How to Find a Misplaced Android Phone Even It’s in Silent Mode

Losing your mobile phone is very traumatic and it only gets worse when you realize it was left in silent mode. At this point, you are convinced that you won’t be able to find the Android phone because what’s the use in tracking a misplaced phone in silent mode! The thought is too far-fetched when you remember that you switched the vibration off as well. How about we tell you we have five Android apps for you that will help in finding the phone?

5 Methods to Find Android Phone Misplaced in Silent Mode

Try out these phone location tracker apps before you go crazy and take the entire place down.

1. Google Find My Device (Android Device Manager)

A device by Google itself, the Google Find My Device helps you track your Android phone on a live map. In case the current location isn’t available, you will be able to see the phone’s last location. Since Google has the best map data in the world, it will also help you track the Android phone in public indoor spaces like malls, airports, or any other big buildings. Once you log in the details, you can also lock the phone, so that no one misuses it for their purpose.

Using the Android location tracker app, you can play sound on full volume, even if the phone is on silent. Then, you can track your way to the sound and find the phone. You can also check battery and network status of your phone and hardware condition using the mobile application. To ensure that the tracking is accurate, you will need to allow the app to use your device’s current location on Google maps and email address that is synced on your phone. Your phone needs to stay switched on in order to be found. Google has made the operating system of your Android phone, so why not use an app that knows everything about your device?

Using Google Find My Device to Find Android Phone Misplaced in Silent Mode.

2. Find My Phone Whistle

Find My Phone Whistle is a popular app that helps how to find a silent Android phone as it has received more than 10 million downloads. This app doesn’t need GPS navigation tracking, so your lost mobile phone doesn’t consume too much batter. To help you find the phone, it makes the Android device ring loudly, so you make your way to it. It is a sounds radar detector app that uses audio search to find your Android phone. The process is a lot faster than apps that use GPS tracking.

Whistle has a very high pitch and can be heard easily over traffic and music, which makes finding your phone easier. The app was updated just recently. It now consumes 30 percent less energy, you can customize the whistle to any other sound you want, and has new skins for premium subscribers. The app also added a tutorial to help you find your misplaced Android phone.

Using Find My Phone Whistle to Find Android Phone Misplaced in Silent Mode.

3. Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is another wonderful phone location tracker app that makes your phone play a sound or vibrate when you are close to it so that finding the phone is easier. The app has received more than 10 million downloads, which only tells how good of an app it is. It is a free product but has in-app purchases to make the process o finding the misplaced Android phone a lot easier. The app comes with the GPS Flare feature that turns on the low battery saver mode on your phone. Other features include Stealth Mode, which hides messages with attention word; Passcode Protection, which prevents unauthorized use of the app; and White/Blacklist, which helps you use the app via text.

When you purchase the Pro version, you can take pictures of the surrounding using your phone via the app, lock the phone, wipe SD card, hide the app’s icon, wipe phone data, and prevent the app from getting uninstalled by some unauthorized user. Features that come in the Elite version include Location History, Motion Alarm, Auto Theft Detection, Passive Location Updates, Geothefting, View Device Stats, and Nearby WiFi, and View Contacts and Call Log.

Using Where’s My Droid to Find Android Phone Misplaced in Silent Mode.

4. Clap to Find

If you tend to lose your phone very often, may it be in the office or at home, Clap to Find is just the right phone location tracker app for you to find the misplaced Android phone when it’s in silent mode. The app is very easy to use as you only need to clap three times to activate the app. You can either set flash, sound or vibrate alert to find the mobile phone. The app also lets you set a ringtone of your choice. You can increase or decrease the volume using the app. If your phone is on silent, the apps go in an Auto Start mode.

You can also deactivate the Pause Clap Detection mode when you are in the office. It also automatically adjusts sensitivity but that depends on the type of Android phone you have. The app consumes very little energy, so you don’t have to worry about the battery draining out in case the phone is lost for a long time. The clap feature doesn’t work immediately, so you haven’t to be patient for a couple minutes for it to work. Clap to Find has been downloaded for over five million times and the in-app purchases are quite affordable as well.

Using Clap to Find to Find Android Phone Misplaced in Silent Mode.

5. Ring My Droid

Ring My Droid by Treehouse is a relatively new phone locations tracker app and has received around 100,000 plus downloads. The app takes up less than 1MB space and follows the SMS-triggered alarm system to locate the Android phone, which is on silent mode. You have to send an SMS containing the key phrase message from another phone to yours. Once your mobile phone receives the message, it starts ringing continuously despite being on silent mode.

Only when you find the misplaced phone, you can stop the ringing. When you first download the app, the key phrase is set to Treehouse by default but you can change it later to anything that you like. Make sure, you set to something that you can easily remember or else finding the phone will become an impossible task. Better not tell the key phrase to your friends because they won’t leave a single opportunity to prank you.

However, since the phone location tracker app is in its early stages and lacks in technology only a little. In the coming updates, we hope that the developer introduces the password protect feature so that no one other than the phone’s owner can switch off the ringing. The app also needs Material Theming and latest API, as currently, it runs a little slower than others apps.

Using Ring My Droid to Find Android Phone Misplaced in Silent Mode.

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All these apps are the best ones you can find to locate a lost Android phone. They work in a similar pattern with little difference between the method of finding your phone. However, every person is different and so is their liking. We found the first app mentioned on the list, Google Find My Device (Android Device Manager), as the most functional one. The maps are accurate and track the device silently so that no other person can get it before you do.

Clap to Find is also an excellent choice to find a misplaced Android phone, especially because it is so simple to use. All you have to do is clap thrice and your phone will start ringing. However, you should know that it is best to use the app when the phone is lost nearby. Ring My Droid is another interesting app that takes up very little space and has an SMS trigger to make your phone start ringing. It is a good app to find your phone if it is lost inside your house or office.

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