Top 10 Best Bible apps and Bible study apps for Android users in 2019

Bible is undoubtedly regarded as one of the best holy books especially among the Christians. Reading bible on one note will surely help you to get an inner peace in your soul. That’s why, with no surprise Bible is one of the best Holy book which is read by the people from all around the world.

Because it is impossible to carry the original Bible book with us every time and everywhere, that’s why these Bible study Android apps are of pretty much high importance. We have handpicked some of the best Bible study apps for our Android users which they can install in their smartphone to get some high-end results without owing the original Bible book. So, here we go with the first one:

1) Bible App for Kids

This Bible study app for Android users is undoubtedly the best kind of Bible study app which offers some of the extraordinary features to its users. This app provides the graphical or pictorial representation of some of the best parts of Bible book so that small kids can learn good things hassle free. Bible App for Kids is having one of the best Graphic user-interface which makes the reading and learning the good things from the Bible pretty much easier. Users can also download the offline copy if they want to read the Bible in their free time. That’s why Bible App for Kids is one of the great options which you can get in this list without any doubt. You can easily download this app directly from the Google Play Store for free.

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2) Bible by Life Church

This Bible study app is one of the highly rated Bible study apps, which is pretty much good for the users. You can access all the content even if your offline by downloading the content in this app. Moreover, this app is multi-language supported in which there are more than 1400 different languages are present. The graphics user-interface is also pretty much appealing for the users. This bible study app is gaining more and more popularity among the users, especially among the Christian people all because of its great features which it offers to the users at one place. So, definitely, an excellent call to get this app in your Android phone for sure.

Bible by Life Church is one of the top best Bible study apps for Android users.
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3) Bible Trivia Quiz

What an excellent choice Bible Trivia Quiz Android app in this list for the users. This awesome Bible Study app not only offers the digital copy of the Holy book, the Bible, instead of this app also offers the feature of participating in Quiz so that they can test their knowledge about the Bible. You can participate in Quiz competitions on Daily basis and can earn exciting points and rewards. The questions asked in the quiz are multiple choice questions which are easy to answer if you have read the Bible thoroughly. The graphic user interface of this app is also among one of the notable features which will force the users to install this incredible Bible study app in their Android device. That’s why the Bible Trivia Quiz is surely an excellent choice at the 3rd spot of this list.

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4) Daily Bible Verse

This app is another very great option for the users who are fond of reading Bible book daily. The most interesting feature of this app is that this app offers the feature of making Bible books in offline mode. That’s why it doesn’t matter how much popular this app is among the users. Users will get all the exciting features from this app if they explore all the features of this app thoroughly. There are separate options present in this app to highlight a specific part or to add some comments after reading a specific paragraph. You can log in to this Bible study app with your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter etc. So, definitely, an excellent app that is available for all users on Google Play Store for free.

Daily Bible Verse is one of the top best Bible study apps for Android users.

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5) HarperCollins Christians Publishing

Yet another very great Bible study app for the users which offers great features to its users.This app is launched by the HarperCollins Christians Publication, which is a very well-known publication company of Bible book. You can easily read the Bible book page by page very conveniently and reliably. The graphics user-interface of this Bible Study app is not so much appealing for the users if you compare it with the above options. But the overall features which this app offers are very great and after you install this app in your Android phone from Google Play Store, you will experience the feature by yourself. So, definitely, a perfect choice which we have placed at the 5th spot of this list.

HarperCollins Christians Publishing is one of the top best Bible study apps for Android users.

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6) Our Daily Bread

This Bible study app is launched by Our Daily Bread organization which comes in existence in 1930’s. In earlier times, this organization was printing the hard copies of Bible book for the Christian people. But now, with the change in the technology era, this group decided to launch their official app where users can easily read the Bible right in their smartphone. The graphics user-interface of this app looks to be a little outdated to you, but the overall featuring and content availability of this Bible study app is very awesome which makes it an excellent choice to be spotted at the 6th place in this list. Users can get this Bible Study app on the official Google Play Store for free.

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7) Pockets Cast

Another incredible choice as a Bible Study app for the Android users which will provide them extraordinary features at a meager price. Apart from the presence of the digital copy of the Bible in this app, it also offers a separate section to the users where some of the oldest ministers uploads their videos of spiritual and religious sermons. That’s why thousands of users come live on this app to watch live videos to make them feel that they are present at that spot. The rest of the features including the Graphic user-interface is pretty much up to the mark. To get this app in your Android phone, you need to pay $3.99 USD as the subscription charge on Google Play Store. We definitely think that this app is a good choice at this price for sure.

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Pockets Cast is one of the top best Bible study apps for Android users.

8) The Study Bible

Yet another very excellent choice for the users who wants to watch the video representation of the Bible book to get a better understanding. This app does the same thing of providing one of the best videos to the users so that they can understand the value and importance of the Bible very well in their lives. There are some Christian people who gave interviews to this app regarding their life, the importance of the Bible in every Christian, how to connect and spread peace among people around you and much more. You can watch all these videos and can save them too after getting the pro version of this app in $5.99 USD from the official Google Play Store app.

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The Study Bible is one of the top best Bible study apps for Android users.

9) Tecarta Bible

First of all, this Bible study Android app is pretty much costlier which really doesn’t makes any sense if you have some really good options mentioned above. This app comes with the Annual subscription charge of almost $59.00 which is really very costly. Moreover, the features provided by this app are pretty much similar to the those which we have already mentioned above. We can say that this app is a hybrid of all the above apps because you will get all the integrated features at one place. But if you want to discover the Bible in a new way, then you can go for the Pro version of this app to experience some good and realistic features. But we don’t suggest you to get this app in your Android device because we don’t want to let you spend your valuable money unnecessarily.

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10) Bonus- JW Library

Last but not the least, this Bible study app is yet another very good performer present in this list which provides some of the excellent features to the users without charging a single penny from them. This app is having more than 1 Million reviews on the Google Play Store, which clearly defines its popularity and craze among the Android users. This app has split up Bible in different parts according to the different chapters for an easy study for the users. Though this app lack in the sorted Graphic user-interface, but the overall features of this app are perfect and appealing for the users. Thus, we have placed this Bible study app on the last spot of this list and we hope that you will really like this app for sure.

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So, these are some possible top 10 useful Bible study apps for Android users in 2019.  If we missed any of the best Bible apps or Bible study apps, tell us about them in the comments!. We will surely update this list for you if your suggestions seems to be relevant to us.

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