5+1 Best Song Identifier Apps for Android Music Recognition

Love the music that is going on in the bar? Or the one that you hear while you’re eating food at your favorite restaurant? While you can be a music lover, you wouldn’t know about all of the beautiful music that exists around the world. What do you do if you find music that you love but don’t know what’s it called?

Get a music recognizer app to help you out, of course. One of the greatest inventions of the 21st century, the music finder app goes through millions of songs to find the one that’s playing around you. This means you don’t need to ask the person who is playing the song and go through a traumatizing awkward conversation.

What Song is this? Who Sings this Song?

If you haven’t used a song recognition app until now, then you should definitely download it because you are absolutely going to appreciate it. When it comes to a music recognizer app, there is something you need to keep in mind. The very first one is checking the number of languages available. If you love listening to music sung in different languages, then this is one feature to look for.

Along with that, the app should also offer translation for songs available in other languages. The app shouldn’t use too much battery or internet data for background activities because you typically use it while on the move. User interactive design and beat light effect are bonuses, so if some app offers that, you should grab it.

Top 6 Apps You Can Use for Music Recognition

Here are the six best music recognition app for Android mobile phones you should download today:

1. Shazam

When it comes to popularity, Shazam wins the category. The music identifier app used by hundreds of millions of Android users and is completely free of cost. Along with finding the song and who sings this song, the app also helps to discover what people around you are checking on their Shazam app. Along with this, it also offers one-tap access to video clips of the song you just searched for, streaming services, and a space to purchase the particular song.

You can find the music from all small and big artists from Adele and Kanye West to Taylor Swift and Beyonce. The song recognizer app also works offline, so even when you aren’t connected to the internet, the process is going to be just as smooth and quick. You can share the music with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and Google+ among other social media platforms. This is just the beginning because the music identifier app also offers visual recognition that works like a QR code to get information about the posters, magazines, and books that you captured on your camera.

It is also compatible with a SmartWatch. It is absolutely crazy how all these features are offered for free. The music identifier app is downloaded by more than 100 million Android mobile phone users.

Shazam is onf of the Top 6 Apps You Can Use for Music Recognition.

2. SoundHound

Another famous song identifier app for Android SoundHound has a user interactive design and is easy to navigate. It already has more than 100 million downloads and is considered in the top 10 list of must-have apps you should have in your phone by NY times. After you open the music recognition app, all you have to do is say OK Hound and say what’s this song and the music identifier app will do its magic. If you want to play a certain song, all you have say is OK Hound play Taylor Swift’s Bad Reputation.

Your SoundHound account can be merged with your Spotify account to build a personalized playlist. For this, you need a music subscription of Spotify. It has an in-built app called LiveLyrics(r) that lets you read the lyrics as the music moves forward. Other than that, you can share what you’re listening to on social media accounts include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+, and Whatsapp.

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SoundHound is onf of the Top 6 Apps You Can Use for Music Recognition.

3. Beatfind

A relatively new song identifier app for Android phone users, Beatfind can easily recognize songs that are being played around you. It is a great app to use during parties flashing strobe light that appears on it according to the beats of the song being played. ACRCloud powers the music recognition mode. You can also keep a history of the songs that you’ve searched for before.

After the app identifies what song is playing, you are given choices to either play it on YouTube, Spotify, or Deezer. For Spotify and Deezer, you will require a subscription but YouTube is completely free. Beatfind offers an excellent customer service that is dedicated to helping you out any time you come across a difficulty. You should know that this music recognition app works a little different than the two other mentioned above, so you’ll face some difficulty before you get used to.

Beatfind is onf of the Top 6 Apps You Can Use for Music Recognition.

4. Musixmatch

With over 50 million downloads, Musixmatch is a widget-based music recognizer app that makes finding and playing songs very easy. It has the world’s largest collection of songs, so you are going to find songs in every language known to man. Also, you can connect the song lyrics finder with Youtube, Spotify, and Pandora to stream music.

The Floating Lyrics widget enables you to read the lyrics of the track being played currently so that you can learn the words, especially if it is in a different language. Also, if the song is in another language than the chosen one, the translation is displayed below the lyrics, so that you learn a new language while listening to the song. After finding what’s the name of this song, you can share it with your friends on various social media accounts. Musixmatch is compatible with Android Wear devices and Chromecast televisions.

Musixmatch is onf of the Top 6 Apps You Can Use for Music Recognition.

5. MusicID

MusicID is a lot more than just a music finder app. Apart from its typical function of finding the song that is being around you, MusicID gives you an in-detail brief about the artist or band, and movies the song is used in. You get to do all that for free. The artist pages are displayed very creatively so that you get the most important information first.

This song recognition app only has 100,000 plus downloads until now, which means it is pretty new and a lot of changes are to be expected. For the very same reason, background activity consumes a lot of internet data and mobile batteries. The collection of songs is limited to only English, so if you are looking for a basic music identifier app, then we recommend you download MusicID. Many updates are coming soon, so stay tuned.

MusicID is onf of the Top 6 Apps You Can Use for Music Recognition.

6. Soly

What’s better than a bonus app at the end of an article? Let us introduce to you, Soly, a music recognizer app that has a huge collection of songs in many languages. You can download lyrics and share your favorite lines with friends and family on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If the song isn’t synchronized in your music player, you can adapt the lyrics.

The song recognition app has a modern user interactive design that works in a super fast and organized manner. It is simple to use and absolutely free of cost. After the latest update, Soly allows you to set it as your default music player, which is a huge memory saver. You don’t need different apps for recognizing music and playing it as everything happens in one. The music identifier app has been download for over 100,000 times.

Soly is onf of the Top 6 Apps You Can Use for Music Recognition.

In conclusion

You will no more have to wonder what song is this, all thanks to these music finder apps. Like you would’ve already guessed, Shazam is our favorite, favorite for the wide range of features it offers. Even though ads keep appearing over and over again because all apps are free. We feel that Soly holds a lot of potentials and might become one of the most popular music recognition apps for Android considering that the updates are constant and several features are included. A person’s choice differs from the other, so pick any from these six because they all make good music recognizer apps.

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