How to Use iMessage on Android

iMessage is an instant messaging App built in most kinds of Apple devices, like iPhone, iPad or Mac computers. It supports to send texts, photos, videos as well as many other data types through WiFi or cellular data. It is also eyed by lots of Android users due to video calling, Apple cash, Animoji, and other features. If you have both iPhone and a Android Phone, you may wonder why you cannot use the iMessage on Android and whether there is any possibility to set iMessage for Android. Read on this article about why iMessage cannot be used on Android and how to use iMessage on Android devices.

Use iMessage on Android

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Why iMessage Can not be Used on Android Directly

iMessage only works for Apple devices, and you are not allowed to send and receive iMessages from other devices like Android phones. To ensure Apple users’ privacy and communication security, Apple uses the end-to-end encryption to protect the messages transmitted with iMessage. Thus, nobody has access to the content in iMessages except the device which iMessages are sent on and the device receiving them. And this process can only be fulfilled by Apple’s server. While the Android phone has no function like this, so the Android users cannot use iMessage on their phones directly.

How to Use iMessage on Android Device

weMessage is a decent choice if you are an Android user and want to experience iMessage on your Android device. It allows you to send or receive iMessages from other iPhone users. weMessage has features that are very close to iMessage. Those features include the group chat, attachments, SMS messaging, read receipts, big emoji messages, web browser and many more. This app also enables you to customize contact names, contact pictures, and even the group chat icon as you choose. If you are worried about the safety of your texts and files, then this should come as a relief to you, as the app uses AES cryptography to protect all the exchanges within the app.

However, this app has some congenital defect: It requires a Mac to relay the iMessage between iPhone and Android phone, which means for using weMessage, besides the Android app, you must also download and install the weServer on a MacOS computer. Therefore, the working principle of weMessage is apparent: It transmits the iMessage received in Mac to your Android phone through other communication protocol and the iMessage from Android will be sent out via the server on Mac semi-automatically. It seems the working principle is easy, but the installation procedure is not easy in the same way.

How to Use iMessage on Android Device

How to Use iMessage on Android Device

Please note that if your iMessage account is not the same with the Apple ID, then enter your iMessage account and the matching password.

Bonus Tips: Deleted iMessages Recovery for iPhone without Backup

Many iPhone users are troubled by continually receiving spam iMessages on iPhone and have to delete them regularly. But it can be really frustrating when you realize you have deleted some important iMessages accidentally. You are allowed to recover the deleted iMessages using iCloud or iTunes backup, but it maybe wipe out or overwrite some other vital data and there can be the case that you have no backup. If you are in a situation like this, don’t be worried, you can use a third-party tool like Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery for the deleted iMessages recovery, even without backup. Here’s how to recover iMessages:

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

Deleted iMessages Recovery for iPhone without Backup

It also supports to recover deleted iMessages from iCloud backup and iTunes backup. But this tool has outstanding merit: When you use it to recover deleted iMessages from backup, the existing data on the iPhone won’t be wiped out or overwritten.

All in all, due to the security encryption, iMessage service can only work between Apple devices. With the help of weMessage, you are enabled to experience iMessage on Android, but you still need a Mac as the communication relay. But as technology develops, there will be other more useful software bringing you a better experience of using iMessage on Android. Have you tried the weMessage? What are your opinions about it? Please share with us in the comment section.

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