10 Best Free Cleaner and Booster Apps for Android Phones

In the same manner that cleaning our stuff is important to keep them well maintained, germ-free, and extend their useful life, our Android phone should equally be cleaned and undergo regular maintenance to keep it well functioning and efficient in delivering its services. Without which, our phones might get infected with malware and viruses or jam and congest our disk space causing it to dysfunction or fail. Thus, installing a cleaner app is like an SOP for all Android phone users. And if you are on the edge of deciding what to get, here is a list of the best Android cleaner apps that you can choose to consider.

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1. Clean Master

True to its name, Clean Master is indeed the master cleaner that will best optimize your Android phones by providing all that needs to be done in terms of cleaning phones. It obliterates junk that eats up your space and storage, cleans the phone’s memory to improve speed and performance, scans, blocks and removes viruses that could infect and interfere phone functionalities, and help save power to lengthen your battery life. In short, this cleaning app for Android provides the ultimate package deal to ultimate optimize and maintain the efficient functionality of your Android phone and intelligent data.

Clean Master is best free Cleaner and Booster Apps for Android Phones.

2. CCleaner

When it comes to cleaning Android phones, it is best to consult and get cleaners who are experts on all digital devices. After all, smart phones are basically computers themselves. And under this heading, the CCleaner app is true of the best cleaner for Android phones. CCleaner app was created by Guy Saner and Lindsey Whelan of Piriform Ltd, who is also responsible for bringing the best cleaning software for PC and MAC. Its major cleaner feature can clear cache data from apps, expunge empty folders, and scrap browser and phone histories. It has an App Manager that allows you to manage app installation and a System Info feature that allows you to check your resources e.g. CPU, RAM, battery, so you are immediately notified of what steps to undertake. For phone geeks and nerds, the app can be applied on a rooted phone for better effectiveness in combating stock OS for ram and freeing up space.

CCleaner is best free Cleaner and Booster Apps for Android Phones.

3. 360 Security

If 360 Security is not the best cleaner for Android phones, then 200 million users across the world will go wrong. As its name suggests, this cleaner app provides complete 360 cycle maintenance for your phones acting more than just a cleaner but a speed booster and antispyware and virus remover. More than this, however, 360 Security offers more features than any other cleaner phone app available in the market. It has a multi-function lock screen, a Call & SMS Filter, Wi-Fi security, privacy and app lock, intruder selfie, Fingerprint Lock and real-time protection during installation and shopping. It is available in over 35 languages which make it truly one of the best Android cleaning apps in the world.

360 Security is best free Cleaner and Booster Apps for Android Phones.

4. Power Clean

Power clean is of the best cleaner and booster for Android in a rather powerful way. And by power, we mean it can clean your phone, free up memory and storage space and boost application functions by a single tap. It cleans phone by cleansing unwanted apps, caches, storage, APKs, junk photo, old notification, and residual files. It comes with an anti-virus cleaner and blocker as well as application locks for privacy, CPU cooler, and power battery saver. It also special apps for cleaning the most common site and apps that we use in our phones namely a Facebook cleaner, Google cleaner, Ads cleaner, and misleading downloads cleaner.

Power Clean is best free Cleaner and Booster Apps for Android Phones.

5. AVG Cleaner

The AVG Cleaner by AVG Mobile is top mobile cleaner app and phone virus cleaner for your Android phone designed to make your phone and Android devices to operate quicker and smoother, accommodate important data, liberate your phone from junk, and make your battery last longer. With over 50 million people using this app, the AVG Cleaner also has a special feature to remove preinstalled apps, which you may not need but is annoyingly eating up space in your phone. As such, it allows you to better customize and personalize your phone by allowing only applications that you personally want to be installed. Another unique feature of this Android cleaner app is its photo analyzer which allows you to optimize your photos fast and easily, as well as search for duplicate photos and bad quality photos that unnecessarily eat up your storage space.

AVG Cleaner is best free Cleaner and Booster Apps for Android Phones.

6. Super Cleaner

Super Cleaner is a world-class Android cleaner and virus cleaner app cleans junk and caches, boost phone performance, provide an antivirus, cool your CPU, protects private apps and analyses app status better. This cleaning app was specially designed for gamers who always needed an optimal performance of their Android phone and devices so that they can efficiently play games. The super cleaner is a free cleaner app for Android hence ultimately relies on ads for maintaining its service. While some people may find this a little trying, the powerful features and functionalities of this app that is free for use are reasonable.

Super Cleaner is best free Cleaner and Booster Apps for Android Phones.

7. Cache Cleaner

The Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster is one cleaner up which has 230 million users. It contains all the major features of a typical top Android cleaner, including a speed and memory booster, junk file Cleaner, security and antivirus, CPU cooler and Apps lock among others. What sets this app apart from others is it has an additional speed boosting features for your network. The network boost feature allows you to completely monitor network status such as Wi-Fi security, download, and upload speed, and other networking devices. It allows you to have better network condition by closing background network-occupied applications. And because it is committed on combatting malicious content and fraud, it also has a special feature to detect and block deceptive ads and misleading downloads, which could otherwise compromise your security and privacy in the use of your phone.

Cache Cleaner is best free Cleaner and Booster Apps for Android Phones.

8. Norton Clean

When it comes to cleaning and protecting your computers and other digital devices against virus and other similar threats, Symantec is the most trusted name which has helped companies since 1991. Norton has been in the business of protecting our digital assets since the dawn of information technology. And with the upsurge of mobile devices, it has designed an Android cleaner app, which acts as an anti-virus cleaner and booster all the same time. With the company’s technological experience in fighting viruses and other IT hazards, the Norton Clean is fully recognized by users.

Norton Clean is best free Cleaner and Booster Apps for Android Phones.

9. Avast Clean-up

Avast is another company which has been in the business of designing internet security applications since 1988. And with the Avast Clean up app, it continues to live to its name of effectively optimizes our digital devices. Unlike other free Android cleaner apps, Avast promises to clean and boost your Android phones in quantifiable terms. It can free up storage space up to 12 GB, boost your phone’s performance up to 20% faster and increase your phone’s power by up to 70% more battery life. Note however the Avast Clean-up is pure for cleaning storage. It is not a security app. If you want the security of your phone against viruses and other threats, then Avast also has a Mobile Security and Antivirus app for that.

Avast Clean-up is best free Cleaner and Booster Apps for Android Phones.

10. MAX Cleaner

In spite of being the last on this list, the MAX cleaner is actually one of the best cleaner apps for Android. It is not an alternative to the other aforementioned apps but an equally top contender for the top spot. In fact, this app received the highest rating among all Android cleaner apps. And as a complete cleaning app, it serves as a phone cleaner and booster, antivirus, app locker, and battery saver rolled into one. It also helps boost speed, cool the CPU temp, scan files and schedule cleaning.

MAX Cleaner is best free Cleaner and Booster Apps for Android Phones.

The above mentioned are the ten safe and fast cleaning apps we recommend today. Which one do you like the most? Download it now from the Google Store!

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