4 Easy Ways to Download All iCloud Photos to PC/Mac

Download All iCloud Photos to PC/Mac.

iCloud is a great cloud storage and cloud computing service launched by Apple Inc. for each Apple device. When you first set up iCloud, you will get free storage of 5GB in iCloud. iOS users always sync data, including photos, videos, files, etc. to iCloud for saving iPhone storage or creating a backup. With iCloud Photo, you can browse, access, and share your photos and videos from any of your devices. However, as time goes, you will gradually find the 5GB is not enough, and you need to pay for extra iCloud storage. In this case, you can download your photos from iCloud to PC or Mac, which can help you free up a lot of iCloud storage space.

Part 1: Download iCloud Photos to PC/Mac from iCloud.com

It is a quite easy and convenient way to log in iCloud.com through a web browser either on your Windows PC or Mac.

Note: Actually, you can easily download all iCloud photos by pressing Ctrl + A to select all photos if you have less than 1000 items there, then clicking on the download button. If you have more than 1000 photos, you need to track the first 1000 pictures you have already downloaded, then select another 1000 or the rest to download.

Part 2: How to Get Photos from iCloud Backup to PC/Mac

Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is a reliable software that helps you preview and extract up to 16 types of data, including photos and videos from iCloud backup or iTunes backup. It can also be used to create a backup for your data or recover data from your iOS devices seamlessly. With the help of this tool, you can get photos from iCloud backup to PC or Mac with ease.

WindowsFree DownloadWin Version MacFree DownloadMac Version

Part 3: How to Download All iCloud Photos to PC

If you have a large number of photos in iCloud, it can be a bit troublesome to download them with a web browser. In this case, you can resort to an alternative way – installing iCloud for Windows. This app allows you to access data like photos stored in iCloud from your other devices.

After a while, all your photos would be downloaded from iCloud to your PC, and you can access them under the folder: My computer > iCloud Photos > Downloads.

Part 4: How to Download Photos from iCloud to Mac Using Photos

You can download full-resolution copies of photos from iCloud onto your Mac through the Photos app on Mac.

Before we do that, please make sure you have enabled iCloud Photos in the Photos app on your Mac. Go to Photos > Preferences > iCloud, tick the small box next to iCloud Photos if it is empty.

Extra Tip: How to Save Your iCloud Storage

As is well known, iCloud can be used to store various data on your iOS devices. Among these data, your photos and videos may take up most of the storage in iCloud. When you turn on iCloud Photos, your photos and videos will be automatically uploaded to iCloud. To free up your iCloud storage, you can turn off iCloud Photos and My Photos Stream.

You may wonder where can your photos and videos be stored since the iCloud Photos has been disabled. Don’t worry; you can turn to alternative cloud services like Google Photos, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, etc. These cloud services can back up your photos automatically as iCloud. For more tips on how to free up iCloud storage, you can read How to Increase iCloud Storage on Your iPhone for Free.

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Above all are four easy ways we summarize for iOS users to download iCloud photos to the PC and Mac. Each of these ways is straightforward and practical. Downloading iCloud photos through a web browser or extracting photos from an iCloud backup with third-party software is compatible with both Windows PC and Mac. The latter two methods are respectively feasible for PC and Mac. When you want to download photos from iCloud, you can choose the one that works best for you according to your needs. If you have any queries or suggestions, please sound off in the comment section.

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