15 Best Free Farming Games for Android to develop a Virtual Farm 2019

Are you looking for farming games? …then you are in the right place. This games also brings amazing graphical designs and lag-free gameplay experience.

15 Best Free Farming Games for Android to develop a Virtual Farm 2019

1. Farm Frenzy Inc

Players who enjoy feeding animals, gathering items, and capturing wild bears will love playing Farm Frenzy, the interactive task-management game. Gameplay is similar to most other games. You must click as fast as possible to gather items like eggs and wool, use these items in machines that make products you can sell at market, and capture the rampaging bears before they toss your animals far away, all while making sure your animals don’t starve to death.

You must complete the tasks as fast as possible, using the mouse, in order to reach the goal and complete the level. Rather than just reaching a specific monetary goal in a certain amount of time, Farm Frenzy will have you gathering a certain number of items (like eggs), or owning a certain animal (which costs money to buy, so you have to earn it first), or even making a certain amount of products (like cupcakes).

2. FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Farming in FarmVille 2 is really fun. This is a reality game and all that you have to do is just to use the knowledge that you have from the daily life experiences of this life that we are living in today.Let me just give you just a sneak peak of what happens in the game.First of all there are some animals that will keep on coming in your farm little by little and depending on how well you take good care of them more and more will keep on coming to your farm and this animals include cows,sheep and many other animals and depending on what each animal produces then you will get raw materials from them and then you can redesign this materials so that you can trade with them.This game makes you feel as though you are playing a real game and I just love it very much just for that.

You can explore the adjacent lands by unlocking and buying them with coins. Get keys often while buying a land.You can do co-op jobs with your friends, sell your goods with them and help them get fertilizer for their crops and much more. But this feature needs Facebook connection.Remember the more you level up, the more you unlock adjacent lands, buildings, animals, crops and decorations.

3. Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes game Playrix games company’s offline farming game. First time some files need download from online for playing; After downloading files, it can be easily played without any hassle. This game is not totally farming game, it no need to be sell any vegetables and farming products; but this game looks like farming game. There are many levels; if you complete any levels, then some unlock places opens for play.

Every places level are very nice; and sometimes you can play on internet, many people participate in this competition, you can participate in this competition occasionally. Contestants are given some games coins and rewards, which are rank top 1 – 10 only. There are also many leagues to participate in this online contest, prizes are high in major leagues and competition also increases.

4. FarmVille: Tropic Escape

The FarmVille: Tropic Escape app is very similar to Country Escape, and is obviously set with the same gameplay and game mechanics as previous FarmVille games.There are a slew of new crops and exotic animals to discover, and there are mini games to be played with the dolphins and monkeys. The game is free to download, and there are in-app purchases to be had. The game has all the old Farmville charm and is ideal for people that are already fans of the series.

You may earn coins by trading or by going on quests. As you play the game, you qualify for different quests and unlockables that are located on the island. If you click on things such as the mermaid or king monkey temple, you will see what you need in order to qualify. If you wish to earn coins by trading with other islands, then you may be out of luck because it can be tricky to connect with other players.

5. Big Little Farmer Offline Farm

Big Little FarmerThe Little big farm is another amazing fun offline games app for android. You can play it all day long offline without Wi-Fi. In this game, you can build your lush farm, cultivate and harvest the crops like corn, canola, cotton, and wheat. Play this farm game across the level and you can be the leader of farmer business world with Bakery Products, Dairy products, and Garments etc. You have to build & decorate your farms to create your dream farms.

6. Family Farm Seaside

Family Farm Seaside is one of the most attractive farm simulations game available for mobile devices. It is a pretty detailed game. Players are in full freedom to grow their farm in any way and also grow their business.As the name suggests, the game is all about living a simplistic farm life. Your goal is to grow crops, harvest it at the right time and send it to the factories for processing. Once the product is formed, it is sent to the market. The profit goes to you.

As you earn money by growing crops, you will be able to buy more animals for yourself to increase your cattle. Players have to take care of their cattle. Cattle is very effective in increasing your earning. Family Farm Seaside is a relaxing and interesting game filled with entertainment. Its game-play is very simple.

