iPhone & iPad Tips and Tricks

Apple iPhone/iPad tips and tricks to help you enjoy your life with iOS device better.

4 Ways to Retrieve Permanently Deleted Voicemails on Your iPhone

Lost or permanently deleted voicemails from your iPhone? Don't fret. This post details 4 ways to recover your permanently deleted voicemails on the iPhone.

8 Ways to Fix iPhone Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi After iOS Upgrade

iPhone WiFi keeps dropping after iOS upgrade? This post details 8 ways to help you get your iPhone WiFi works correctly.

How to Deal with a Broken iPhone Home Button

Is iPhone's home button broken and not working? In such case, you need learn about the common tricks which can help you to fix the issue.

5 Solutions to Fix iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop (iOS 13/12/11)

Don't feel overwhelmed by the endless iPhone boot loop anymore. Here is the real fix and we will also explain what can cause an iPhone stuck in a boot loop.

12+ Tips to Speed up your iPhone [100% Working]

A lagging iPhone is likely to put you in a lot of trouble in the time of urgency. Use these tips to boost your iPhone's performance.

3 Workable Ways to Record Phone Calls on Your iPhone

Wondering how to record phone calls on your iPhone? Here are 3 call recording apps for iPhone we’ve tested for you.

4 Ways to Save Multiple/All Photos from iMessage on iPhone

Want to save multiple photos from iMessage on your iPhone at the same time? Here we will tell you how to save all pictures from messages on the iPhone.

How to Blur Picture/Photo Background on Your iPhone

Want to create photos with a fantastic blurry background with your iPhone? Read this guide and learn how to blur the background of a picture on the iPhone.

iPhone Screen Is Cracked? Here’s What To Do.

A shattered iPhone screen may not be the end of the world, but it sure can put a dent in your wallet. Here are the 5 best methods to fix a cracked screen.

iCloud vs iCloud Drive: What You Need to Know

Confounded with the difference between iCloud & iCloud Drive? Want to know more about iCloud Drive? Here you can find the answers.