Best 8 Music Maker App for Android in 2019

Many smartphone users are fond of listening music in high quality on their phones. But what if we say that you can make music on your phone too! Yes, this is true, you can make your smartphone as tool to create your own music by installing some of the application which are available on the Google Play store. Some of the application are paid which means you have to pay some definite amount of subscription fee and some of them are available for free as well. You can select any app according to your need and availability you want. So, just go through the whole article and you will find some amazing and brilliant stuff for sure.


This is one of the best app in this segment which will help you create your own beats and song using your smartphone very conveniently. This application is available on Play store and it also require a monthly subscription fee of $1.99. This application is developed by Jordan Rudess who is one of the best Keyboardist. Installing this app will turn your smartphone into a synthesizer which makes your phone able to play different sound, tones and effects as well. You can also perform vibrato with your fingers as well. This app will surely stand upon your expectations for sure.

MORPHWIZ is one of the best Music Maker App for Android.


This application will work as synthesizer in your smartphone. This application is available on Google Play store for free. This is the plus point of this application that it is quite easy to use due to its highly relevant user-interface and also it is available for free. You can create sound just by a simply pounding on the screen. The sounds are differentiated between batteries and synth instruments which will allow you to apply multiple effects.

FL STUDIO MOBILE is one of the best Music Maker App for Android.


This app is just brilliant for the users. Talking about its features, Caustic is a rack which combines synthesizers and samplers to create your songs quite easily. Everything is brilliantly optimized for better functioning. It can also be used to create real-time effects. Along with synthesizer you can also add different “Equipment” virtual analog synthesizer and PCM-A line bass synthesizer in the rack. This app is not available for free on the play store, you have to pay $3.28 subscription fees to use this application. If you look on its features, then you can definitely invest in this app for your music creation.

CAUSTIC 3 is one of the best Music Maker App for Android.


Talking about this app, you can easily produce your own arrangement of electronic music to play at different places like parties etc. You can also publish or upload your music tone on the internet or can save to your personal collection as well. This app is available for free on the Play store. This application also offers the possibility of creating up to 6 active channels at once which can be either sync or sampler. In each of the following channel, you can create up to eight different patterns for two different instruments. User-interface is also quite good and distinguishable from others.

NANOLOOP is one of the best Music Maker App for Android.

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This application covers various basic features which a user can expect to create some brilliant music tones on the go. This application provides synthesizers and beatbox at one place. You can also compose and perform electronic music on one go. Talking about its availability, it is available on the play store but is a paid one. You have to pay $5.46 as a subscription fee.


This application is available on the play store for free. Talking about its features then you will find 16 points on your phone’s screen from which you can load various sounds and songs easily and conveniently. This application is basically an audio station which will allow you to mix and record your own music easily.

SPC-MUSIC DRUM PAD is one of the best Music Maker App for Android.


This application is basically a pattern-based sequencer. Using this application, you are able to allow the sequencing of the tones. Not only sequencing, you can also provide various filters and effects in the system of modular layers. This application also supports WAV, AIFF XI, and samples. It is definitely worth for the start-up musicians to invest a subscription fee of $5.99 on this application.

SUNVOX is one of the best Music Maker App for Android.


This application will let you to record sounds and tones professionally by using external instruments. You can modify and play with different tools of this application and can also create magnetic loops to mix in different tracks as well. This application is available for free on the Google play store. The plus point of this application is that you can export your files and can share directly on the social media platforms using this application

So, the above listed are some valuable application for the musicians which will help them to convert their smartphone an invaluable tool. You can create any type of music or tone without purchasing costly tools to fulfill your requirements. If you had used any other application on your smartphone, then please let us know in the comments section.

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