Family Farm SeasidePlayers can plant different kinds of crops and use the product in multiple ways. Delicious recipes can be cooked. In this way delicious dishes are cooked. Your crops grow wider and bigger as you spend money on it. Money can be spent in many ways. You can buy factories or buy animals. You also have to take of your animals.

7. Farm Paradise: Hay Island Bay

Farm Paradise: Hay Island Bay is a amazing farming game. Tending a garden is surely the best way to spend your free time. The good thing though is that it comes with an interactive step by step tutorial sequence that’ll guide you through most of the basics while also giving you many great incentives for completing the tasks that it assigns to you. By the end of this tutorial sequence you’ll have a solid grasp of how this game works and will also have a few levels under your belt.

It’s still primarily a farming game which means that most of the gameplay will revolve around planting various different kinds of crops, raising animals and then of course setting up structures that can help you use the crops that you’ve harvested and the produce that you’ve acquired from your animals.

8. Fairy Farm

Fairy Farm is the kindest and fantastic game about wizards. You can build incredible fairytale buildings, plant trees, grow and tame hundreds of wild and domestic animals! The game collected over 150 different plants, and about one hundred lovely animals for growing. Also, using various herbs and berries, you can prepare various healing infusions and potions.

9. Hay Day

Hay Day is the best game in the farming genre. It surprises with its stunning graphics and a pleasant melody. For all the holidays, diamonds are given, decorations are updated. Here you have to do farming, growing crops, feeding cows, Goat, pigs, chickens etc.

Hay Day will help you to design the layout of the farm, here you will produce different types of goods produced in the machine from bacon of pigs, Milk of cow and Goat. You can earn money by delivering the goods in truck order, Ship shipments.You can collect fish fillets from the fishing areas. You can earn and receive gifts and different types of products from the Game, you can unblock the field etc.

10. Farming Simulator 14

Farming Simulator 14 gets a lot of things right and is a decent sim game for people interested in farming. Farming Simulator 14 is a real simulator of farming, close to modern realities.

Crops are really the main focus of the game, and after each harvest you can choose whether to store your haul in your silos, or if the prices are right, you can sell to one of the vendors around the town. You’ll have to compare prices to see if the Mill is offering more for corn than the Harbor and sell when prices hit their peak.

11. Farm Story

Farm Story is similar to the Moy Farm Day.If you have not played village building games before then you’ll be taken through the tutorial where you’ll learn how to plant crops and other goodies on the soil.

At the end of the day, your task in the game will be to fulfill the tasks that are given to you and at the same time building one of the best farms in the world.

12. Moy Farm Day

Moy Farm Day is a best game in farm genre. If all you want to play single player farming game, then this is best game for you. You can earn money by selling the fruits, crops, berries and vegetables you grow.

13. Green Farm 3

Green Farm 3is a awesome game in farming genre.The graphics quality is superb and you’re definitely going to love it if your device is having HD resolution display.The game has got superb and very addictive sound effect which matches perfectly with the things going in the background. A huge number of tasks that you need to perform to earn even more resources on purchases in the game.The opportunity to visit and help your friends or other players from around the world.Simple controls and colorful graphics will take you to the game for a long time.

14. Let’s Farm

Let’s Farm is an amazing farm game that anyone can play. Players are able to take their produce to market to sell it and earned coins, with hundreds of different items available to choose from players can purchase all manner of buildings. Players are able to buy fertilizer using diamonds which will help boost the speed of your crop production.

15. Bud Farm: Grass Roots

This is also best game in farming category. As the player, you are a weed farmer. You will start by planting cannabis seeds, harvesting buds, and growing and expanding your business. You will upgrade contraptions, hire workers and sell goods to your friends.

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So, these were some different Android farming apps for our users. Though we have offered plenty of apps in this article, you can choose any one of them for your personal use. And we really hope that you have enjoyed using these apps on your Android smartphone. Whether you are using these apps for fun or on a serious note, you will surely enjoy using them.

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