5 Best Slideshow Apps for your Android in 2019

Due to their ability to make anyone look like a pro video editor, slideshow applications are becoming increasingly popular. Say you want to make a video about your latest trip to a new city, but you do not have the skill to put together a video to showcase all of the beautiful sights that you see. Slideshow app will help you create a small video to showcase to your family and friends, without you having to do any work at all. All you need to do is compile a few pictures that you love and upload them onto the slideshow app. After a few moments, you will have an excellent video that you can show off to everyone!

Got a special occasion like an anniversary or someone’s birthday? Show your loved one how much you appreciate them with the help of a particular video. A personalized slideshow will help them feel special and show them just how much you care. Everyone needs a little help when it comes to their artistic abilities, and with a slideshow application on your phone, you will have a friend ready for all occasions.

The Best 5 slideshow apps to make the greatest slideshows:

Depending on the application that you download onto your phone, the range of special effects and your ability to edit the slideshow will be different. So, for you to get the best of the best, we have compiled a list of the most popular slideshow applications:

1. FilmoraGO

if you want to beautify your slideshow then this the app for you. Apart from giving you ease of use, this application offers a wide range of options for you to make changes to your slideshow. You can choose from numerous audio files in the audio library to add music to your slideshow. Choose from over 150 options to beautify your slideshow and add special effects to it and help it make it more attractive to your audience. With this application, you can control how the transitions look and even upload video footage. With just three easy steps-upload, edit and deliver- you can not only create a slideshow but also easily share it with your social media accounts.

FilmoraGO is one of the best slideshow Apps for your Android.

2. SlideLap

this is one of the best free slideshow application that you will find. With this application, you can create so much more than just slideshows. You can edit your pictures to give them a more glamorous look, and can even retain their original size. There are tons of transitions that you can choose from, and you can select music from their library to add to your slideshow as well. Additionally, you can also select music from your iTunes library; however, the only drawback is that the music does not play f you chose to share the video to your Facebook or your Instagram. Apart from this, the application also automatically helps you resize and alter the slideshow so that you can share it on Instagram and Facebook easily.

sSlideLap is one of the best slideshow Apps for your Android.

3. PicFlow

While this application may not have as many elaborate features as the other applications mentioned in the list, it does offer you some powerful tools to curate an excellent slideshow. You can pick out music from your library to give your slideshows a more personalized feel, and can even choose a particular portion of the song as well. This application allows you to have a little more power when it comes to editing and structuring our slideshow. You can arrange the order of appearance of pictures, and select from 18 different transitions. The drag and pinch option allow you to crop and resize the photos perfectly, and you can time the images along with the music too. Additionally, it also allows you to be able to easily export your slideshow to your camera roll so that you can share it with your friends and family!

PicFlow is one of the best slideshow Apps for your Android.


This slideshow application is clean cut with no frills and unnecessarily complicated steps. If you are a beginner, you will feel at ease with this slideshow maker since it allows you to select and edit as many pictures as you want in a user-friendly platform. You can add music, edit pictures and effects that you desire without having to go through any complicated process, it is easy to use and completely free, which is what makes it so popular among users. The videos that you make will be perfect for any social media platform so that you can easily share your creation!

PIXGRAM is one of the best slideshow Apps for your Android.

5. Dayframe

Now that we have talked about the beginners, what about the people who have a little more experience in the editing department? Dayframe is an excellent application for those who have the necessary editing skills to make an excellent slideshow but are looking for more options to be able to add a little creative flair to their videos. This application has tons of customizable options and gives you excellent picture quality. What’s more is that these applications can also be used offline; however, it does drain our phone’s battery too quickly. Hence, if you plan to use this application for a while, make sure that you are near a plugin source.

Dayframe is one of the best slideshow Apps for your Android.

Slideshows are an excellent way for you to express your gratitude to someone. They can also be fun during events such as birthday parties where you can cumulate all of the pictures from previous birthdays and show how they have progressed over the years. Or, you can even use it at graduation parties, wedding receptions and much more. It is an excellent way for people to look back at the past and celebrate it.

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Slideshow applications have made it much easier for people to compile high-quality videos that they can easily share on the internet, even if they have little to no editing experience. Most of the slideshow applications in the market do the hard work for you, and all you have to do is tweak it a little around the edges so that it is up to your standards.

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