Best 10 Free Cool Games for Teenage Girls to Play on Android Phone 2019

Gone are the days when boys dominated video games. Today, girls have joined and are having fun just as boys. Mobile App Stores are loaded with lots of games from puzzles, relaxing, casinos, racing and sports. And now, girls have a vast variety of fun games to choose from in the play store.

One thing about games for girls is that they are not only beautiful but also engaging and exciting and will keep you glued to your Android phone all day through.

In this blog post, we will look at some of the best cool games that teenage girl can play on an android phone.
NOTE: This list is focusing on games for girls only. Boys may not find them interesting at all.

Girls are known to love beautiful and cool things. Color is essential to girls. The brighter it is, the more attractive it is.
When it comes to playing games on a smartphone, girls play games that are beautiful, easy, and funny. And for this reason, we have compiled a list of some of the best android games for girls.

Check them out and download them for free.

10 Best Free Cool Games for Teenage Girls to Play on Android Phone

#1. Candy Crush Soda Saga

If you love color and puzzles, this mouthwatering game will entertain you. Candy Crush Soda Saga is an upgrade of the original game candy crush. It has retained the same concept of progressively matching candies with similar colors to complete each task except that when you match candies or bottles, you release purple soda that sets candy bears free.

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Also, whenever you match four candies in a square, you make a Swedish fish. And matching seven candies creates the coloring candy.

#2. Angry Birds

The game revolves around the story of birds whose eggs were stolen by piggies. The birds take cruel revenge on the green piggies who stole their eggs. The game is set on the bird island and it involves sling shooting birds into the air to destroy the pigs’ defenses. Playing this game on a smartphone is very easy. All you have to do is to pull back the slingshot, aim and shoot the bird missiles into the air.

#3. Fruit Ninja

In this game, you have to slice fruits that are thrown into the air in classic combos. In this addictive game, the more fruits you slice, the more you progress through various levels earning yourself new powers and blades. The most interesting about Fruit Ninja is that there are online competitions that you can participate in to compete against other ninjas and test your wits.

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#4. Star Girl

Girls who spent most of their childhood playing with dolls will identify with this game. In this girlish game, a player becomes a celebrity who has to attend events, dates and appear on magazines. You have to, therefore, glamor her up with the best outfits to make a stunning appearance. And for you to get the best outfits, you have to participate in jobs and challenges to buy them.

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#5. Subway Surfers

If you are a Temple run lover then you will love this one. Subway Surfers is a runner game that begins with Jake (a character in the game) spray painting graffiti on a building wall but almost gets caught by the fat inspector and his dog. Jake, therefore, has to run s far away from the inspector as he can. As a play, you have to navigate at high speed on the subway while dodging trains. The game’s graphics are very cool and interesting.

#6. Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Are you familiar with the infamous Reality TV Show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians? This game lets join Kardashian on the red carpet and create your path to success in Hollywood. You will be able to create a start and customize her with hundreds of available style options inspired by Kim Kardashian. To spice it up, you get to take over LA by dating the hottest celebs, dumping them and having a kid.

#7. MovieStarPlanet

In this game, you get the chance to become a movie star and also get rich. You also get to make new friends and chat with them in chat rooms.

#8. Diversion

The diversion has everything you would love in a running game. Run, jump, climb, hang, swim, slide, and even fly. As you progress through new levels, you get to unlock hundreds of new characters, new challenging gameplay, and hazards.

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#9. Supermarket Mania

In this game, there are lots of products to sell. You have to help Nikki (the main character in the game), to manage the customers and their provisions. Your job is to act as an adviser.

Supermarket Mania is one of the best free cool tames for teenage girls on Android.

#10. FarmVille 2: Country Escape

FarmVille, developed by Zynga, is one of the most popular farming games for android. In this free game, you get to collaborate with other farmers to raise animals, fish, build garden and trade with friends. The game can be played in offline mode, and if you need additional content, you can buy at a small fee.

To all the girls who enjoy playing games on Android, there is no limit. There are lots of games on the Google Play Store, from the action, beauty, glamor, and puzzles. There is fun for everyone. And with the increasing number of developers, there is a fierce completion to create the most appealing and exciting game, guaranteeing the supply of new and exciting fun for you.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape is one of the best free cool tames for teenage girls on Android.

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