Top 7 Interactive Game Apps for Android Platform 2019

Some people say that tablets and smartphones detach people from each other but that’s not true. There are many amazing board games which will keep everybody occupied and in case those aren’t that you want here is the list of some interactive games too. These games are perfect for parties and they’ll help you interact with your friends.

Interactive game apps are always fun and they take you to a whole new virtual world. These game apps are completely different from the ordinary games. Interactive game apps use the latest technologies and there are lots and lots of interactive games available in the market to choose from.

So, let’s go through some of the top Interactive game apps for Android available in the market.
Top Interactive Game Apps for Android Platform:

1. Episode

With over 10 million downloads, this game is rated as the top simulation game. This is the game which can be a perfect choice for you. Also, you can fall in love with the adventures come in the story line where you can actually control what will happen next. This provides you an easy life lesson, ‘It’s your choice which controls your world’. With drama, romance, horror and fiction, this game is the finest collection of different story games.

Key Features:

Episode is one of the interactive game Apps for Android.

2. Modern Combat 5

With over 100 million downloads, Modern Combat 5 is the best multiplayer FPS series game and it has completely changed the scenario of the action-shooter games. This game offers great graphics, highly powered guns, powerful multiplayer action and more. You can create a group from 9 different classes or in case you want to work on your own, you can test your abilities in the dynamic combat against the online rivals worldwide.

Key Features:

Modern Combat 5 is one of the interactive game Apps for Android.

3. World War Heroes

As the name suggests, World War Heroes is a multi-player shooting game with the background of the World War 2 and players can play this online from around the world. This game takes you to the battlefield of World War 2 where you can use armed vehicles in battles.

Key Features:

4. Zoe: Interactive story

In the interactive game named Zoe, you can be the leading character, ‘Zoe’ and live her story and life. This story has a horror-love background, which takes you to the adventure of ‘Twilight’-like saga you might never experience in the past.

Key Features:

5. Delight Games Library

Delight Games Library comes with a large bunch of interactive stories. you will get 55+ stories while playing. You can be a teenager, a detective, a rogue, or a wizard of medieval times. In the interactive novel of Delight Games Library, you will play the main character with options for wealth, fame, survival, love, and more.

Key Features:

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Delight Games Library is one of the interactive game Apps for Android.


Player unknowns Battleground is available on mobile now! Amongst the most played, talked and loved games available in the market, this game is a 100 players, 8×8 km island match, in which the winner takes all the fight. Players need to locate and hunt their vehicles, weapons, supplies and overcome every player in the tactically and graphically costly battle which forces players to play well in the play zone.

Key Features

PUBG is one of the interactive game Apps for Android.

7. Granny

Granny is a horror- based thriller fiction game, which happens in the house of the antagonist in the story called ‘the granny.’ The game is an ideal blend of chills and horror. The intention of this game is how to be safe and escape the house. You may run, you may hide, however never outrun the ‘granny.’

Key Features:

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We hope that this article will help you in choosing the best interactive game apps as per your requirements.

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