Top 10 eBook reader apps for Android! (Updated 2019)

Use The Best eBook reader Android Apps to read ePub and PDF books with the great reading experience.

1 Google Play Books

Google Play Books is such a platform, where you can buy and read eBooks and Audio Books. Here you can purchase and read eBooks and audio-books on cross platforms, Android, iOS, Chrome Extension.

It synchronizes your downloaded books and your progress across your devices. So you can start reading any book in one device and can end it in another device. Reading experience in Google Play Books is impressive. It has all the features of the best eBook Reader along with the 3D page.

It has three color options: black text on white background, white text on a black background and brown text on the sepia background. Along with automatic night light which if turned on, filter blue light automatically as per the time. This works on the Sun Rise and Sun Set timing. But it has nothing to do with an available room light.

You can adjust the text size and spacing between lines to get a better experience. Five fonts are available in this app. You can bookmark any page by clicking once in the top right corner of the page. You can access your bookmarked page and the current page with just one click. When you click and hold on any word on the page, then you will get the meaning of that word from the dictionary. Translation in other languages is easy with the inbuilt Google Translate. Books are well organized in different categories and sub-categories. So you can get your dream book easily in this app.

2 Amazon Kindle

Amazon came up with a really great idea. It has provided the best experience for book lovers. Amazon Kindle has a very attractive user interface in which a user can select the books based on various categories, ratings. We can able to download any eBook into this application and the user experiences the reading just like as if he is reading a real book. We can change the effects like sliding pages, highlighting the words and lines, adding the books as favorites. The other feature in this application is whenever the user clicks on a particular word, it pops up the window with a dictionary showing the meaning of that word and we will translate the word into another language.

The design of the new Kindle is spare and simple: a white frame (it’s available in black as well) with a slightly recessed six-inch display. Recent styling improvements for Kindle have seen a shift to a flush-front, where display and frame are all one. Some Kindles have physical page-turn buttons but here everything is controlled from the touchscreen, apart from the on-off button on the Kindle’s bottom edge.

Amazon Kindle is one of the top eBook reader apps for Android.

3 NOOK by B&N

Nook provides a complete reading and entertainment experience on our biggest display.NOOK offers several features that provide the best experience for book lovers. The app provides a synchronization feature that automatically syncs the last page read across devices, rendering a seamless reading experience. You can also adjust the brightness for reading in dim lighting during the night. The NOOK app is available on Android, iTunes, and Windows.

NOOK by B&N is one of the top eBook reader apps for Android.

4 Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is a great alternative to some of the more famous eBook reader apps like Google Books and Amazon Kindle. Aldiko Book Reader does not automatically download a book and hence does not take up memory. However, if you do want the app to save your reading sessions you will need to import the book, which will put the book on its virtual shelf.

There are two versions of the app, the free one, which can be used by everyone. The interface is simple where you get all the options laid out on the homepage. The possibility of making changes in the original layout is possible which makes sure people are able to enjoy the things according to their own will.

We can not only choose different modes to read stuff but can also make changes such as font, text size and changing the themes. Aldiko offers a great reading experience with its extensive features. There is an advanced system to manage the books which are present here, they can be arranged according to the file type, genre, and other forms. The range of books available at this place is wide, and you will always get something to read according to your taste. There are many other features too, which can be written down here but overall, it can be termed as an excellent platform where people can read books and enjoy the time.

5 Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is a free e-book reader designed by Moon+ for Android that features an intuitive and user-friendly interface backed by powerful tools and functions. Moon+ Reader is an advanced reader for those who would like to import multiple types of eBooks and would like more than the usual options to customize their reading experience.
It also maintains statistics to keep track of how much you have read, and also warns you in case you have been reading too much at a single stretch. Besides reading books saved in your Android, you can also search and get thousands of eBooks for free with this app which supports online eBook libraries. Other features include bookmark, highlight, annotation, dictionary, share, online backup and restore – via Dropbox – and sync reading positions between phones and tablets.the free version contains nonintrusive ads and includes most of the mentioned features. But, to make the most of this app and support the developer, you can buy the paid version from Play Store.

Moon+ Reader is one of the top eBook reader apps for Android.

6 Kobo Books – Reading App

The Kobo eBook reader presents a unique feature called Reading Life that will introduce you to a new world of social reading. You can share quotes, notes, and discuss books on social media with its integrated Facebook feature.
In Kobo App, Reading is an enjoyable experience. You can swipe to turn pages or touch the bottom corners and tap the top-right to bookmark. You can choose your font size, adjust brightness, enable Night Reading Mode (white text on black), add or remove your bookmark and a button to go into the Settings with more options. With Kobo, you can read anytime, anywhere, from a catalog of over four million titles. Kobo’s huge database of exciting titles will satisfy the interests of all kinds of readers. The Kobo app is available on iOS, Android, Blackberry 10, and Windows 8.

7 Mantano(Bookari)Ebook Reader Lite

Bookari comes to an excellent user-friendly interface giving the person unprecedented flexibility. The bookstore area is customizable, and with one click, you can access thousands of books. You should know that Bookari has a free version and a paid version, and in both, if you register, you have an online library available where you can upload your books to be synced between your devices.

You can quickly annotate your books by highlighting and adding text notes and the search feature in the app allows you to get to a particular word or paragraph. With the one-click import system, the users can quickly transfer a maximum number of books to the device. Bookari eBook app gives out the right look and feels to the users.
You can upload a book to your cloud, start reading it on your mobile, and when you open it on the tablet, it is on the page you left it for. Also, the app is compatible with Dropbox, and you can import your documents directly from your account

Mantano(Bookari)Ebook Reader Lite is one of the top eBook reader apps for Android.

8 FReader

The program is very pleasant for the eye and is adjustable in various spectrums. FullReader has increasing popularity thanks to the implemented features: support for eBooks, comics and MP3 audiobooks.
FReader is a free app, but it has ads. If you don’t want ads you have to pay $7.99 to remove the ads. There are also optional donations and development assistance. Apart from being a reading app, FReader has an integrated translator for five most languages (English, Russian, German, French, and Ukrainian), which makes it attractive for people across the world.

9 EBookDroid – PDF & DJVU Reader

EbookDroid is one of the best ebook reader apps for Android users. It’s totally free and is created specifically for Android users. It supports most formats including DJVU, PDF, XPS, fb2, CBR and CBZ, along with the usual EPUB, RTF, MOBI, and AWZ3. The interface is easy to use, but effective, being able to use the included dictionary, highlighted text or annotations, among other features. There are also plugins that can be added. In this case, you can use this app for free.

EBookDroid – PDF & DJVU Reader is one of the top eBook reader apps for Android.

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10 Cool Reader

Cool Reader is an open source eBook reader, XML/CSS-based, which runs on Windows, Linux and Android devices. Cool Reader supports ePub, FB2, DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML, CHM, PDB, PRC, etc. Cool Reader is the only eBook reader app that provides text-to-speech for free.

Cool Reader is one of the top eBook reader apps for Android.

So far those were the best apps to reading ebooks on Android easily and with beautiful interfaces. In this current age of technology, you can easily use these Android eReader apps to replace printed books. Get hundreds of books online and read them right away while on the move or in your bed with an Android tablet. Moreover, you can carry hundreds of books on Android.

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If we missed any of the best eBook reader apps for Android, please mention them in the comments!

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