10 Best Math Apps for Kids in iPhone and iPad

Math is really a useful subject but it is also the nightmare of many students. It is vital to cultivate kids’ interest in math and lay a good foundation from early stage. If your kids are attracted to your iOS device, you are sincerely advised to download some math games for kids to your iPhone or iPad. This article lists 10 cool iPhone and iPad math apps fro kids and offers their link.

Best Math Apps for Kids in iPhone

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1. Monster Maths

Monster Math is one of best free math games on iPhone or iPad for kids. It is mainly made for children from kindergarten to Grade 5. Playing this game is a math-filled adventure with Maxx, the mighty monster, to save his friend Dextra, explore new worlds, battle enemies and find allies. To finish these tasks with the help of math can make kids more interested in math. During this adventure, kids can learn and practice various skills from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to geometry, factors, multiples, prime numbers, fractions, decimals, etc.

It works better than any planned lessons or quiz games as it doesn’t ask a single question at a time. This math app can be customized according to the child’s need and you are allowed to switch between basic and advanced problems. It comes with detailed reports and weekly emails which help you keep track of your child’s progress. You can see how your kid gets an easy grasp on the subject and eventually gets very apt at mathematics.

Monster Maths is one of the best Math Apps for Kids in iPhone and iPad.

Download: Monster Maths

2. Puzzle 10

This is an extremely addictive math game for kids which you should never miss on your iPhone or iPad. The play is simple where you add various numbers to make 10 and add identical numbers greater than 10 to get bigger numbers. To make the game more interesting, it adds 4 kind of bonuses, which you can collect coins to get and coins come from the numbers with golden titles. Other than English, this math game supports multiple languages like like French, Hindi, Japanese, and Spanish, etc. You can play this game together with your child so that it will a bit more exciting and competitive.

Puzzle 10 is one of the best Math Apps for Kids in iPhone and iPad.

Download: Puzzle 10

3. Math Doodles

This iPad math app is designed to provide a place where anyone can discover the joy, wonder, and fun of mathematics. It is a fairly cheap math app which you can buy at the price of $2.99. Playing this game can strengthen students’ computation speed and skills and add color to child’s math learning journey. There are four challenges in this game. They are Sum Stackers, Connect Sums, Unknown Square and Splat Go Round. A sneak peak challenge is also waiting for you. The challenges have three modes: Solve Mode, Infinity Mode and Race Mode.

Math Doodles is one of the best Math Apps for Kids in iPhone and iPad.

Download: Math Doodles

4. Fun Math

As one of the online math games for kids, fun math is pretty simple to play. The child need use four numbers to make the answer equal to 24 in this game. The feature of having hundreds of levels makes it more challenging and interesting. It is also one of those math games for adults as it can be switched to highly challenging level as you like. Here are some other features below.

Fun Math is one of the best Math Apps for Kids in iPhone and iPad.

Download: Fun Math

5. Math Racing 2

This can be one of the most cool math games for kids to learn math. In this 3D racing game, the kid will be matched up with an opponent and he or she needs to solve challenging match problems to be the winner, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Sometimes it can be a random combination of each. A correct answer boosts the speed of your vehicle. The game comes with three difficulty options- easy, medium and hard. Kids can learn, speed and polish basic arithmetic skills while staying engaged in this game. With fantastic graphics, sounds and music, kids can scarcely realize they are solving math problems but playing a fun video game! This math app only costs $0.99! An excellent app with an excellent price. It is an amazing deal, isn’t it?

Math Racing 2 is one of the best Math Apps for Kids in iPhone and iPad.

Download: Math Racing 2

6. Kindergarten Cool Math Games

As its name suggests, this app is a free kindergarten math game. It is made for kids aged from 4-6 years old. Children are able to learn counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through the fun games in this math app. Furthermore, they are also allowed to learn the basic shapes, categorizing, comparison and patterns. It is a perfect way for kids to learn math and you can download it to your iPhone for free.

Kindergarten Cool Math Games is one of the best Math Apps for Kids in iPhone and iPad.

Download: Kindergarten Cool Math Games

7. Kids learn Math Training Games

This math app helps kindergartners learn and practice basic arithmetic skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in the form of quiz. Apart from amazing design, vivid animation, colorful screen, it also has the most attractive sound effect for button pressing, correct answer or wrong answer. These features keep your kids engaged in the game and make the math learning more easier. This math game is supported for iPhone, iPad, iPod and iPad Mini.

Kids learn Math Training Games is one of the best Math Apps for Kids in iPhone and iPad.

Download: Kids learn Math Training Games

8. iTooch Elementary School

iTooch Elementary School is a fun math app which helps kids to practice and learn math, as well as science and language arts. It is suitable for grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4 and grade 5. With more than 25000 exercises, this math app train and enhance kids’ math learning ability in many ways. It is based on National common core standards. The app has an inbuilt virtual blackboard for notes and diagram. One can change the font size depending on their preference. It is a multi-player game and has a scientific calculator. The speech synthesis option helps your kid in reading understanding texts. There’s a summary after each chapter. Besides, the colorful interface makes the app more appealing! This app provides comprehensive learning solutions which help parents to understand the learning needs of their children in a fun and motivating way.

iTooch Elementary School is one of the best Math Apps for Kids in iPhone and iPad.

Download: iTooch Elementary School

9. 123 Number Math Game

123 Number Math Game is a free iPhone and iPad math app on App store. The app provides over 12 language options. There are 18 different unique educational games and quizzes with two different game level in this math app, for example, number matching (enhances number recognition) and filling in the blanks (this is an advanced game for a toddler where the numbers are arranged in a sequence with one missing and players need to identify that number). Kids can collect everyday stickers which makes them come back every day. This makes their learning process easy, exciting and rewarding. As a parent, you can customize the options available and your child will stay captivated in learning due to the fun visuals and music. This app has no fuss about in-app purchases or third-party advertisements making it an ideal learning app for toddlers!

123 Number Math Game is one of the best Math Apps for Kids in iPhone and iPad.

Download: 123 Number Math Game

10. Math Ref

Math Ref may be not as suitable for kids in kindergarten as other math apps in iPhone or iPad, but it is a perfect math app students in school. It is an award winning education app to help you practice and learn math, physics, chemistry and more. This app provides a reference to education, i.e. it has over 1400 formulas on physics, chemistry and obviously, mathematics. It comes with lots of figures and easy yet quick examples to boost your studying process. This app comes with some handy tools like the unit converter, quadratic solver, triangle solver which makes your studying easy and your calculations faster. A special feature of this app is that it supports printing the group’s or equations! This app is cheap and available at only $1.99. It is a must-have app for high school students!

Math Ref is one of the best Math Apps for Kids in iPhone and iPad.

Download: Math Ref


These apps are 10 best math apps we summarized for kids. And they can be downloaded to iPhone, iPad and iPod or Apple Watch. These math apps can help kids overcome the fear for math, cultivate the interest and upgrade their math skills. It is a kind of happiness for kids to practice and ;earn math in fun games. If you have some more useful and interesting math apps for kids, please share them in comment section.

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