default keyboard in all Samsung devices. Hence, we also took the liberty of sharing you the process on how to clear learned words from the Samsung keyboard. Here are the steps:

Remove Leaned Words From Samsung Keyboard

-Deleting a specific learned word from Samsung Keyboard

Deleting a single word or specific words in the learned words in your Samsung keyboard follows the same process as in Gboard app with very minor differences. But for the sake of simplifying things, here are the steps once more.

-Disabling predictive text in Samsung Keyboard

To ensure that you will not be committing spelling errors due to predictive text or to get rid of fears that your phone will contain awkward or incriminating suggested words, may simply opt to disable the predictive text in your Samsung keyboard. Here are the simple steps to follow:
Swipe down your homepage to show the basic icons in your phone device.

Scenario 3: Clear Learned Words from Other Keyboards

If the keyboard app in your mobile i.e. Gboard and Samsung keyboard simply does not have the attributes you needed or want, you can find hundreds of alternative keyboards from Google Play Store. Aside from the basic functionalities, these keyboard apps offer fun themes, may provide support for other languages, and offer trendy and nifty features like unique stickers, gifs, and funny emojis, among others. However, you should always be on the lookout for risks against malware and keyloggers in choosing your keyboard. Three of the most popular keyboards for Android devices are Swiftkey, Multiling O Keyboard and Fleksy.

Regardless of what keyboard app you are using, the basic methods for clearing, removing or deleting learned words from your keyboard are practically the same. Although the terms may vary slightly under the settings of your keyboard’s app, the option to delete the learned words would most likely be under the settings.

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