How to Get Free in App Purchases on Android – No Root Required

In-App Purchases; The sentence which when you find you know that there will be a better gamer than you in every game you play, whether it’s PUBG, Angry Birds, Subway Surfers or any other game that has in-App Purchases enabled, which force you to select whether to buy and become in the leader board, or not to and stay in your place behind.

The term “In-App Purchases” means that you will have the game or the application for free, but not every feature or item, as for more items, features, add-ons, or even remove some annoying ads, you will have to pay some money to be able to use or have them.

5 Ways to Get Free in App Purchases on Android

Luckily, there are some apps you may use to get rid of in-App purchases on Android whether you have a rooted smartphone or not, and whatever is the game or the Application you want to get more items in.

In this article, I will show you some of the most common and trusted ways to get free in App purchases on Android whether you have a rooted phone or not, all you need is just to read the article and select the best way for yourself.

Get Free in App Purchases on Android

But before we start, you should how to install APKs on Android.

All the apps I’m going to mention below are not available over Google Play Store, for that, you will have to enable installing Apps from Unknown sources in your phone to be able to install any of the next APK files I will provide you with.

Follow these steps to allow APK installs:

Now, your phone is ready to accept any APK installation from other sources that Google Play.

Note: I recommend you to uncheck this option after installing the application so you don’t let hackers install malware on your phone easily.

1. LuckyPatcher

We cannot write about the ways and apps to get free in-App purchases on Android without mentioning the most common App in this field at first; LuckyPatcher.

LuckyPatcher is the most common application that allows you to get paid apps for free without the need to root your phone. You can hack in App purchases and get your free-paid Apps instantly with this application, and it allows you to remove the license, remove the ads from any application whether it’s a game or a normal application.

Note: You will get a better experience and more features if you have rooted your phone and used LuckyPatcher.

The only weakness of LuckyPatcher is that it doesn’t work with online games as you will have to their servers which are very hard.

Also, LuckyPatcher allows you to create a modified APK file to be able to share your hacked Android games and Apps with your friends.

Using LuckyPatcher to Get Free in App Purchases on Android.

2. CreeHACK

The second application in our list is CreeHACK, which is an application that allows you to get free in App purchases but only for games -not Apps.

CreeHACK supports a set of selected games but most of them are popular which means you will mostly find your game in it.

Moreover, this application also needs no root to work, just install it, and start being the best of the leaderboard!

Using CreeHACK to Get Free in App Purchases on Android.

3. Freedom

Freedom does what its name says, it gives you the freedom to get free in App purchases on Android, along with the ability to get rid of the ads contained in the application you are using.
The only weakness in Freedom is that it requires a rooted phone to work, but it will give you many things in return including free upgrades in games.

Using Freedom to Get Free in App Purchases on Android.

4. Leo PlayCard

This is the most preferred application for the gamers as it supports a wide range of games along with a user-friendly interface that helps you get paid apps for free on Android easily and without root.

Leo PlayCard also allows you to bypass any app payments without any effort as the payment window will just disappear once it pops-up as if you were paid for thein App purchase and you will instantly get your items for free.

In order to use Leo PlayCard, all you have to do after installing it is to launch it, open the application or the game you want to get your free in purchase items in, click play, and that’s it, your payment is done thanks to Leo PlayCard.

Using Leo PlayCard to Get Free in App Purchases on Android.

5. AppSara

The last application in today’s list is AppSara, a simple application with an interface looks like the settings interface in Android 4.0 and below.

This simple app works like the others as once you install and enable it you will be able to get all the in-App purchases you want for free by clicking on Purchase or Pay buttons on your beloved games and the payment will be done within seconds.

Using AppSara to Get Free in App Purchases on Android.

If you think of rooting your phone!

This tip is for you, before you start thinking of rooting your phone to get the full permissions and do whatever you want whether to use one the above-mentioned Apps to get free in App purchases on Android or any other reason, I recommend you to take a full backup from your phone to your PC to make sure you are not going to lose any bit of data when you do so.

To take a full backup from your phone there will be no application better than Gihosoft Mobile Phone Transfer because it allows you to back up any type of data from your phone whether it’s images, videos, messages, WhatsApp conversations, Apps, settings or any other type of data.

And by using it, you assure the ability to recover all deleted or lost data easily within minutes and without any effort as they are all well arranged and you will not have to dig into your PC folders to get them back again.

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This was my list of the best applications you may use to get free in App purchases whether your phone is rooted or not, wisely choose the best suitable app for you, and share this article with your friends and family to play and compete for each other and have some fun!

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