10 Free And Best Android Apps For 2019 | Must-Have Android Apps to Get The Most Out Of Your Phone

In Google play store there are several apps which are coming up now day by day in the count of billions, but you cannot download all the apps which are present in the play store, but there are some few best apps of 2019 which you can easily download the applications on your phone. These applications include every kind of apps, like free and paid applications in the play store. These applications have been rated by the user ratings, features of the use and popularity. So now let’s look at the forms which should be on your phone: –

10 Free And Best Android Apps For 2019 | Get The Most Out Of Your Phone

1. Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is one of the best application or you can this is the best android launcher which is available on the play store from many years. This launcher is speedy, smooth, and light weighted and also comes with the lots and lots of customizations. Also, there is a vast collection of icon packs that are available in the google play store for changing its look. This launcher supports the customization of the app drawer, which has the facility of notification badges and dock and also customization of the icons and folders. This application is free for downloading and using. But the prime version of the app requires money to unlock some new features.

Nova Launcher is one of the must-have Android Apps to get the most out of your phone.

2. Google Assistant

Google assistant will work as the personal assistant for you, which will allow your users to communicate and to get the lots and lots of things done. You can also use this application in the Android as well as on iOS devices which will trigger the demands and also can ask any question and for playing games or while making a plan, and it also includes the useful voice commands. This application works on every android phone. On some devices, you can also easily unlock your screen with the Google voice. If you use the services of Google like chrome and for searching, etc. Nowadays, Google has pushed a lot of features in the Google assistant applications.

Google Assistant is one of the must-have Android Apps to get the most out of your phone.

3. Swift Key

This is an application for keyboards that has been trusted by millions and millions of people. This application uses artificial intelligence, which enables the manual to learn about the satisfactory predict which users will intend to type. This keyboard also has the feature of the gestures and the auto correct. This application also has the function of inbuilt GIF and even search engines and also a wide range of the themes and this is the keyboard with the bilingual folks.

This keyboard does not store the information from the password fields and the sensitive information like the credit card information. Overall this swift key will always enhance the experience of typing, and this application should be in your Android device.

Swift Key is one of the must-have Android Apps to get the most out of your phone.

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4. Google Duo

This is one of the best video calling apps for the Android with a very much simple interface. In this, there are straightforward steps to log in, and you have to verify your number, and after that, you can make a secure video call to your friends and family. It’s a unique feature that will let you go and have the live preview before you receive the call. You can also leave the video message to the person who is you are calling if they are not available at the moment. This application is also very much popular in both Android and iOS.

Google Duo is one of the must-have Android Apps to get the most out of your phone.

5. Ever Note

This application is the platform of utility for 2019 to take the notes in the variety of formats which includes the photos, texts, audio, video and sketches and more. It is one of the tools which will help you to keep organized in today’s busy life. This application synchronizes all your devices to facilitate the workflow. Ever note has also home screen widgets for accessing the records. This is one of the essential Android app for every user. Although Google keeps is very also a handy application on behalf of the Ever note. This application has all the pleasing interface and also has lots and lots of functions which will make it a unique application from others.

Ever Note is one of the must-have Android Apps to get the most out of your phone.

6. WPS Office

This application is a free application that is fully suited up the application of MS office. This application is only applications with all the features like Microsoft word, power point, excel and also integrates the PDF, spreadsheets, documents, and memo, etc. This application also comes with the free PDF converter editor, the reader with along the file sharing abilities and which supports the multi-window mode and the encryption of data, etc. It is also intuitive and also easy to use, and also you can connect to the cloud drive where you can save your essential documents in the cloud platform. Overall this is the best Android office application.

WPS Office is one of the must-have Android Apps to get the most out of your phone.

7. Google News

This is the free application that is available in the play store about the news. Google news applications are well known for delivering the news amongst all the Android and iOS users. The Google news has the feature of ‘for you’ application in which you can select your area of interest where you will have to select and in there that news will only be displayed in that particular tab. You can get news from the different publishers so that there will be options for you to choose amongst the publishers which you want to read. In the section of the news, you can also subscribe to the magazines and the news channel. The best part is that Google news has a large part in the new field, which means the less popular magazines or the newspapers also get published in this application.

Google News is one of the must-have Android Apps to get the most out of your phone.

8. ES File Explorer

This is the most popular android file manager application with all the features which are required. It comes with the space analyzer to help you to free up space in your device and also help you to keep your device lag free. It is a natural process of sharing the media with the ES file explorer users with the help of Wi-Fi. This ES file explorer helps to install, uninstall and backup the application. The application has the root explorer which unlocks a lot of the functionalities for the device which has been rooted. This application shows a lot of ads and also aims for the applications. The applications like Files go from the Google applications, which is also a fresh android application for managing the storage of your smartphone.

ES File Explorer is one of the must-have Android Apps to get the most out of your phone.

9. Google Drive

This application has a massive cloud storage service, which will give you the space to store your data and helps you to access the file to the cloud platform. You can also browse from all the folders which you have saved in the Google Drive and move, share, download or print any files from the application. This also includes the Google docs and sheets under the slides which you can edit the documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms which will also you can save them in the drive. In the Google drive the users are allowed to keep the data of 15 GB. This is the most important application which you should have in your android phone which helps you to keep your personal space and free up your phone memory. This application also stores every single document of your phone and will help you to fix bugs on your phone.

Google Drive is one of the must-have Android Apps to get the most out of your phone.

10. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the free application available in the play store, which helps people to contact their friends and family via texts, voice calls video calls. This application is the most used and most popular in social media. In this application, you can easily do a regular call to your friend with the help of a net connection, and also you can do a video call to your family whenever you miss them. Besides this there are also many things like you can put a status on the WhatsApp, if you have something interesting to put or your day status is and also you can either check your friend’s status. This application will help you to send your voice messages or any links, and you live location and also you can send your pictures after clicking in the Whats app only, or you can take some photos from your gallery and send them to whoever you want to. This application is the most used application in the worldwide and most trusted certificate in the view of texting and chatting. You can easily imagine your Whats app about your privacy of the chat. It will never get exposed, or it does not use a third party app for storing your messages. It will back up your conversations in your Google drive so that it will be safe with you.

WhatsApp is one of the must-have Android Apps to get the most out of your phone.

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